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Wonderful DVD!! Can't beat the deal I got either! Great value for the

This was a great DVD and a look into what really happened to our King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Even though I have a lot of books and DVD's about Michael Jackson's life, each one will have something new that the other's didn't have. Any fan of MJ should have this DVD in their collection. It's a raw look into MJ's sad world but it will give you more information on what killed the king of pop than what's been written in magazines and broadcasts on TV. I am happy to have this in my collection.Read full review...


Michael Jackson

I love biographies and documentaries. I love to read about the lives of people. It just amazes me. I really want to know what lead to Michael Jackson's death because it was odd circumstances happening before the concert such as the lung disease they claimed he had...Ian Halperins dull biography...Taborelli's too...for once I would like to get some validity to it all.Read full review...


What Killed Michael Jackson DVD.

It was a very good DVD.But it didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know. So I watched it and now it will go with the rest of ny Michael Jackson DVD Collection.


What Killed the King of Pop

Anything Michael is great to have but so many things are repeated lately. Thank you though, I will treasure it forever.

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