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Good value

Made for an excellent gift. Everything works, all components listed were sent.
Thank you.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: stockmya


Great buy

Everything was in great shape. No complaints.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dawnfounditforsale



Everything came as was described in the ad and was better than I expected

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: traderpadres


Xbox 369 Halo Reach edition

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: deathofbrain


COOL Halo Reach 360 system With sound

I got the system to help with my Kinet so I dont have to use 2 plug-in's to run my 360 the the Kinet. I like the halo games but not hard core some most people playing halo but it is nice to add to my Xbox 360 Halo 3 system that RROD, then got fixed by me. I got the system in and tested it out and it makes cool halo sound. When you open the disc try it sounds like shield charge and closing the try sounds like over shield. One thing I like about it is it has a better filter system then the old system did, it has a fan placed on top of the heat sink to get heat out like a normal PC would and not use the stupid air tunnel like the old system's did. The laser detail in the plastic case of the system is vary nice and has the name "Reach" right on the front of the system. I have not complaints so far for this system and wished Microsoft would of did this when the 360 first came out. If you like halo Reach and don't wont your old 360's RROD to came around, get this system, it is a awesome system and put a smile on your face.Read full review...


Halo Reach 360 Console

I have always wanted the Halo Reach console ever since they announced it back in September of 2010! Ive had the old system since I can remember and had to replace it bout three or four times (RROD, Constant freezing, and unable to read disc problems). So I figured the new consoles are less prone to this. Ive had my Halo Reach 360 for about a month for full testability. I have to say im not dissapointed. Everything runs much quieter especially in you install the game on the 250gb hard drive, you'll barely hear it. The only thing I have to say that isnt up to par is the wifi adapter. Great if your just gaming online but horrible if you plan on downloading alot or even using netflix. If you can use a wired connection! The sounds are unique so its interesting everytime you manually turn on/off the system or manually open/close the disk tray. The small design fits in almost any spot on an entertainment center so its not at risk to be pushed off or accidentally kicked. All in all its a great 360 that I can tell from so far. Recommended for any Halo fan or fans of silver systems lol!Read full review...


PS3 and Xbox 360 Owner

I got to say I have been just a PS3 owner for some time now but, recently, I have been having my Halo withdrawls from when I use to play Halo on my friends Xboxs. Now, I am an owner of this fine system. I love the system, it is very sleek, I love how the CD tray is touch sensitive, and I personally love being able to play music while in my game. So far, I only have a few things that bug me about the Xbox 360. First, I cannot transfer music from flashdrive to my harddrive. The only way to get music on the harddrive is to burn a bunch of CD's and then rip them to the Xbox. A second downfall, that can easily be managed, is the fact that the USB ports are on the back. Finally, the system is not as fast as my PS3.

Overall, great system, and I do not regret buying it!
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Beautiful concept and design, true to game, lifelike.

The Xbox 360 limited edition console comes with the new sleek design sporting sounds on both the power button and the disk tray which are touch activated. The software of the console is identical to any regular Xbox 360; also note ejecting the disk tray or powering on or off via the controller do not make use of the sound effects. Every unit has individual codes on its case. The case is stronger than most and for the most part is very fingerprint resistant except for of course the chrome accents. Also it is painted instead of being a case sticker like you can buy for a console or a mobile phone so it is much stronger, longer lasting, and will not dry out and peel over time. The controllers follow the same paint and numbering scheme which also seem very resistant to fading or fingerprints. Bundled with the package are also three Xbox Live redeemable freebies; a select free Halo movie download, Recon Helmet upgrade, and multiplayer elite armor with an accessory for your avatar. The internal Wi-Fi N makes getting to and enjoying the Xbox Live features a breeze. One recommendation is to pick up a better AV cable as the packaged AV cable is old school composite. While this will work with almost any TV you will be limited to standard definition. Options include HDMI (direct port included), VGA, S-video, and component so chose what’s best for you and your television situation. There is also a digital audio output for those whom have a stereo system to hook it to. Another purchase recommendation is a battery pack system for the controllers. Yes, the controllers do have a long battery life, but eventually you will get tired of spending money and time replacing batteries. All in all this is a wonderful, sleek, edgy console which is a must for any Halo buff. In my opinion it trumps any previous Halo themed console in both feel and form. If you aren't worried about fingerprints or if looks are not your primary concern you may want to weigh your options on a different new generation 360 console. The gains here are mainly that, although the bundle does come with alot of bang for its buck. Bundled together are the console and all you need to run it, two themed controllers, the maximum current 360 hard drive offering (250GB), the Halo Reach game, one headset, and a few unlockables. It is hard to beat. Right now, I wouldn't own any other 360. Never have I seen such a clean console with such great design. If you are looking for one, I would recommend thinking seriously about getting one now. The fresh ones are disappearing fast. Only very few more will appear from the back of storerooms, storage centers, or misplaced shipments. Once they are all gone, I can almost guarantee they will stay gone for quite a while until collectors start selling them off for profits years down the line. You better run!Read full review...


Good Idea, Bad Developer.

I've never much liked Microsoft. Their products are cheap, and usually don't work well. But I have to say I was surprised when they came out with this.

This new 360 is quieter, has a faster processor, a built-in wireless adapter (Why did they not put that in the first time?), and makes a cool noise when you push the buttons on the front.

But the issue I've always had with the 360 is that is has bad reliability. This wouldn't be the first time Microsoft has done this, as I get the Blue Screen in Windows 7 at least once a month, but for a product with a market price of about $250, I expected better.

If you like Shoot 'Em Ups or sports titles, and if you don't mind paying repair fees once or twice, The 360 is for you. If not, consider buying a PlayStation or a 3DS.
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Halo Reach Xbox Console

Can you say sweet? I upgraded from an Xbox 360 pro (60gb). With 250gb I can finally load Halo Reach onto my hard drive and still have space for my downloadable content. Furthermore, the built in wireless N router saves me $100 from having to buy the crappy wireless adapter and means one less cord, also the Kinect ready helps out since it powers the connect, so a second cord gone. Next, the system itself looks amazing and the new controllers are freaking sweet too, with better d-pad movement. Also, the slim really is whisper quiet, my old Xbox used to make tons of noise (from the fan and CD whirring) and this one doesn't make a sound. Beautiful!Read full review...

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