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AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes the Third Time "Really is The Charm".
The First (2) 'Ocean' films offered the large ensemble of stars. 'Ocean's Eleven' revived the "Rat Pack" bonhomie of the 1960 original; camaraderie was discovered.
The troupe gallivanted across Europe in 'Ocean's Twelve'; invigorating the camaraderie again as we saunteered through the Casino Heists with our beloved crew.
Back in Las Vegas for the Third (3rd) and professed Last Installment by Industry moguls, the franchise has brought that camaraderie of the crew to it's highest heights; with Julia Roberts also gaining footing. It is near complete perfect; and with 'Ocean's 13' Director Steven Soderbergh - his cast has delivered a truly effervescent Caper.
It's old pal Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould) that brings the gang back together; this time out when Casino Mogul Willie Bank (Al Pacino) swindles him out of a partnership on the Strip's Latest Casino. The treachery is too much for the old man and for months, as his former partner completes construction of his latest venture—now called 'Bank's—Reuben' hovers between life and death.
Danny Ocean (George Clooney) decides 'Revenge is the Best Medicine' for what ails his friend, and so he, Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt), Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle), Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon), and the rest conceive a two-fold plan: (1) to create a run on Bank's bank on the night of his Lavish Grand Opening and (2) to humiliate him by ruining his chances of earning yet another perfect Five Diamond Rating from the Hotel Industry's Top Review Guide.
Like the (2) prior 'Ocean's' movies, this one holds an over-abundance of plot. There is no such thing as a simple heist in Danny Ocean's World and so his schemes are absolutely Byzantine. This one involves rigging machines, multiple bribes, Linus' seduction of Banks' assistant, Abigail Sponder (Ellen Barkin), a dice factory in Mexico, the oversized drills used to build the Chunnel, an Evel Knievel-like motorcycle stunt rider, a last-minute heist, breaching supposedly impregnable security, and so much more. The scam is complex, yet followable and engrossing; the movie takes the time to ensure it's explaining what is going to happen instead of just getting on with it.
This 3rd Install "Really Works" in the biggest of ways. A subplot involving the Malloy brothers—Virgil (Casey Affleck) and Turk (Scott Caan)— foment revolution at a Mexico Dice Factory is hilarious; and David Paymer is wonderful in another - as the put-upon Five-Diamond Critic who finds his stay at Bank's Casino to be remarkable snake bit.
Production Designer Philip Messina and Art Directors Tony Fanning and Doug J. Meerdink also deserve credit for the Casino they created on a Hollywood back-lot. While a couple of interiors and some exteriors — notably on the Strip in front of the Bellagio Hotel — were shot on location, the majority of the film was shot in this Ersatz Casino and it is a marvelous, evocative invention that perfectly captures that 'Sin City' ambience of tacky luxury.
Yet mainly, on this 3rd, the ensemble completely gels. Clooney's easy-going charm still paints him as the leader — let's face it, he is the one would probably would have been in the real 'Rat Pack' back in the day. Yet, this time out, it is almost a ceremonial title, because Danny is only one element in a well-oiled machine. If this is, in fact, the final 'Ocean's Movie', saving the "Best For Last" is a wonderful way to go out.
Formulaicely Flawless & Entertaining at 150% !! A++++
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Ocean's Enjoyable

It really is (enjoyable). What is there not to like about this already-classic trilogy of films staring a slew of big name actors? I mean, sure, when 12 came out, I didn't care at all for (spoiler alert!) the way they used Julia Roberts' character to act as...Julia Roberts. But after not seeing it for a year or two, and after putting down my uppity film critic nature, it's actually on the verge of clever and, dare I say...cute? Of course, in my opinion, 13 is the best of the three. But, all of the films fall into the quirky, classic-yet-fresh, old-world-with-a-young-attractiveness, style that 11 gave us a taste for, reflecting a big of Las Vegas, the setting for two of the films.

So why wouldn't I add them to my quasi-picky DVD collection? They're fun, entertaining, memorable, and easily watched again. And not to mention cheaper when you buy them all together in the set. The packaging is a bonus too, resembling a case of playing cards or poker chips. Or both.

And the best part is, it's good, clean fun.
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One for your at home movie collection

This is a great series of movies. Not only is it packed full of great actors (not to mention cute) but, it's got all the best qualities of movies- action, love, drama, mystery. Everyone in these movies does a great job. They are simply good entertainment! For sure one to add to your home movie collection. Waiting for Oceans 14....Read full review...


(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ * PERFECT MOVIE! THANK YOU VOTE

Another Casino Heist Movie that doesnt lose its fire. Give this one a chance if you intersted in suspense, and definately a purchase if you saw the original or sequal.

5 out of 5

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Great Christmas Gift!

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter and son-in-law and they loved it. They love all three movies so I thought it would be great to have them available to watch at anytime.


3 oceans worth enjoying

From stealing to lying, Danny ocean and his gang get it done in this trilogy of Oceans 11, 12, and 13. All 3 of these movies are impressive and are fun to watch so I suggest you check them out!


bought it for a friend. never seen the movie's.

i bought these movies for a friend who was looking for them at the local walmart. he couldnt find them so i bought them for him on ebay. he loves the movies and wants to watch them over again.


good product

I buy it, because it was cheap and the salesman reassured me. What I likes, the fact that I am a fan of this trilogy was, besides is very entertaining, and is nothing to for me to displease myself to meRead full review...


Ocean's Eleven/Twelve /Thirteen Giftset (2007, DVD)

I like the Ocean's Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen Giftset. It was in good shape. I bought it because I'm a real fan of the Oceans Movie and I wanted to get it It is a real good item

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