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Very good

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Amazingly great, still not quite as great as the iPhone 4

Very impressed with how the phone came out of the box. I loved the huge screen size, excellent camera, very fast operating system and processor, and the good battery life. This is one of the best Android phones you can buy. As far as competition, the iPhone 4 does everything this Droid X can do, and it does it all better than the Droid X. The iPhone, while its hardware specs aren't as good as the Droid X, is much more polished and refined than any Android phone. The Droid X is great to buy if you don't like Apple products, and it will certainly be a great addition to your life.Read full review...


Love my Droid X

I've had a Droid X for about 6 months and this is the first phone I've had that would do absolutely everything I wanted. I would suggest you follow the maufacturer's directions for "priming" the battery. I did so and I generally get a full day out of a single charge and I use my phone alot. It takes great photos, has a great music app and there's tons and tons of apps out there on the marketplace that will do just about anything you could imgaine. I was totally devastated when I spilled a full soda on mine and ruined it so here I am on Ebay replacing it.Read full review...


I hope you like Pros & Cons.!!!

I have Cricket for my cellular provider and have used a few mobile phones so I believe I can make an educated Overall Rating.

I replaced an HTC 6800 because its browser really sucked. Granted since it was like 3 years old and since I flashed the phone I do not know if I could have updated the software. It could not link to the Sprint Network.!!!

Now to pick this phone apart calling Balls and Strikes:

Con: The Microsoft Word on it sucks beyond belief in my opinion. You can cut, copy, and paste with both but the Droid makes it all or nothing. The HTC 6800 could select a single word, sentence, or paragraphs. Being an analytical thinker I loved that on the 6800.
Awesome #1: It is very easy to use and has tons of gadgets. The 6800 was easy to use and had some but nothing like this.
Awesome #2: I love the Google Mapquest that is uses. It gives verbal driving directions so no need to look phone while driving. Set the locations, turn down the radio, and forget it. Now if you make a wrong rurn or want to use a different highway it will redirect you. Think using back roads to bypass traffic. The HTC 6800 did not.
Awesome #3: It has a way better Camera and Video Camera because it even gives you the option to use a wide screen in the picture settings.
Awesome #4: It has 7 separate desktops you can use and get to by sliding your finger left or right and on any one of them. The center one is your home desktop you see all the time or when booting up the phone like a pc. I use the pc analogy because it is one without a cd-rom.
Awesome #5: Another awesome thing sliding you fingers apart on the screen almost always enlarges every page or picture you want to. Only once in like 3 months it did not zoom the page.
Awesome #6: It let me download a New Update for the Mapquest Application. Think an update it like Windows does for its software & safety. Roads get changed & added all the time.
Awesome #7: If you have a wireless router at home you will understand this. The phone has one built in. On your second desktop to the right of your home desktop page it has your on an off switch. P.s. Do not get pist when it sucks your battery dead like a vampire does a body. If you leave it on when you do not need it, it is your own fault.
I hope these Pros and Cons can help you out a little.
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A phone that can do most anything

Amazing phone with only a few shortcomings. First, the screen is amazing. It's a perfect size and resolution. Movies look amazing and pictures look very nice.

The responsiveness of the phone is also very good. The 1ghz processor seems to do a very good job.

The fact that it can use microsd cards is a huge plus. Apple is just plain dump for not allowing this.

There are only 2 things I can really complain about. the first of course is the battery life. Everyone wants their battery to last forever but it's just not possible with this much processing power and screen size. I can get through most of a day and still have battery life left but still, having the plug it in every day is sometimes inconvenient.

The second is no forward facing camera for face chat. I understand it would only work on a 4g network but still, to be able to face chat on wifi would be cool.

Overall, I am very happy with the phone and would definitely buy ti again if given the opportunity.
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Droid X My logical next step

After 4 months using and loving the Motorola Droid, I was excited by the three new choices offered by Verizon (droid 2, Droid x, Droid pro). In my day to day, screen size was the factor. I am very happy with the screen quality and resolution. The video taken by the camera is very nice as well. Droid X meets or exceeds original Droid in all areas except two (taking into account you CHOSE no keyboard) 1: the speaker has lost a significant amount of volume. 2: Fitting in to your pocket. I have no buyers remorse and hope Droid comes closer to beating the other choices out there.Read full review...


Motorola Droid X

The large screen size is fantastic. Don't let the 8 mp camera fool you, it doesn't beat a digital camera for capturing memories, but it is decent if you have plenty of light. I prefer a slide out keyboard to the touch screen keyboard, but the voice recognition typing is a cool feature. Call quality and signal strength for my area is good. Overall I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5, but I liked my Droid 2 Global better.Read full review...


Droids are better than IPhone

As a self proclaimed electronic techie, I have owned and operated all the Droid phones, the Blackberry Storm and an IPhone. The IPhone itself is awesome, but the phone calling quality really blew chunks. The Storm froze up and was inoperable more than operable. I have heard that they have fixed most of the bugs, but the Droid op system is way better.
The HTC Droid Eris was my first Droid. It did everything I wanted and the only drawback was it's speed of processing. They have since upgraded the software and it is better. Next was the regular Motorola Droid, which was larger than the HTC Eris and a little too bulky for me. I am not a big texter so I never really used the sliding keyboard. I felt the phone was too big, so I went to the Droid Incredible. The Incredible is my favorite, the right size and fast speed. Now the review on Droid X, I love everything except it's size, which I knew from the get go. I wanted a larger screen for my failing eyes, and it fits the bill. Overall. I would recommend this for people who want video features or browse the web alot, otherwise, get the Incredible. It's size and funtion ability is great.
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Good phone

This is generally a good phone. But I was with him with no luck. I got the phone and was happy, but when I turned it on, I saw the bug. If the phone goes into standby mode, I turn it on and I want to unlock the screen, but I can not! The screen does not respond to touch. I have to reboot it. After rebooting, I can work up to the first transition into standby mode again and the screen is not enabled. The reason for this is not in the firmware, but more often is that the phone was damaged by water, and contacts within the oxidized and turned a fake. So be careful when buying and always ask unlocking the screen after hibernation.Read full review...


A device of such quality as to outweigh Motorola's proprietary motives.

I give the Droid X 4/5. This is based on a set of criteria I have been hunting to fulfill for a while. In the Verizon Droid X have found a phone with wifi capability, which is capable of being activated on Page Plus and therefore not require a data plan with Verizon, but still use the same resources for voice. The phone is easily root-able, though Motorola has made it very hard to modify the on-board software via encryption and mounting ro on boot. This is where the phone lost a star: priority on proprietary. It will take toying with, but the wireless can be injection capable and a rw linux may be chroot-ed into. Certain other phones may have been easier to manipulate for my purposes, but this phone is by far the fastest and, I'm finding, most reliable. The phone is awesome; comparable to my netbook if not better! The user interface definitely blows the netbook out of the water. Multifunctionality sold me on the phone: GPS, Camera/camcorder, fm radio, media player, games, ebook reader, network security auditing platform, and oh, yeah, phone- excellent quality utilizing the nations largest cellular company's infrastructure for half the cost!Read full review...

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