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Durable100% agree

Sharp image100% agree

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Great value Nikkor

For pics:
Sharp but not the sharpest. Fast, but not the fastest. Overall a great "lens cap" lens for getting a variety of shots. Well built and smooth like all manual focus Nikkor lenses. You won't be disappointed, but you won't be blown away, either. Very capable for most purposes. Definitely a great value.

For video:
This is a great lens. Great focal length-even if shooting crop sensors - or crop 4K. Smith focus pulling, small lightweight, and plenty of sharpness for video. You can build up a great set of older MF 52 mm front thread nikon primes that handle and shoot great for little money. They are great for portability/run and gun, and are capable enough for cinematic and artistic clips. This should definitely be in your arsenal of video primes.
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Almost perfect value

I've tried the lens out. No doubt it is a good value for $300 or less. This lens was designed for film and without going into details, it is a good idea to download the manual found on Nikon's website. The lens is sharp unshifted. You can shift on a digital FX body, I'd say no more than 8mm and still have enough corner sharpness provided you close the lens to at least to f11, if not f16. The only major problem still is residual Chromatic aberration towards corners 1/3 into image, remember the lens is shifted, CA that is really difficult to correct in photoshop. I'll be testing further. This is a solid piece of equipment designed decades so you have to find your balance between use and price! Good luckRead full review...

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Nikkor PC 35mm f/2.8 architectural lens

The Nikkor PC (perspective control) lenses are among the very few lenses available to the 35mm photographer for photographing architecture (or other tall, close subjects) with control over "keyholing" or "converging parallels" that occur when the camera is aimed upwards from horizontal. The lens-shift provision of the PC Nikkors allows the user to keep the film-plane vertical (parallel to the building) and still have the entire subject appear in-frame, with vertical lines still remaining "parallel" and not "railroad tracking." Large-format cameras achieve this with shifts & rises of the front lens-board. For the serious professional or student of archicture (or real estate) PC-Nikkors allow use of the versatile & affordable 35mm film format. [NOTE: these lens-shift PC-Nikkors are not to be confused with some of the other Nikkor lenses, like the 55mm MicroNikkors, that used a "PC" designation as part of the lens-name (to describe the number of glass elements)]. The Perspective-Control Nikkors were desigen & build with the professional photographer in mind & are thus made to the highest optical & mechanical standards. If cared for they tend to hold their value for decades.Read full review...


portal to creative image control

immeasurably more versatile than a non pc lens; sharpest 35mm lens Nikon has ever made: ready for digital; fits all of the fx Nikon bodies without any modification, full metering in M mode. landscape, city scape and architectural photography.Read full review...

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Good Lens.

Good, fast, all purpose manual focus lens. Bought this for my manual Nikon FM film camera. Good for landscapes, portraits, and general purpose.


awesome lens

[Nikkor PC 35mm 2.8 Nippon Kogaku]
It so smart lens, perfect quality!
on Nikon DF it so very sharp and bright.
great texture and capture.
Overall Excellent+ :)


Very nice.

I like it and buy it at a reasonable price, becaues I alway shoot something like building in the city. The PC lens will provide me more choice. The other reason is that this PC lens is a old version of this model, but it is whole metal made, better than the current plastic product.Read full review...

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