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Basic but Great!

I like the how it feels on my hand. And I can easily read my messages right away. I'm just getting used to putting more effort in pushing the buttons. I've been using my iphone for quite a long time and not requiring much effort in computing has been a norm for me and most of us who are into touch screen phones. The amazing thing is i received the phone VERY FAST! It's very impressive. Even though the phone has some noticeable scratches, but it's only a few. I just hope the phone works well. That i have to wait and see.Read full review...


Great little phone

I got this phone, like many, because my current one was problematic (no signal, it fell and the screen broke, turned off by itself, etc). The price was absolutely amazing ($36) and I decided to go for it. I didn't want to renew the contract I have to get a new phone, so...

Probably the best $36 spent. Nokia is a great brand and I've proved it. I have signal everywhere, it's easy to use and customize and it's simply nice-looking.

There's really not much to this phone. I got it to make calls, receive calls and send some texts. That's about all you'll get out of this phone. No camera, no Bluetooth - but what it lacks in features makes up for in signal strength and sturdiness. It's been dropped, thrown, and drooled in (it happens when you have kids) and it's still fully operational.

I guess, like many have noted, the earpiece volume is a little lower than what one would like it to be (I've yet to figure out how to make it louder), so the person calling you might have to repeat him/herself a few times. The screen is kinda mirror-like, so it reflects a lot of light, making it hard to see if your out in the sunlight. Also, if you text a lot, it might be a little tedious to text because the numbers are slightly smaller than normal. I only text a few times and the numbers I call are usually stored in the phone, so the keypad is no problem for me.

All in all, this is a great "in-between phones" phone. It's cheap, sturdy and reliable. It'll be my workhorse phone - should I be going some place that my iPhone could run any type of risk (like when I go biking), it's my little Nokia 2610 that'll be there for me :-)
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Nokia 2610, not a bad candybar for the price

This phone is the second generation of the 6010.(the original "brick" phone)

The 2610 is lighter and smaller(fits in pockets and small areas with ease, battery charges quick at home and in the car, lithium battery) than the 6010 and has a lot more features. But this phone is not for the technical junkie, this is a simple phone with simple features.
No camera, no mp3 ring tones.
But great signal strength and battery life.

I have a digital camera to take photos and a computer to do all my internet so I only need my phone for is making calls and sending/receiving I.M.'s.
Phone will receive media images but the quality is poor. 1 X 1 inch screen.

Easy to use, would be a good teen phone or mature person's phone. Also good for
someone who wants a quality phone that will make calls and send/receive IM but not much else.
I bought this phone because I am not on a regular contract and needed a good inexpensive phone with limited whistles and bells.
Internet capabilities are possible but the screen is too small for multimedia applications. Period.
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Nokia 2610 Unlocked Cell Phone

For anyone out there looking for a basic phone, this is an excellent choice. It is just like other Nokia phones I have used with one exception. The programming options for the right-hand soft-key seem limited to online features only. I do not like that because I don't use my phone online. I would rather program the phonebook there. Other than that, it is great! I purchased this phone because I wanted a phone with no camera or other gadgets. This phone is small, sleak and light wieght while still having readable buttons. I don't go for extra ring tones, I choose what is already in the phone. This phone has a nice selection of 15... good enough for me! Overall, I recommend the phone.Read full review...


nokia 2610

I bought this phone when my 2 year old son destroyed a samsung clamshell that I had. I decided to buy it because the nokia 2610 is cute, and it is cheaply priced, but the worst thing about it is that it's missing a rocker switch on the side to control the volume. Also, the display panel has tiny characters which were hard for me to see. I use my phone as an alarm clock too, so it's important for me to be able to see the time in the dark. This was nearly impossible on the nokia because the time display is impossible to read under these circumstances. I liked the fact that the call quality and ring volume were good, and the phone is small without being uncomfortably small. Also, the workmanship doesn't feel cheap like some low end samsungs or motorolas. Overall, the lack of a simple way to adjust the volume during a call was too much of a shortcoming for me and I replaced it shortly after buying it.

If you are looking for a long end phone that doesn't look or feel low end, then the nokia 2610 may be for you. IMO it would be best as a backup phone in case your primary phone gets zapped. I don't buy phones with a lot of bells and whistles (because of the reason I mentioned in the beginning of this review) but I think this phone would be a whole lot better if nokia had placed a volume rocker switch on the side of the phone, and had a bigger time and date display on standby mode that you could light up and read without the phone going into menu or call mode.
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Nokia solid, what I needed.

I am on a T-mobile flex-pay plan, phones are not included. I have been purchasing unlocked Motorolas (C139 & F3) that didn't give me the little extras I needed. Simple things really, calendar and detailed call records and updated time from service provider. I purchased this Nokia 2610 to hopefully fix these problems. The Nokia 2610 is a simple, easy to use solid phone and it gives me all the features I need. A calendar for reminders of appointments and special dates, detailed call and messaging records and an authentic T-mobile headset. It is really small, but not to small that I have trouble with the keypad. Solid feel, just the right weight feels good in hand but not to heavy for in the pocket. Signal is incredibly strong and the battery life is really long, I only have to charge once a week. I have always liked the look of Motorolas, but after using a couple and then switching to a Nokia, even a cheap one like this, I think the Nokia performance has won me over. The only complaint is the screen is a bit hard to read in sunlight, the mirror finish on the screen cover creates a bit of glare. I can live with it considering I only paid $25 shipping included here on Ebay, well worth the price I would have paid $50 for it now that I have used it for a while. In sumation I would buy it again and would highly recommend it to anyone who might be on T-mobile and need a replacement headset.Read full review...


Far from cutting edge technology

The phone is simple to use, in fact a 4-yr child can make it work.


* It feels, well, not particularly sturdy, which is atypical for Nokias.
* It is quite behind the current technology, lacking a camera of any type, mediocre screen (both is quality and size)
* The address book and contact functions are again, behind the current technology


* It's cheap and feels cheap, but it does have a new battery, which in some cases, is as much as a new phone.
* Function is easy, and simple to use.
* If you loose it-- no big deal. You could loose 12-15 of these before you are close to the cost of an I-Phone.

I don't expect to get more than 6 months use out of this phone, and it will only be used for making telephone calls-- no internet, a few text messages, but that's about it. This is a shining example of "you get what you pay for".
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This phone fits my needs perfectly.

I bought this phone because i needed a very basic cell phone.
It works well. It is easy to use.
If you want a phone to make and answer calls, this is the phone for you.


nokia n91

The good: The Nokia N91 features a 4GB hard drive and an integrated music player that supports a number of file formats. The phone also offers a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

The bad: The pricey Nokia N91 is clunky and heavy, its camera has no flash, and it's sluggish in performing its tasks.

The bottom line: The Nokia N91 offers some great features, such as an integrated hard drive and music player, but its sluggish performance and high price tag keep it behind the competition.

Specs: Band / mode: EGSM 900 / GSM 1800/1900 (Tri- Band); Talk time: Up to 240 min; Combined with: With digital player, With digital camera
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Good little phone for the money - great signal strength

I bought this phone as a replacement for a dead Moto on the T-Mobile network.
PROS: It was a cheap purchase. We live at the edge of the cell signal, so it was a nice surprise to see how well this phone sees the network. My other Moto razr only gets a signal in my house with the use of an external antenna. This Nokia works anywhere in my house...no dead spots.
CONS: Functionality is rather limited. They've dumbed-down the menus to the point that it's harder to customize. Listening volume is kind of weak.
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