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user freindlly, best looking...

I decided to buy this phone because my truck got stolon with my Dog and phone inside it and when I went to get another one at the a-tt cell phone store, they told me that they no longer carried that modal of phone! that really upset me bad because I loved that phone, so I thought, OK I know were to look for one that is exact, eBay! and when I finally found it I was overwhelmed with joy!!! because this phone is the best one I've ever had! it looks the best,small but not to small, pocket size as that's were I carry it, it has many features but you don't haff to use them to make the phone work! very easy to use! and what I love about it and why I had to find it again, is that its not one of those sickening! flip open peace of junk phone's!!! that I see everywhere!!! everyone that see's it want's me to get them one and wonder how and where I got one for so cheap!? I've bought my parents two and I've won a Brand new one on an eBay Auction that I'm never going to use so I can say I have a Brand new one! and so I can be rest assured that I'll always for the rest of my Life have a 6030 Nokia cell phone!!! now one of the Men that works for my Dad want's one since there so cheap! but I like more than that about it, but the low cost is awesome to!!! but everyone love's this phone because its so user friendly!!! I recommended this phone to the World!!!Read full review...


nokia 6030 simple and great

I got this knowing it's not a blackberry,iphone,etc. I was just looking for a simple phone to txt and talk on,the screen is clear,great battery live,nokia makes quietly products. For the prices you really can't go wrong,I also picked up the black model which is good also and both can be unlocked with just a code most likely which is an added bonus. Can't go wrong for the price,if you get the head set then u also can listen to fm radio. This is a good simple phone or back up phone,the batteries are also cheap. So you can charge 2 of these suckers and not worry for a few days. It's not super thin but it fits nicely in your pocket. My only complaint is the wall charger is sort of big but I think there is a smaller version.Read full review...


specifications for the nokia 6030

Nokia 6030

Looking for an everyday phone that’s perfect for toting along? The Nokia 6030 fits the bill. At less just 3.2 ounces, the Nokia 6030 is small and easy to carry. But, the Nokia 6030 also delivers popular features like a vibrant color display and built-in speakerphone. Plus, you can send and receive both text and picture messages and personalize your phone with ringtones, wallpapers and games. So if you need compact quality, check out the Nokia 6030.

Very thin and light candy bar phone
Rich color display shows over 65,000 colors
Built-in speakerphone
Send and receive text and picture messages
Personalize with ringtones, wallpapers and games
Surf the mobile web
What's In The Box With The Phone
Additional Items Included - Battery, Wall Charger, User Guide
Advanced Features
FM Radio - Yes
Messaging Features
Mobile Web Browsing - Yes, WAP and XHTML Support
Multimedia Messaging - Yes, Send and Receive Picture Messages
Text Messaging (SMS) - Yes, Send and Receive Text Messages
Personalization and Fun Features
Polyphonic Ringtones - Yes, 16 Chords
Custom Ringtones - Yes
MP3 Ringtones - Yes, Group Ringers
Multiple Languages - Yes
Languages Supported - English, Spanish
Games - Yes, Downloadable Java Titles
Customizable Faceplates - Yes
Customizable Graphics - Yes, Downloadable Wallpapers
Core Features
Color Main Display - 128 x 128 Pixels, Over 65,000 Colors Displayed
Speakerphone - Yes
Color - Black
Style - Flip Phone
Standard 2.5mm Headset Jack - Yes
Alarm - Yes, Works When Phone Is Off
Calculator - Yes
Calendar - Yes
Vibrate - Yes
Phonebook Capacity - Up To 300 Contacts
Multiple Numbers Per Name - Up To 5 Entries Per Contact, Plus Email Addresses
Battery Life
Battery Type - Li Ion
Talk Time - Up to 180 Minutes
Standby Time - Up to 300 Hours
Technical Specifications
Application Platform - Java
Network Compatibility - GSM 850, 1900
Data Download Speed - GPRS Class 10 (Up to 70 Kbps)
Ringtone Types Supported - MIDI
Predictive Text Entry - Yes, T9
Dimensions - 4.1 in x 1.7 in x 0.7 in
Weight - 3.25 oz
Compatibility Features
Device Supports Voice Plans - Yes
Available For Purchase Without Service Plan - Yes
Device Supports AT&T Messaging - Yes
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good phone with limited menues so it is good for older people who need

It's just a phone. It is simple to use so I purchased it for my 94 year old dad. He can navigate the last number called and the phone book without ending up on the internet. I am still typing because this thing won't go away until I have typed 100 characters. I am not sure how many I have typed so far but I am going to fill up the space they gave me and try again. It is a nice phone for someone that is not tech inclined.Read full review...


Un-Stable but reliable

Tis phone isn't a part of the current generation of phones that make your breakfast and fold your laundry for you but it certainly does call Grandma every Sunday to ask her how church was. It wont take pictures or record your favorite song, you cant view your favorite sports teams stats instantly but you can use the handy calculator and phone book features. The only major problem with the phone, other than being "so last year," is that it doesn't seem sturdy. When I pick it up i feel like im breaking it. The plastic that holds this thing together isnt very tough so after a drop or two the phone seems to shift and wiggle when i grasp it. I have to admit tho that it has been dropped in a toilet and down some stairs and it still works...after being thoroughly dried out. I even got in an argument with my wife and threw it at my windshield while driving down the road...cracking my windshield but not the phone. Overall its a good phone its just behind the power curve.Read full review...


I love this phone...

This is the best cell phone I have ever had, with its small but not to small chassis, coming in a color that I would want it to be Black, has all the basic features and its up to you if you want to use them, I choose not to use them, all I want is the phone and number storage feature of course, has many features that I don't use on it so don't let the looks of it fool you, I've had many people liking it, I might have to get my Mom one nowRead full review...


It's a phone

My old phone broke, so I needed a replacement. I chose this one because I don't need a bunch of extra features, love the hands-free and speaker-phone though. In comparison to my last 2 phones, battery life is fantastic. Seems a little flimsy, but no major problems yet - just some scratches. Sound quality is good, however people on the other end seem to have trouble hearing me when I use the speaker-phone.

This phone was branded T-Mobile and I use AT&T, which seems to have caused some problems. It is probably a lack of knowledge on my part, but I get an error message whenever the phone is turned on and I can't send or receive picture messages. I also have trouble downloading ring-tones, games, etc...

Overall, the Nokia 6300 a good, basic phone. I would buy again, but would choose one branded for the my carrier, since this seems to have led to some quirky behavior and a small loss of functionality.
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Great Reception Mediocre Display

I bought this phone because I was having lots of trouble with my Motorola Razr phone. My carrier is Cingular and the Razr was dropping calls all the time. Sent it in for replacement twice during the first year and finally gave up and decided to give Nokia a try. Much to my amazement I have used this phone for a couple of months on the Cingular network and it has NEVER dropped a call. The reception with this phone is far superior to the Razr phone.
It is a simple phone with not many features, wish the display was a little brighter and wish it had voice activated dialing but at least I can hear who I am talking to. If you want a phone with limited features but great reception this is the one for you. Steve P
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Good Phone good Price

Good Phone, does what I need,
Good shape for used. Good service,took me a while to get it set up the way my old one was. no complants just easy operate and powerfull enough to go 15 iles ofshore with. If you need a phone that has no frills and has good reception and transmit power give this one a try, can't beat it for the price
Captain Don
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Tiny buttons

My Cingular Nokia flip phone had cracked and I wanted another Nokia as my husband and I have Nokia accessories. I wanted a phone that wouldn't get lost in my purse. I like the 6030 but find the buttons too small. It is hard to lock the phone unless one is squarely on the buttons. Also the phone was advertised as unlocked for Cingular and T-Mobile, however, in actuality it is a T-Mobile phone thus I cannot get any of my Cingular extras. I can only make and receive calls. The 6030 has a big screen and is fairly easy to use.Read full review...

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