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Great condition

Book had highlighted parts but is intact and great shape!

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Good textbook, but probably not my top pick...

I purchased this textbook for a Microbiology class I am taking at a Community College, which I decided to take as a refresher. This textbook was not bad for an introduction to microbiology. Although reading this textbook after having a fairly extensive background in microbiology, (I have a B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology) I have noticed that some of the content were not organized in the best manner, particularly due to the choice of wording. I felt as if certain concepts and pathways could have been explained in a more absorbable manner... And possibly some improvement on their diagrams. Also, I have noticed that bolded terms were not best explained in the text, and I had to refer to the Glossary to get a definition. Still, this textbook did a decent job introducing the topics, and is a good reinforcement if you already have been exposed to Microbiology.

Unfortunately, I will probably not be referencing this textbook in my future studies, as I would with my other textbooks, but so far, reading every chapter hasn't been a bad experience.

I would still probably recommend this book!
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Very practical. I like it.

Very practical. I like it.

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It's all good.

I purchased the international edition, and so far, everything seems to be the same as the U.S. edition, except for the cover. The text is straightforward, informative, and easy to understand. And I've saved over a hundred dollars, apparently, by purchasing the international edition. The book costs almost $200 at my college.Read full review...


Great Intro Book for Microbiology!

Microbiology: An Introduction is a great book for anyone taking a microbiology course. Those buying a new book will also receive an access code for additional animation, tutor MP3s, and the text digitally. The book is laid out in an easy-to-read format with lots of graphics. As a nursing student I will be keeping this book as a reference.Read full review...


This textbook makes college life a little easier!

I bought this textbook for my Micro Biology Class and I have to say it's pretty simple to use and easy to follow. It's set up logically, too. Bravo! :p


International version same as US version!!!!!!

I am sharing my review because this may be able to help someone else save over $100 on the ridiculous cost of US text books...

I bought this book thinking I was getting the same version as my classmates, the $190 book from the school bookstore. When it arrived I was immediately disappointed and skeptical because the book was paperback and displayed a different cover. I compared the book to one of my classmates and found that the International version, which I paid ~$80 for, is absolutely identical to the US Version... word for word and picture for picture.

Best of luck!!! This book is perfect.
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Great price, great condition, saved $50 even after purchasing online module

This book was great! I did have to purchase the online access site which is included in new books- but still saved $$$$. I would recommend this- if you can buy a new one on line- even better- but still saved about $50 from the bookstore.Read full review...



i bought microbiology textbook. it is good except that it is cd. however, the file is clear and easy to see. and also it contains like a textbook. i cannot figure it is new or not but everything is good.Read full review...


Great text!

Great text! The book is organized very well and it seems like it will be very easy to study from. I would highly recommend this text to anybody considering taking Microbiology. The International version is exactly the same as the hardback except it is paperback and has a different image on the front cover.Read full review...

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