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It wasn't as appealing as earlier seasons. It was still Wildly Morbid, meticulously detailed with absurd surgeries and entertaining.

Not a bad season yet, a little drawn out. I enjoyed it very much.

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nip/tuck season 3

I am an absolute die hard fan of the nip/tuck series & bought it to try to complete my series of it.Now all i need is season 2 which i am bidding & winning now on 2 of them with only a few hours left.I just now won season 4.I already have at home season 1,3 & season 6,which 6 i bought at the store as soon as it came out because,i was in school studying forensic science for a while & volunteering& working & no time for tv shows except CSI of coarse.Then when season 6 was about 5-6 weeks from coming out on DVD, i went to the library & rented Nip/tuck due to me seeing some episodes when i was sick & in a treatment center to get vital & take vitamins & they would put it on, but it was also way past season 3,..can't quite remember,but i decided to check it out and i loved it that i couldn't watch anything else but these DVD's & went to the library before i ended the 1st season & got the 2nd & 3rd..the 2nd was even MORE addicting & just kept watching until i got stuck with no season 6 out at the library & at the store.So i starting watching some episodes on the PC, cuz i have an S-cord & microphone jack plug-in to have the movie transfer from my laptop to my big flat screen.Not that great quality but fine for a few days, then finally it came out,i went straight to Walmart & paid $45 for season 6, which i never rush that quick,but couldn't wait to watch it in good color & with my remote. I went thru seasons 1-6 in 2-3 weeks..lol.ya, seriously.I was also ill & had time,when i didn't have to do things ALL i would do is watch nip/tuck,or stay up most of the night not being able to fall asleep w/out just 1 more episode, 1 more..lol. IT"S SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW, I BUY & KEEP MINE IN MINT CONDITION. ALONG WITH MY Sex & the city pink series box set collectors edition, My ENTOURAGE Series (love!),I'm still like 2 away from making complete, & my TRUEBLOOD box sets which are not even open, till in the manufactory rapping due to my obsession w/Vampire things & books,& movies & everything..lol..sounds funny, but i was born loving Vampires!So now all i need is season 5 part 1 & part 2 of nip/tuck, which are always hardest to get at a cheap price, harder than even 6? Especially season 5, part 2..which i don't know why? BUT NIP/TUCK IS A TRULY GREAT ADDICTING SERIES WORTH THE MONEY TO COLLECT THE WHOLE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~*******SEASON 3, this one I'm writing about here is really good & edge of you seat exciting & very different in someways than all the others.This season(3)is actual one of the most Expensive seasons when you look up nip/tuck seasons online at stores, Walmart .com it's $50 or 60.Not sure why, i know it really good,but season 1 is excellent(older yes but not that much older like season 4,5 or 6)but season 1 has 6 DVD's & so does season 3.Season 6 has only 5,& seasons 5,both parts i think have 3 only & 4 i believe has 4-5?Well anyways this is a long writing & i guess it was only supposed to be about season 3 nip/tuck,but sorry,i have ADHD..lol..well the point is ITS ALL A GREAT SERIES 3 is REALLY GOOD, but isn't my favorite. 1,& 2 are my current favorites that just stick with me now,& i have to remind myself of the other seasons 4, 5,& 6 again since it's been a while since i watched them.BUT 1 & 2 probably stuck with me as my fav's now cuz i prolly remember them better right now because of the addiction i had threw starting nip/tuck off brand new,well hope i helped any one at all..lol.& i recommend all & SEASON 3!!!~~~~~~~~~~****Read full review...


Season 3, great series, acceptable quality.

I really like this series, the episodes are very entertaining. This is a great season for anyone who likes Nip/tuck. The quality of the video on the dvd's, however, leaves something to be desired in my opinion. The first teo seasons were fine, but this one has a very "grainy" look to the video quality. It's nothing too awful, but something I definately noticed with this season.Read full review...


Guess who the "Carver" turns out to be!!

Well, I've waited forever to get my hands on this Season 3 of Nip/Tuck!! Finally bought it last week and watched the entire season after work. GREAT STORY LINES: The Carver (of course), Julia and Sean's marital problems, Kimber and Christians ups and downs, The weird patients they seem to always attract, Julia's spa and their miracle face cream LOL, Kimber's disappearance, Quentin and Julia. Ok now the bad Story Lines: Sean and the witness protection agency~Very long and boring as far as I'm concerned, Julia's dilemma when she thinks her mom is on the plane that crashed (what happened to her having to deal with what she did??) The Kringles and the calcified fetus, Matt becoming a skin head (we all know him better then that, and last but not least the face transplant episode.
All in all it was a great season, but I don't think that it was as well done as years 1-2. It seems like they tried to put too much into it, then they had to go back and cover their tracks when the story lines go way out of control!
But I did buy it, watched it and am now selling it here on ebay!
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NIP/TUCK is awesome, but not as good as season 1 or 2

Call me spoiled, but I have come to love the series after seasons 1 and 2, but as things go, season 3 left me a bit disappointed. The overall feel has retained it's consistent over the top crazy-ness, but I feel I am growing numb from the need to push the envelope further, which in my opinion has gone past the suspension of disbelief for me. If you are a fan and have been drooling since the end of season two, why are you reading this? you'll get it anyways. But, just watch it, you'll see what I mean.Read full review...



As the third season of Nip/Tuck begins, Sean (Dylan Walsh) comes to the aide of Christian (Julian McMahon) after barely surviving an assault by the masked Carver. From that point on, the season kicks into high gear as Sean and Christian take on a new partner (Bruno Campos), Julia (Joely Richardson) teams up with Liz (Rhoma Maffia) and Gina (Jessalyn Gilsig) as they go into business for themselves, Matt (John Hensley) questions his sexual identity and ends up falling in with a girl and her uber-racist father, and Christian's relationship with Kimber (Kelly Carlson) takes a serious turn, even when they are joined by a kinky cop (Rhona Mitra) assigned to the Carver cases. There's so much going on throughout this season that it's amazing the way Nip/Tuck manages to weave everything together without getting too redundant. The surgical cases that Sean and Christian end up getting involved in, including a gigantic woman literally stuck to her sofa, nearly reach unfeasable heights, yet manage to stay compelling. The only low point of the season comes when Sean considers leaving his old life behind when he begins doing solo work for the Witness Protection Program on an ex-mob wife (Anne Heche) and her son, but thankfully that passes quickly. When the season comes to a close and the Carver returns and his identity revealed, along with a few other plot points that will be touched on again in the upcoming season, you'll be left wanting more; something which Nip/Tuck has successfully managed to accomplish during it's entire run. All in all, the third season of Nip/Tuck is yet another superb season of surgery and sex, and this DVD set should whet your appetite until the upcoming new season premieres.Read full review...



Great product good

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Carver Revealed

I admit after Season 1 and Season 2 I greatly anticipated the latest installment of Season 3. This season was great but in some ways it seemed different than the previous 2. The Carver is revealed in an amazing Season Finale it gives me goosebumps thinking about it. The Carver storyline kept me watching and wanting more. I won't ruin it for those who haven't watched this Season yet but the revelation of the Carver is shocking! Relationships blur and right and wrong is questionable. It's a great time in Miami with the docs! The only thing about the DVD series is I wish they had more deleted scenes and behind the scenes materials.Read full review...


Nip/Tuck - 3rd Season

This drama is disturbing, compelling, and entertaining. The series should come with a cautionary warning "May be addictive." The writing was a bit over the top in this 3rd season, but still kept me coming back to see what would happen next. I like the series because it is very well cast, with strong actors who give exceptional performances time and again. A wide range of provocative social issues creep into each episode causing the viewer to question his own moral fiber & how he would respond in a given situation. Highly thought provoking.Read full review...


Great Season 3

I loved the the first 2 seasons so was anxious to continue with season 3. I have only watched a few episodes but so far am pleased. I have heard that with each season the show gets more outrageous and can see signs of that, but still greatly enjoy it. I do recommend watching the series in order as the personal lives of the main characters advance each episode. Not for the squimish or prudish.Read full review...

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