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Good graphics100% agree

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Good refurb job, Classic System. Some rust on Connection port.

This is exactly what it sounds like. It's the original GB Color, no back light, single speaker, fairly small fit for adult hands. The screen cover in my refurb is new glass and the case, battery cover and sticker are new, clean and official. The job done in installing these is nice.

The games are great. I played hours of Harvest Moon and Super Mario Land when I first got it.

I grew up with this so the nostalgia alone was worth the price of admission. Played hours of Wario Land 2 and 3 and Pokemon gen 1 and 2 as a kid.

It's been years since I used any portable gaming system extensively my adult hands get sore.

The refurb I got was not flawless there was some rust on the connection port.
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Very fun and works perfectly.

Amazing quality and game play. Brings back tons of memories and has really got me playing a lot more classic games. Love it

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mheathk


Used game boy

This console is very nice and it reminds me of my very early days.When I was around a toddler my godmothers daughter still had one of those. She would give it to my when I was a child and told me that one day it would get a lot of value. Unfortunately she wanted to give it as a present back then to me but it broke...Until so many years later I found this here and bought it! Revived my old days!!!Read full review...

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Product is exactly as it was described, it has been perfectly refurbished making it look and feel brand new. Products were shipped very quickly! Thanks, I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

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Great item, small & easy to use, games are plentiful, good value for the $

Bought this for my 5 1/2 year old grandson who has just started using gameboy black/white and I wanted him to have color games. Only bad aspect is you need good light to see the screen. We are so used to backlit screens now. He loves the system and this clear case. Uses it all the time. Great value for the $ Seller threw in a free carrying case too!
This item plus a leapfrog leapster2 gives my grandson many hours of fun!
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I have fun playing Super Mario Deluxe with GBC

I love it ... The retro gameplay remind me back when I was a kid. If you are looking for a crispy graphic on smartphone, it is not for you. You have to find the lighting angle to have a clear view. But if you want to have a simple game and fun experience, this is the one. I love playing Mario Deluxe on GBC. I got 2, one for me and another one for my sister and we compete through multiplayer via cable. It is so fun. Inventor on those days have limited technology but they make full used of it and create better future for us today.Read full review...


HI sir

Thank's a lot

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Good device

Good price

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Never really stops being fun to play with friends. Link cable is a must! :D

Ah! The nostalgia! I remember me and my friends used to play on our game boy 24/7 when we were little. Me and a buddy of mine bought one gameboy color each to bring back some of the memories we had and we actually got hooked again. Linking while playing some of the great gameboy games really never stopps being fun! Even when your all grown up (at least almost).

Compared to other handheld consoles back in the day gameboy color really was the one and only in my opinion.

Get yourself a link cable and some good games and play with your friends!
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Buying a game boy for your kids - great travel idea! :)

My daughter has a DS and so I bought this for a cheap car travel system for my son. This is an awesome thing to buy for a long time of needing quiet. I use them for the bus ride to school to keep them busy and long car travels. I bought the game boy color because you can get lots of games cheap since they are used. The only thing my son doesn't like about this system is that there is no light for when it is dark. So to fix that I bought a small travel light. But I would rate this as a good purchase and worth the price. I haven't tried the linking cable but would like to purchase it at some point.Read full review...

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