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Monarch of the Glen, Series Four, DVD

Series Four is the continuation of the saga of the MacDonald Family and their friends and employees who reside in a present day Highland Scottish Castle Estate. Based on the original storyline created by Compton MacKenzie, the story has been well developed for series television. The setting continues to be Glenbogle Castle, which in real life is Ardverikie castle, where Queen Victoria once stayed while househunting for Balmoral. For those of us who already love the series and have come to regard the MacDonalds as cherished family members, this DVD series develops the characters we've come to know and love and follows them through their financial, professional and personal challenges. Anyone of Scottish ancestry especially will learn something of the feudal system and how it has evolved today.
The cinematography may actually be the finest shown on any series television, bar none. The acting is flawless and many times the characters are amusing as well as endearing. The writing and storylines are well developed, satisfying, yet realistic as longstanding problems aren't magically solved within forty minutes. The entire series is suitable for family viewing. The original music for the series is the work of Simon Brint and continues to excellent standard. The Monarch series is a seamless production which I would love to have seen go on forever.
It is no wonder that everything from production,direction,and casting to props is excellent. The production was filmed in the surroundings of Lagganmore and Newtonmore in Highland Scotland, which may well be the most beautiful place on earth.
Although I think that one should view series 1-3 first, series four should not be missed.
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Mostly ok.

Well, discs 1 and 2 in this set were fine, but disc 3 was unwatchable. I had bought this to replace a similar disc 3 in my original set, so it's probably a factory defect. I do love the show. A fair number of the characters could be used to illustrate a definition of either "barking mad" or "really eccentric" And the scenery is gorgeous.Read full review...


Another great year!

This series just keeps getting better and better! It is a little less funy, but still good! This series has the most beautiful landscape that I wish I could see it in person!


Monarch of the Glen - Season 4

I bought this set because I have watched the other 3 seasons. I must say that the series as a whole is good, but I really do not care for all of the personell changes. And, from what I have been reading, it only gets worse.Read full review...

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