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good as kolchak's nightstalker

intriguing and a new spin on the old series. wish the more modern series could have lasted longer and resolved some issues brought up in the program. no cliffhangers like new series abruptly ending.

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The Series

I really enjoyed the series and was surprised when it got cancelled. It wasn't given a fair chance....

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Stalker Rocks

I really enjoyed the show. Stuart Townsend was really good. Excellent buy.

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Couldn't be happier

Loved the series when it aired, was thrilled to finally get the last two episodes.

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Fun movie

I loved this

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'night stalker': this is worth owning even if you don't get a good price.

it was not what i expected. i expected a lack-luster rehash of the old 'night stalker' and thus assumed it would be silly.
what i should have looked for was that it was made by some of the 'x-file' people. they carried the style and professionalism along with good stories into this 'night stalker'.
fantastic filming and cinimatography [as good- maybe better- then in 'the x-files' or 'dexter'. great acters. great direction. real nice pacing. at times some of the stories seem that they should have been a little thin but they never felt that way.
it would be like getting a diet meal but feeling like you just ate thanksgiving dinner and need alka-seltzer.
as with 'the x-files' there is a deeper mystery going on in the background. unfortunatly the new 'night stalker' only lasted one season and so we will, probably, never get to see where 'the mark of cain' back story was going.
i guess that 'stupid' tv executives didn't know a great thing when they had it and used poor advertising and a bad time slot. i hope that it comes back but tv executives aren't that bright.
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Night Stalker: The Complete Series (2006, DVD)

This is one show that never lived up to it's potential. The show was far too dark, both in story line and background lighting quality. At first I thought that it had been filmed on an older video tape formant, used by the cheaper studios. The series follows an entirely diverse story line, than the orginial series name would allow. The character of Kolchak became the central theme in the show. It was his problems, his demons, what killed his wife, was he going to turn into a monster. The orginal series worked because we got to see how Karl Kolchak reacted to the exterior stimulus of the monster of the week. We got to grow to love the orginial Kolchak, while I could never seem to be able to connect with this series central character. I bought this dvd set only to fill a spot in my collection.Read full review...


A good show, gone too soon.

This 're-imagining' of the show Kolchak, The Night Stalker just never really found it's audience. I think if it had been given more time to spread its wings, the show could have easily picked up a cult following like the one a show like Alias enjoys. Alas, ABC's scheduling and lack of promotion made this a non-issue.

This series had a much darker edge than the previous incarnations. Kolchak is a murder suspect, and possibly a person who is predestined to be evil. Not your everyday hero to be sure. That's where this show was great. You cared about him despite these things, and you never really believed that he wouldn't prove to be a good guy in the end. The supporting characters all did a great job in their roles, and the writing was pretty much top-notch. The week to week stories we eerie and interesting, and the overall mythology was shaping up to be very interesting and complex. Of course, the show was cancelled just as it was hitting its stride, so we'll never know how great it could have been.
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The Night Stalker - The Complete Series

I bought the complete Night Stalker series because I was unable to watch all of the episodes on TV due to the fact that it was taken off the air. I would say that this modern version of Kolchak is a darker & more intriguing version. Stuart Townsend played the role of Carl Kolchak with great skill. I am still trying to figure out whether he killed his wife in the desert or was a victim of demonic influence and/or delusion? This is a great collection of stories,especially for the inspired Stuart Townsend fan. They will not be disappointed!!Read full review...


I watched it straight through!

I don't usually keep on watching a show straight through, but I watched it as soon as I got my mail and it's such a cool show I couldn't stop! lol

I started watching it on tv like most who bought it. They did the worst thing when they got rid of the show though. They aired one half of a two-parter, and then never aired the second part! (until recently... like a few months too freakin' late!{and on another channel no less.})

Anyway, this show as I have read was only canceled due to it having the same time slot as CSI among other shows. You can read about it here

It's a real crime they don't continue with the story. It still leaves me off wondering what was going to happen next.

All in all I rated this series very seriously. And to those who rate this on other sites that never even bothered to watch it... Please don't rate something you obviously didn't watch!

Thank you...
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