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Old glass is good glass

Excellent vintage lens. Sharp, plus macro functions are good. Sometimes when I switch from using Macro and manual focus, then zoom out and switch back to auto I have to fuss around a little while to get the auto focus to work again. No problem switching back and forth auto to manual /manual to auto focus with the 80mm-28mm regular zoom focal lengths. Just switching from macro back out isn't so smooth.Read full review...

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by Top critical review

Good for it's inexpensive

Variety of focal length variety for use, zoom is not stable when the camera is up and down, sharpen is normal.

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Stefani Marie Photography - Boise Idaho

I love this lens. As crazy as it sounds I didn't think a 20 year old lens would give me such fantastic shots. I picked this up on ebay for under $80.00 and it was worth it. I use it as my everyday lens. It is a lens that I didn't spend a grand on so I allow my kids to use it when they want to photograph things too.

There are some cons but every lens has a con right?

Now it could be the age of the lens, maybe even that who know how many people have previously owned this lens so who knows the history...

But it is very touchy on focusing. I have had to get to know my lenses sweet spot. Sometimes I have to remove the lens and put back on the camera in order for it to focus. It rarely happens but wouldn't trust this lens at any important photo session where it could happen. But I guess since this lens was purchased for a lightweight every day use lens it wouldn't apply anyways. The images are sharp and only have to start doing noise reduction at around 600 ISO. Which is a pain but I am usually outside so photograph at 200-400 ISO. THis is a great lens all in all and I am so glad I picked this up to add to my lens collection! :D
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Sharp value old lens

I'm finding out that a lot of the older lenses for Nikon are great value and are built very well, with more metal and not so much plastic like the newer lenses. The glass is great on a lot and not much difference in the photo images compared with the newer $1000 plus lenses. Of course Nikon did make some dogs so see a few reviews first before going on a buying spree. There are plenty of reviews of lenses on line. The 'angry photographer' is a very good one I always fall to for reviews. But unless your looking for the all dancing all singing latest lens and you have deep pockets good luck to you. But for us mortals with slightly shallower pockets do you homework and find those gems out there before they are gone.Read full review...

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Good Bokeh for an Awesome Price!

The Nikon 85mm 1.8 is a fantastic all purpose lens from studio portraits to wedding receptions. The Bokeh on this little wonder is nothing short of Phenomenal. Yea, its not what the 85mm 1.4 is but its perfect for what you get with a fair price. I decided to buy it cause I love the photojournalistic appeal this lens has. I love the isolation from the background and subject matter. All in all, this is a fantastic choice for a first telephoto lens, but just a lens that you should have around the bag. The 50mm 1.8 is also great, but I prefer this longer distance, the whole feeling of taking a step back to compose a shot. This lens is a must have in improving your photography skills! Awesome Lens! Check it out!Read full review...


A bargain or a relic of an earlier era?

I first purchased this AF lens in the early 90's and used it for years on the first generation of Nikon AF camera the N2020. This lens has been supplanted by generations of Nikon AF lenses with focus motors built in to the body of the lens ("silent wave" I believe they call this feature), as well as with vibration-reduction technology ("vibration reduction" which does not move on most moving objects), earning these newer lenses with additional electrical contacts the nomenclature of "D" lenses. So what? If you want to look at details of the sharpness of the lens, as well as its compatibility with Nikon digital camera, Google "Ken Rockwell Nikon 28-85mm zoom." All I can tell you from my experience using it as the lens for the bulk of my shooting, is that it's critically sharp throughout its range, including the very wide 28mm end. I have been a very part contributor to an agency, and they have never complained about the results of this lens. Bottom line: if you want to buy excellent results at a bargain price, buy this. If you want "features" (with certainly no increase in critical sharpness) pay considerably more and buy a lens a lot more recent.Read full review...


Better than the average zooms out there today.

Slightly softer at 70-85 mm fully opened.
Other than that it performs as a zoom should with great center sharpness and sharpness falloff in the corners.
Optimum sharpness from about f/4,5-f/11.<br>Quick focus and great colours and works well on all Nikon af cameras.Read full review...

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Nikon 28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 AF Lens

I needed a good all around mid range zoom lens with a macro. The lens is very usefull and works well, for being a used item. Macro works great and the auto focus is fast and sharp.
One problem I found is when I attach it to my D200 the top display goes blank. I have to turn the camera on first, shut it off again then attach the lens. This may be from the contacts needing a cleaning. Over all a very nice lens.Read full review...


Steel of a Deal!

This lens offers good contrast and incredible color and sharpness at all focal lengths except 85mm. I found that if you zoom up to 85mm then back off just slightly (maybe 75-80mm) the lens is tack sharp from here down to 28mm. Both the aperture and focus are auto on my D750. I sold my Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC to get this and other lenses and I can see I'm not going to miss the Tamron at all, especially since this is half the size. I run this as a walk around and have 4 primes for serious shooting: 28mm f3.5 Ais manual, 50mm f1.8D, Tokina 100mm f2.8 AT-X Pro, and 200mm f4 Ai manual.Read full review...

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The "Ideal" film focal length?

At some point in any photographer's evoloution we all need to make a decision - am I a zoom or fixed focal length shooter?
For the type of photography I enjoy, and for the purposes I use my photos for, are the tight tolerances and distortion controls designed into most professional level fixed focal length lenses necessary? Do I need the faster apertures - really? Do I mind carrying around several lenses, each weighing half to one and a half pounds, to cover the focal lengths I most frequently use when shooting and do I mind having to reach into my bag to change lenses again and again during a shooting session?
Or do I prefer carrying one, or at most two, overlapping zooms covering the same range?
If the answer to this question is the latter, then you should read no further and consider purchasing one of the many zoom lenses available that include the 85mm focal length. You should especially do so if you are a digital shooter. For you, the fast aperture of f/1.8 is meaningless, since most of your SLR's start with a sensitivity of ISO 320, and corner sharpness is useless since your sensor is only "seeing" the central portion of the circle projected by this lens.
Having said all that, Nikon's 85mm f/1.8 AF lens is one of the finest optics it has been my pleasure to own. Designing short telephoto's is, admittedly, easier to do well than say superwides but this lens is, nevertheless, a jewel among short telephotos. Distortion is virtually nil and the lens is sharp at all apertures, especially at f/1.8. Build quality is excellent, being mostly metal and the lens has metal filter threads (which you will learn to appreciate the first time you cross thread a filter on a lens with plastic threads). The internal focusing mechanism and short movement required to focus to infinity makes autofocus on the lens as fast on my F100 and D100 as my lenses with the AFS motors.
Slides taken with this lens are contrasty and sharp at all apertures with no vignetting - even with the lenshood on over a thick filter mount. The lenshood itself is a welcome departure from some of the plastic horrors Nikon has come out with in recent years, being an all metal screw in type.
So if moody portraiture with soft out of focus backgrounds on ISO 50 films are your thing - this is your optic and it's a bargain even at full price. If you are a contemplative one lens shooter, who spends the time setting up a tripod and then moving it about until your angle and framing are perfect, then you could not do much better than this little gem (But why are you working in 35mm and not large format?). Even a working pro, who occasionally needs a little more reach and speed would be happy with this lens and can be confident that the results will not let him down.
It just that the rest of us, with limited budgets, who take pictures for our own pleasure and not for resale, would probably be better served spending the same money for something a bit more versatile.
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Wonderful for architecture, bridges, landmarks!

I bought this lens because Ken Rockwell reviewed it favorably, saying that it was an excellent value, used. Despite its metal construction, this lens is nice and light, thus it's a good all-day "walkarounder" and a welcome fit on my hefty D700. Portraits turn out with skin tones rendered faithfully. Some vignetting can indeed occur at 28mm, and I have encountered some ghosting, too, but for the most part this lens helps me capture one great, crisp, high-contrast shot after another. It makes me look so good, people actually think I am a photographer! That is, they think that I am a pro (I'm not, but I'm having a lot of fun anyway).
The lens also shoots macro. If you want to show how beat up or pristine your silver jewelry is, this lens is perfect.
If you like to take pictures of really large buildings or bridges and don't want to have to (or can't) get far enough away to get it all in with a 100mm+, you can hardly go wrong: these lenses top out at $200 used and will reward you time and time again with eye-popping shots for the trouble of turning your heel.
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