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Buy me im worth it

I have to say this product was surprisingly durable, gets a good signal, and i love how i can go from my car to my boat to the shore and never be without power, the rechargeable battery pack is key and i use the regular battery pack as a back up. Easy to connect and disconnect quickly from the car mount and hook up to an external antenna was a snap
this is my first cb radio and find it incredibly easy to use
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Midland 75-822

The Midland CB 75-822 is an excellent portable unit, with all the power and options contained in larger models. The power sources are excellent for a number of applications, for both mobile and portable. My primary use is for a motorcycle and althought the unit performs admirably, Midland does not make a headset specific to this use. There are two way units available with excellent headstes, but not this specific model. It remains the best thought out CB of its size and power on the market at an excellent price.Read full review...


Small, portable, versitle, easy to use. What else can you ask for?

I love this little radio. With the two(2) battery packs I always have a battery. The in car adaptor is very nice feature. Easy to hook up and move in and out of different vehicles. All in all great device worth the purchase.Read full review...


Nice and effective radio!

In brief, this radio is solid and comes with a lot of extras. It is a much better radio than I expected it to be. Moving it from car to car is a snap! Truckers hear me from miles away! Mainly, the big secret is using a power/SWR meter and setting your Standing Wave Ratio. Next, move your antenna (when setting the SWR) to differing place on your car/truck, etc, until you get the best readings. I thought the middle of my roof on my wagon would have been the best spot, when in fact it is either the far left or right rear of my roof. Hence I am getting almost a perfect 1:1 ratio -- outstanding!

Make sure you set the SWR for both cars, trucks, etc... each will be different based on vehicle type. I rigged each vehicle with a magnet-mount, then the easy part is to take your radio with you and plug it into the vehicle's cig lighter, and screw in the antenna end into your antenna! Awesome and easy!

Bottom line, buy this small radio and you will not be sorry -- it is perfect, at least for my purpose.
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a neat 11 meter

this i got to test for a amy rack bugout bag with a firestick 4 foot n/g 17 feet of cable with 18 feet of extra wire when you hang up in a tire it gives you all you need to get out pretty far,in my car when hooked to my wilson 5000 i talked 20 miles easy to a k40 ant on pick up truck. I have 6 radios & use 10 meter &sideband as a rule but for a 11 meter with a low side not to use up alot of power its neat for camping & fits ever where add the headset & there you goRead full review...


I use it everyday on the road , I dont leave home without it

Fantastic product lots of extras, I bought it cause i was looking for a portable cb i could take on the road with my job, i found that this product was the best value for money .The only thing that would make it better is if it came with rechargeable batteries , i also bought an external antenna to connect in my jeepRead full review...


Midland Portable CB Rado

Very Compact CB Radio. Converts from portable to stationary with a simple sliding mechanism. Plugs into the cigarette lighter for power when used in the stationary mode. Also, has a provision for an external antenna that mounts on the top of the vehicle with a magnet.Read full review...


Great Product.

My wife and I both have the Midland 75-822 we use them on our matching Haley Street Glides and love them. We have tried other product and have found this CB the best value for the price. We use them with head sets and the only complaint is with the head set they do not have the best sound quality but for the money do a great job.Read full review...


good product for the cost

great small radio, the range isn't the best maby a good half mile but i works well for what i need it for. haven't tried the mobile version. but over all good radio


Great product package

I like the versatility of the unit and its accessories. It is easy to switch from mobile use to portable use and it provides options of two power packs for the HT mode. I bought it because of the versatility of the design. Great job Midland!Read full review...

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