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Very happy with my purchase

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Amust see movie created in 1927. It cand rival todays modern movies. Cheers.

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METROPOLIS is a must own classic.

METROPOLIS is a milestone film in both production value, story-line and acting. The highlight of the film is the introduction of the woman robot. That in itself is a masterpiece of art unfortunately it was destroyed during World War II in a bombing raid. I have a special admiration for this film because I am a film maker and can appreciate all the set designs and camera angles. If this film was made today at the scale of the original, the cost would be staggering. This restored DVD still entertains and amazes. I highly recommend it.Read full review...



This film is a classic for anyone who appreciates the early days of film. Originally released in 1927 Metropolis was considered a flop in those days and really only started gaining notoriety in and around the 1980's.

Although many would watch this film and rate it poor because of it having no dialouge I would have to give it a good rating, simply due to the effort put in to making this film during a time when there were no modern computers, and editing was done by actually splicing two pieces of film together by hand. Watching these types of films often takes patience and a real appreciation for the creators of films during the early days.

If you're going to watch Metropolis know what you're getting into (two hours of orchestral scores, a hard to follow film at times, and most importantly to the majority of todays audience NO DIALOUGE).

It's worth it!
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Mind blowing remastered version of Metropolis!

An amazing piece of history. Unfortunately much of the film is lost to us but this Restored Authorized Edition does an amazing job of putting it together as well as possible, and with the original score no less. It had been a while since I have seen this movie and watching it on my big screen with 5.1 Surround Sound made my getting reacquainted with this film an amazing experience. Highly recommended to anyone who has a penchant for this genera of film. If you would like to see where so many of the most renowned sci fi writers and directors got their inspiration for material and special effects, look no further. This film was heads and shoulders ahead of its time.Read full review...


Great Value for the money!!

I have wanted to see this for years. Finally got a copy. Not quite what I expected. A little slow at times, however, it is a masterpiece - a real eye opener as to Fritz Lang's work. I would recommend it to any sci-fi buff, or anyone who is interested in social issues of the early 20th century - pre WW2 era. Lots of symbolism. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Will view it again and again.Read full review...


Perfect for my classes

Shipped quickly at a great price. I teach art classes, and get to show many budding artists, a classic movie that most have not seen, and will inspire them. Thanks!



Fritz Lang's Metropolis is a fascinating movie, ahead of its time, a strange and elegant movie about classic themes. It still continues to influence today.

And the Kino release is the only way to watch it, period. Other versions are no comparison. Documentaries included with the movie show the painstaking work they did with its restoration, digitally cleaning each frame by hand, carefully (and almost miraculously) restoring damage, adding in titles to explain scenes where the footage has been lost, and presenting it with its original soundtrack. (and if you've ever bought a silent movie in the bargain bin and heard whatever garbage they throw together with them normally, you will be able to appreciate this!)

The result is nothing short of amazing. The film is so beautifully clean and crisp that you'd think this movie was 20 years younger than it is. The presentation is professional and complete. If you're a Metropolis fan but have never seen the Kino release, you must: it's like a completely different movie. And if you've never seen it, there's no reason to bother with other versions.

This is the definitive Metropolis, period.
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Fritz Lang's Expressionist Masterpiece!

This is the best verison of Lang's Metropolis in several ways. The image quality stands out immediately, an amazing bit of film restoration. I'd believe that part of that very clean appearance came from the editors' access to multiple prints and editions of the film. Using digital techniques, they could pick the best of the bunch for each frame, but also, at least in theory combine information from the multiple copies of each frame. Another fine feature of this film took a bit longer to sink in. It had scenes that I'd never seen before. According to the editors' notes, the original had been edited down to a shorter film many times and in many different ways. By comparing the various abridged versions, the current editors were able to piece together a much more complete version of the film. In a few places, the recovered scenes really changed the way I understood the movie. Even so, they say that as much as a quarter of the original appears to be lost, filled in with intertitles to indicate the missing scenes. Highly recommended film.Read full review...


Metropolis: Restored Authorized Edition

124 minutes. 8 page booklet on the restoration process. Single sided DVD. Special features: 43 minute documentary on the making of the film; featurette; photo galleries; cast and crew biographies; audio commentary.

The classic 1927 German science fiction film in its most complete form. Sections of the film have been lost over the years due to poor storage condition, edits to shortened the run time, etc. In this DVD, the "lost sections" have either been restored, or, if damage was too extensive or the film stock was lost, still photos or captions explaining the storyline have been added.

When you watch Metropolis today, it is still a sleek piece of work. Trendsetting in many ways. For instance, the robot in this movie has much in common with that certain complaining android that appears in the Star Wars films. Take a look at Rotwang's laboratory. It's obvious that James Whale (the director of Frankenstein) saw this film. How about Rotwang himself, the mad scientist who lost his hand in an accident. Do any bad guys with a mechanical hand come to mind? Can you say "Dr. No?" I can go on, but why? If you're a science fiction fan, get this DVD. If you are like me who first saw this film in the highly edited televison version, then buy this DVD. The storyline will make a whole lot more sense. If you are jaded on CGI special effects, then you should see Metropolis. They did a pretty good job of doing things without a computer.
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