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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree

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Moto fun

Like most reveiws of this 32x gem i agree that its a very good game and is to this day still very fun even the bike riders yelling hey hey is very funny. never gets old . Grab this up its a must for 32x owners.Read full review...

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Just one of the Gems on the 32X

Although it's repetitive and probably graphically unimpressive by today's standards, Motocross Championship for the Sega Genesis 32X has been one of my favorite games ever since I first played it. The gameplay is basic and the same thing over and over, but the CPU racers give one heck of a challenge and the visuals and music are great for the(32-bit boosted) Genesis. The 32X was really underrated in my opinion, and this game has to be one of the more overlooked games on this system!Read full review...


A Must Have

In today's world of gaming technology, the graphics of this game are obsolete (especially yo you young gunners). If you still have a 32X, this is a must have game. Respect one of the originals in the motocross theater.

From time to time, I put down the controllers of my 360 and PS3 to play this game

Dec 6, 2010.
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Moto Cross Championship is a great game.

This is a Good game. This was a fun game the day it came out. I'f your a vintage gamer. Then you know this is a Great game on vintage systems


MotoCross Championship

it's more of a challenge than i expected,there is alot of ruff housing,the only thing i was dissapointed with about this game is the cheesy music,and the lack of engine noise..all in all its a fun game.Read full review...

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