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Works but has slow connection

Works but has slow connection due to age. It's better to spend another $10-15 to get the latest similar model from Netgear

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: rose.kat


NetGear Wireless Router

I have cable internet service and I wanted to be able to use the wireless connection for my laptop in another room. I usually went to the coffee shop to get online with the laptop. The cable is connected to my desktop. Anyway, I looked on Ebay for a good used router so I could accomplish my goal.

I found one, purchased it and when it arrived I was tickled pink. But then it came time to "make it talk" to my internet service. Here comes my only complaint with NetGear, not the router itself, just the manufacturer's support or so called support department.

I actually Love this product, but not the so called support of it by the NetGear company. Since I purchased this online, it did not come with a disk for loading purposes. It was to be my first experience with a router of this nature, so I did not know to ask if one came with it.

After making several phone calls I was directed to NetGear for support. But.... since I bought it 2nd hand, it was going to cost me for them to help me get it up and running.

I finally called someone else who easily walked me through the set up process which was very simple. So the product itself is very simple to set up if you have someone to walk you through it. I will purchase another NetGear product but only after I know how to use it. Knowing that if it is 2nd hand, I will not get any free advice from the company.
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Great little router, especially for beginners!

This is a great router! especially for those who are just starting out with wireless networks. I wouldn't recommend it as much if your used to a more advanced router though, but if you want something simple that isn't gonna mess around with you (unless you get a defective one) and secure your wireless from those around you, then this would be a really good bet.

I brought this for home and im buying another one for my college apartment because my Dlink router (524 model) just clunked out on me.

- ease of set up (set up wizard is straight forward)
- WPA2-AES enabled, great for securing your wireless
- SPI (stateful packet inspection) to help keep out potentially malicious packets
- sleek design, not bulky/heavy at the least
- nifty stand to keep it upright on a flat surface
- good amount of wireless coverage + good throughput

- If you're keeping it in your bedroom at night, the lights are a little bright and can get annoying (its the flashing...just turn it the other way or something if it does bug you)
- It is a simple router, seems like it basically configures itself, but if you like messing around with the options and doing advanced things, it might not be the right one for you
- Coverage seems like it wouldn't be good for a medium-large/large home
- Didn't like how UPnP was enabled out of the box
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Excellent router with no problems whatsoever

This is an exceptional router and at this price you can't find a better choice. I see a lot of disgruntled people here who can't connect to the router wirelessly after changing settings. I would like to give a couple of tips. First of all, make sure you configure the router when you are hard wired. You have to ensure that you are connected to the router via a LAN cable whenever you are making any changes to the router's configuration. This way when the router restarts etc. you will still be connected to it. If you are carrying out any changes to the router through your wireless card, for example if you have changed the WEP encryption code in the router, then once you submit those changes, the router will not let your wireless card connect until your laptop's card is configured for the same WEP key. So once again, please ensure you carry out changes to the router only when hard wired. The moment you get your router, I suggest you carry out a firmware upgrade (go to netgear's support site and download the latest firmware for your model from there). Once again follow instructions and make sure you are connected through a cable to carry out the same. Now log onto the router and then do a couple of things.

First of all, rename the SSID to anything you want (eg. Joan's Arc). Then go to the wireless settings, then to wireless access, and click on 'Disable SSID broadcast'. This ensures that the SSID is not broadcast to others around you who have a wireless machine. So when their software searches for a wireless access point all they will see is a blank name. To be able to connect to your network they would have to know the name of your SSID (Joan's Arc in this case) and manually type it in their machines (Highly unlikely that they will be able to think of the same name as you do. You can make your name even harder to obtain by simply using numeric characters in it.. for example Joan's Arc2004). Secondly, to make it secure use a 128 bit WEP key (this has to be a 26 digit key consisting of alphanumeric and numeric characters. You can use only certain alphabets in small and large case so you need to check that out. Also remember that you have to feed the same WEP key number in your laptop wireless card software (or the windows wireless settings if you are not using your wireless card's software). Finally you can ensure that only the wireless devices you specify can logon to your router. Go to the Wireless settings, then to wireless access setup and then click on 'enable wireless access'... Thereafter click on 'Setup access list'. Once there add your wireless device by using its mac address (the mac address is a unique number given to a wireless device, very much like a phone number- this enables the router to identify the device trying to connect to it). The mac address will be listed on your wireless device and you can also see all the devices that you can allow to connect to your router in the router's configuration window. (One important note to remember is that if you have already enabled WEP then you will have to first feed in the same key into your wireless device software settings before the router will display it in it's list of devices). Select the device that you want to allow to connect to your router and apply.

Hope this helps to a certain extent to configure your routers. Trust me, this is an amazing router and if you are having connection problems, it most likely is due to the settings in the router- not because the router is fault
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Netgear WGR614

Great router. Nice features and security for the price. Simple setup and firmware management with the included software. I give a good rating instead of an excellent rating because I purchased this router to replace the same model I had that failed. But in its defense, it ran trouble free for 3 years straight never turning off. If you are looking for a reasonably priced wireless router with good features and easy setup, this is it.Read full review...


Excelent router for Home

I like this router because it is super easy to setup and use.

If you are reading this review to get help setting it up then I think I can help you.

Follow the steps.

1. If you dont have CD to download the program that comes with NETGEAR WGR614 then download it from the web on netgear web site.

2. Plug the internet wire into the netgear router and see if lights on the front starts working and they are usually green ot yellow.

3. It should connect to internet right away and now use choose a password to protect it from misuse by others and you should use this password when log into wireless internet account.

4. By this time your internet should be working with no problems and if you still have problems then contact netgear customer help and they should be able to help you guys if you experience any issue.

Have a good day
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This router is great

I was recently using a Linksys 4 port router. It was used before I got it and it did the job I needed it to. The only flaw with it was it could not hold an internet connection all the time, it would constantly disconnect and basically all the lights on it would start flashing saying there was a problem. Well recently I got a new laptop with wireless internet and decided it was about time to upgrade my router too.

This router is one of the best out there specially if you have a LAN network already and don't feel like converting all your computers into wireless. It also stays connected to the internet, no more outages, no more slow speeds. All I had to do is replace my old router with this one and it was up and running in a matter of minutes. Setup is quick and easy.
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Excellent router, easy to use

I had a similar router, earlier version, in the past and decided to sell it when I moved. I recently bought my kids a ps3 and decided I needed another, so I came back to Ebay and bought the newer version of the same model I had. It took 5 minutes to set up, and to my surprise has no lag on either my computer or PS3. I even played some games wireless with zero issues when usually it takes a hard wired router setup or direct modem connection to have a clean game. Online setup made it easy and secure, and I even have a second PC connected with a Netgear wireless card in my upstairs without issue. Once again Netgear has served my needs and I suggest it to anyone needing a good residential setup, especially a beginner considering the easy connect/setup.Read full review...


A great product! You can't go wrong with this one!

I bought this router after I moved - I had to switch from DSL to cable. My integrated "DSL modem & router" device is totally useless now. So I decided to buy a router and a separate modem.
This router works great! Especially its wireless performance is awesome - for a simple reason: it has an antenna sticking out of the case, unlike most of the other products which have internal antennes to make them look more sleek.
I am running a LAN here with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Linux, both wired and wireless. This device works like a charm.
There is only one catch: if you are running Linux too, it might be good to have a local DNS server. This router does not provide a local DNS service. My solution was to disable DHCP, set all my computers to static IPs and provide 'HOSTS' files. This approach works for every OS starting with Windows 98 (which I am running in a VMWARE virtual machine) up to Windows 7.
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Having recently sent up internet in my new appartment I needed something that could enable wireless so I could freely move around. After split second reserch I discovered that this particular NETGEAR router provided a perfect wi-fi signal when set up correctly. Due to just moving, I needed something cheap and fact; enter the ebay market. It did not take me long to find this router. I Love the product & works perfectly, communitcation between seller's email reply was fast and reasurring. The seller made sure to take the extra time to properly package the router so no damage could be placed during travel. Brief codes were also included with item just in case reboot didnt take or wanted to use right away without rebooting. Very happy over all with my purch, would do business again!Read full review...

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