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Good phone for the price.

I got the Motorola i776 for my daughter and she like it which is saying a lot for her. The phone has a good weight in the hand. Not a super light-weight that feels like it's going to break every time you open it. Its screen is nice and bright, good size, easy to see. The camera, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. It is not even one mega pixel, so that should say it all. My daughter misses that it doesn't have an mp3 player, because the ringtones she's been able to get sound great. Speakerphone is good, so is the call quality. I think sound has been an issue with some of these phones, but this one is ok so far. The only other thing my daughter says is that the menu is a bit awkward. Add GPS and PTT and it becomes a great phone. For the price, I'm planning on getting one for myself from ebay. I figure if you want bells and whistles, get an iPhone. I'll keep this one, get an iTouch, and save $50 to $80 bucks on the service for each phone with Boost Mobile.Read full review...


Happy with the i776

I've had the i776 for a month and am very satisfied with it. I was able to buy one used on ebay for half the price of a new one. At that price, I feel it's well worth it. Everything works well, including the camera and the battery life. For me (an infrequent user) Boost Mobile is a great plan at 10 cents per minute. For my grandson the $50 unlimited Boost plan is great. Boost phones, though, are pricier than most of the other prepaids.Read full review...


this compares to the i9 boost and even better great phone.

Hello Fellow Ebays, I bought This Boost I776 Motorola Phone for a friend because we talk much over these cell phones and we love the clarity and low key flip smooth style we are very satisfied also the price was extremely cheap for a phone in great shape seventy dollars cheaper than the stores used model and we got to use all our old sim cards and chargers and cases i thank you for listening keep bidding with confidence on ebay and if you can use the buy it now. chow!Read full review...


Excellent Phone!

I bought the Motorola I776 a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed with the style and sleek design. It has a camera, PPT (push to talk), and speakerphone. The Motorola I776's size is perfect for carrying in a pocket and the battery has a pretty good lifespan as well. My only complaint is that this is a flip phone. Unlike others who may love the idea of flip phones, I have a tendancy to completely break them in half! I actually bought his phone for a my sister, and she loves it! Overall, I'd recommend the phone if you're on a budget and can stand owning a filp device.Read full review...


In great shape

I like that it is in great shape. Didn't like the fact they left all their inforamtion in the phone and there is no manuel to see how to get it erased. I didn't like that it came to me dead, couldn't even turn it on to see if it work I know it stated no charger, but you could have at least left it a little battery so I could see that it actually worked. But very glad with it once I brought a charger and found out it worked and it is in very nice shape. Thank youRead full review...


Motorola l776 Boost Mobile cell phone

I love everything about it. It is small and sturdy. I love the chocolate color. It has more apps than any other Boost Phone I have owned over the years. There are more contacts displayed per page and the web actually works. The sound is crystal clear on both ends. The screen is bright and easy to navigate. It was a great purchase and I highly recommend. I have better signal strength. The battery charges faster and lasts longer. Great Product!Read full review...


It's a nice phone

It's the 2nd one I've owned I like it.The reason I got it was it has a few nice features that come in to play for a camera phone; with an eazy excessablity to the internet.Also a nice range of room to download a number of ringtones and wallpaper items. I would only say one negetive is the fact that what you download stays on phone and can't be put on sim card and be carried from phone to phone if nessesary.Read full review...


Get's a 9 for durability...

I owned one of these phones and it was more than likely the most reliable phone I have ever owned, even topping my iPhone. I just recently purchased the i776w for the wife and she is just in love with it. It has everything you need and nothing you don't. The bluetooth is awesome and external display is incredibly rugged and durable as well as the internal peripherals. Absolutely wonderful little phone, hands down! You most DEFINITELY get the bang for your buck with this one!Read full review...


motorola i776 boost mobile

my mom was searching everywhere for a new phone and didn't want to pay a lot for one. I use eBay a lot for my children s cloths they grown so fast that i cant keep up with them. with girls fashion is very important to them and i cant a ford name brand cloths at name brand prices. my mom was in a similar boat with her phone she just cant afford the new priced boost phones.
anyways i was on eBay one day and she asked it they had cell phone for boost there,I looked and found several options of phones she liked. the one she liked the most was this phone in the color purple but she settled for the stylish brow n instead. great phone,great price and great turn around on shipping. I loved it so much i just did the same thing for my gram. thanks
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Short lifespan

Good little phone, good size for a Nextel (Boost). Durability a problem, haven't had the phone for a year and within 6 months ear speaker went out necessitating all calls via speakerphone. Camera went out recently as well. Battery has been questionable. Browser inadequate for today's world. Good for the price, Boost is a great service, but expect to replace it within a year if not sooner.Read full review...

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