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Mission: Impossible hits its stride

In its third season, Mission: Impossible continues with a stable cast, unchanged since Steven Hill vacated the role of Dan Briggs at the end of the first season and was replaced by Peter Graves as Jim Phelps in the second. Season three would be the final one for the husband and wife team of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, who would step away from their respective roles as Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter at the close of the season. Although the primary characters are given almost no backstory, Landau and Bain's occasional flirtatious banter suggests a deeper relationship outside the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). The ensuing churn of supporting characters on the IMF for the remainder of the show's run likely caused some viewers to lose interest. Nonetheless, the entire original series is an iconic artifact of its time, likely to appeal as much to those who remember it fondly from back in the day as it would to those who enjoy a good caper thriller.Read full review...

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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is the best!!!!!!

A GREAT show. The plots are highly entertaining, and the characters are fantastic! I'm enjoying the episodes just as much as I did back in the 60's. Today's programs are garbage compared to the original Mission: Impossible!!Read full review...

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great movies

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I am enjoying this season of Mission Impossible MORE THAN Season Four (which I am only enjoyed about six episodes!) I can't wait to watch More!

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Action,great writing and acting.Excellent product

I really like the show,I started watching when I was in 5th
and 6th grade. So when it was released on DVD it was a perfect
match for me. The writing, directing, and acting is spot-on.
I'm sure that a lot of the plots were based on real cold war and organized crime activity. The ironic thing is to see the
different gadgets they used back then and to see them used
in real-life today.I don't know if network or cable tv will
ever equal what this show was, so in the meantime this winter
I can watch this excellent show commercial free.I would recommend this for couples,or families with children 14 and
up.There are a lot of well timed karate chops,some shooting
(mostly blanks) and very little blood letting.Also there is
always one or two situations per show that call for on the fly
adjustments,murphy's law,not part of the plan.In that light
it's great to see how they improvise their way through it.
I would easily recommend to all and I am going to try and get
all seasons.
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Every episode a thrilling experience!

As great as, if not better, than I remember when I first watched these episodes on TV. Granted some of the gadgets and gimmicks look quite dated but the cast is unbeatable and they make it work. Graves, Morris, Bain, Landau and Lupus, the best IMF team ever, appeared together for the last time in this Third Season. Don´t miss it!Read full review...


Farewell Martin & Barbara

The third season of Mission:Impossible reveals the same cast from the previous year. Sadly it marks the last year of then husband and wife, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. To me this is the last of the best episodes of the series (don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all seven seasons).

There are some great guest stars this season, boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson, in the two-parter: "The Contenders", Parnell Roberts (Bonanza, Trapper John MD) and Vic Tayback (Alice) in the "Mercenaries" and Ed Asner and Steven Ihnat in "The Mind of Stefan Miklos" which is, in my opinion, one of the finest MI episodes.

This release marks the best quality I have seen of these old episodes. The picture has been cleaned up and the dust and debris you usually get on syndicated TV is gone. The soundtrack is mixed here in 5.1 sound and sounds incredible. The set consists of 7 discs (3 or 4 episodes each) and they are in slim-line cases. The shows are in order of their original release dates.

I must say that, once again, Paramount has deserted any extras for this set. No Bonus Features, No Liner Notes, No airdates, NO commentaries. Please give the fans a little something extra. The Wild, Wild West, Season 3, which is a Paramount release also and released the same day at least has the original airdates.

Other than that I have no complaints. The box says that "some episodes may be edited from their original network versions". This must be due to music rights, as I can see no distinct differences from the episodes I have seen here and the few that were released on video earlier. The slip-case design is nice and the slim line cases have nice graphics. There is a one or two sentence synopsis per episode, but hardly qualifies as liner notes.

These shows still hold-up in today's world and are fair superior in writing than some of today's crap.
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LAST of the fun episodes~ still a very good watch~

According to info on the Mission Impossible Episode Guide book Martin Landau had a contract saying NO other actor would receive more money than him~ apparently they increased Peter Graves salary and so Martin Landau and his real life Wife Barbara Bain have made this their last season~

We realize how much fun they make this series~

two of the BEST of this season are the Cardinal~ where a "double" has taken over being Cardinal to influence a very corrupt election~ so the IMF crew cleverly release mosquitoes to make the fake cardinal ill so Rollin can take over ~ clever plot and some of BEST devices used to escape and total fun~
the VAULT .....a south American finance minster wants all the money for himself so the IMF cleverly get inside the vault and stage a "final" clever twist to trap the Minister in his own vault~



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Great fun to see the original in clean format

Lots of fun to be watching the old Mission Impossibles. No cg, no product placement, lots of fun plots. No commercials and a really good copy. We have worked our way through two seasons and getting ready for the third.Read full review...


Mission Impossible Mission

This iconic movie series accomplished all they did lacking the modern super electronic era items of today. Most the phone-communciations are "dial up" in the first two seasons; they did not even have pagers,and for sure no cell phones. If you operated that way today you would be off the map and hard to trace. This teaches you that the impact of speech and presentation does have results, sometimes very little, sometimes more than you expect. So dress well for that job interview.Read full review...

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