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A genuine ground-breaking film

When I saw the original Mondo Cane in 1962, I remember leaving the theater transfixed. I had become so involved in it that I felt somewhat reluctant to re-enter the real world.

Now, in 2009, I was curious to see what long ago had so captivated me. Sadly, this time, with reality TV and shock video all over the tube, I found most of the scenes from the DVD version both dated and tame.

Still, just as Bill Haley and the Comets were to rock and roll, Mondo Cane was the pioneer and the model for a whole new genre of motion pictures. It was therefore worth watching if only for the sense of history it represents.
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mondo cane (2008, dvd)

I have been wanting to have this movie from the sixties for a long long time. Very happy to have it now. However, I have not looked at it yet.

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