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Great service from this supplier

Great phone, always buy Motorola , great for quality and price!!!!this is the type of phone your whole family can enjoy with the " Push to talk " feature, and a regular phone to boot!


I like my i870, but...

On the plus side, the Motorola i870 (Nextel/BoostMobile only) has superior sensitivity to some other iDen phones (my GF's i855e lost carrier in the Hollywood Hills while mine was still connected). Bluetooth connections are easy and sound great (the auto-answer function in my headset works with the phone and voice-dialing is reliable). The phone is solid with easy-to-use buttons and a clear, good-sized display, but still fits in my pants pocket. I added a Gigabyte of storage for multimedia (MP3s as well as pictures and video I have taken) for $12.

On the minus side, when the phone is connected to my computer's USB port, the extra memory is not available (I have to remove the memory card, put it in an adapter, then insert it into a card reader to transfer files). It is possible to transfer files via Bluetooth to other devices, but only one at a time. Voice dialing is tied to the SIM card, which has three drawbacks (the number of voice dials is limited by the SIM card's memory, each voice dial command is limited to 2 seconds and all voice dial presets are lost when you remove the SIM card).

The camera is better than most cell phones, but nowhere near as good as my digital camera. You can make presets to quickly get to most camera functions with a single button press, but video recording is not one of those functions, so you have to familiarize yourself with the menu sequence if you have a Michael Richards moment. Battery life is not as good as my previous phone (i730), possibly because the display is bigger and brighter, but probably because I usually have Bluetooth on when I use the phone. A more powerful battery with an extended cover can be had for around $30, last I checked.

I like the phone. It is not perfect, but meets my needs and most of my wants.
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i870 MP3 Bluetooth Camera Phone

This is a very stylish phone. One of the more stylish phones that Nextel has produced. It includes a 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth, LARGE inner and outher displays, MP3, and a VERY NEAT push button opening system!! Just press a button and the flip automatically flips open for you!! This model is available in the Boost Mobile version as well. It is the i875. Some sellers on Ebay sell the i875 unlocked so it will work with both Nextel and Boost Mobile sim cards. Be sure to check before you are buying one!! Good Luck and I hope that this has helped you out!! Justin w/ SprintandNextel and J.B.C._NextelRead full review...


i870 Motorola Phone Good with Glicks too

I've had this phone now for a few weeks and I was warned about it having glitches in the phone from previous Motorola i870 owners. Well I can report that it does have a few minor baby glitches in it BUT thats not saying its not a good phone. I've actually washed (In the Laundry Full Circle in the Washer) this phone by accident and it still powered back on after I dried it out. The phones battery life like all Nextels (its seems) is not very long for the moderate to heavy users. The glitches include: The Memory Card when you upgrade sometimes doesn't register with the phone right away and can take up to 30 minutes to be fully read, the battery lasts about a day during normal use and about half a day if I get busy. The nextel service in Maryland isn't alway's the greatest but this phone is still good on the signal strength. Here's the pro's. I've dropped it a few times and very little scratching occured. I like the metal backing too. The phone is much lighter then the previous "Motorola i8" series phones. The MP3 player works perfectly (after the memory card is fully read). The picture phone is great to but I would like to be able to store longer video then 30 seconds though. But other then the con's I've given you the phone is a great item to have. So thats why I've labeled it i870 good even with gliches.Read full review...


Motorola i-870

This is a very good cellphone. I purchased it for the blue tooth feature so I
could use it with my computer and get on the internet. I like the picture
taking quality of the phone. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good
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Great Phone!!!

I use to have this phone with Nextel, mine broke so I switched to MetroPCS. Metro is a good service, but I think Boost mobile is better. Now I get to enjoy this phone again with Boost mobile. For a flat rate of just $50.00 a month I get unlimited minutes, walkie-talkie, text, and internet. Also true nation wide coverage on the sprint nextel network.Read full review...


Better than expected... This is a fabulous Phone

We had to buy a my Husband a new phone Quick, Because our Grandson dropped his I860 in a glass of sprite, needless to say it was ruined. We had a hard time finding one that compared to the I860, As soon as he found this I870 he knew it was the one he wanted. He was amazed with the new features... He loves the MP3, the camera & also the large screen, He can see it well. Very Happy with this phone.Read full review...


Great display and sound

The I870 phone has the best display of all the Nextel phones, well next to the IC902 but that is more like a Sprint phone to me, anyway this phone is very solid, the speaker is very loud, feels solid in the hand, service is good, like most phones it just depends on where you live. You have your button on the side to open the phone, this is good if you have a drink in one hand and get a call. It is bluetooth equipped and has various Java applications you can put on the phone. I have had most Nextels out there, and they all have the same basic setup, the menus are all the same for the most part so what sets each phone aside is either the display, if its rugged, or if its clam shell or a stick, so you decide what style you want and you can narrow down your choice very easy. For me this is the nicest phone Nextel has, I am big on the display, the rest is all the same. Hope this helps you decide on a Nextel phone, if you need a runner up the I860 is a great phone minus the MP3 player.Read full review...


Dont Waste Your Money

I wanted this phone as a gift for my girlfriend and at the same time I wanted one for myself because I thought the whole mp3 thing would be cool and it's supposed to be the step up from the I860 that I already have. Well the mp3 thing is a waste of time and money. The phone can only play files that are less than 192k bitrate, and for those of you who download music, most of my collection of downloaded songs is a higher bitrate, only my uploaded songs are 128k. On top of that there is an issue where the phone can only recognize files with name lengths of less than 32 characters. Which makes this thing usesless unless you spend all day renaming your files that you put on the memory card. Also, it only comes with a card reader and a 32mb card. You can fit maybe 10 songs on that if you are lucky so you have to shell out more cash outta pocked to buy a larger memory card. I cant believe it doesnt come with a Nextel Data Cable, but then what else could they break it off in you for?
In general, Nextel has some of the most useless and overpriced phones on the market. This one is a definite waste. The only good things are that you can record 30 second video clips, the camera is a higher resolution than the 860, and the brighter, bigger, more colorful screen for the phone is cool. Other than that its not worth your money, and neither are the 920 or 930.
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Lots of features

I have really enjoyed this phone's features, and stylish appearance. The push button flip is very convenient, and makes it easy to answer incoming calls when the phone is set for flip activation. The large external and internal displays are also a big plus. Downloadable "real music" ringtones are excellent, although it would be nice to be able to use music from the MP3 player as ringtones. Games and applications are great on the large display. The 1.3 MP camera is very convenient, and takes good pictures, a bit large in the storage department, but with the expandable TransFlash memory, it's not a problem. The MP3 player is nice, not a requirement, but it's very convenient. The user interface is easily understandable, and the menu icons are extremely self-explanatory with both an icon, and text label for each menu item. The ability to set hot-keys is also a big plus for people who do not want to scroll through the menu, and just want one touch access to specific features. Speaking of one-touch, the one-touch walkie-talkie feature is excellent. I love being able to set it to my husband's phone and all I have to do is press the walkie-talkie button at any time, and he's right there. An excellent product, and highly recommended.Read full review...

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