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megellan gps

i got this to replace my old tom tom that talks very much and is not clear when stating many streets and towns. For the price I am pleased to what I got and the size of the screen

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: diligent-hands


megellan roadmate GPS

The Magellan GPS is easy to use. I can understand the words and directions. I think the price was good and it seems to be working fine. Steve was a good communicator and all is good. MG

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: camari32


User friendly

Very easy use. Larger screen than previous version.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: smabbass


Great GPS for novice and professional drivers alike. Best value 4your money

This is the second Magellan RoadMate 3120 I have purchased for myself. The first one is still in use, but I depend on it so much, I decided to buy a back up one just in case the first one ever got lost or damaged. In all, I have purchased seven of these in total and have given them out as gifts to friends and family. But I regret doing so because they don't seem to appreciate how handy these devices can be. As a professional courier and commercial driver, I appreciate it's large screen, it's one touch option, and it's address optimizer. The address optimizer allows you to enter multiple addresses and will list them in order of shortest distance to longest. This is an invaluable tool if you need to make several stops or route a full day's worth of deliveries. I used to prefer looking things up manually in my Thomas Guide map book, but this Magellan GPS is so quick & efficient, it has forced me to abandon my old school ways and embrace modern technology. I have also taken it with me on out of state trips and it worked flawlessly. A lot of people seem to prefer using their phones as their GPS, but I prefer the Magellan. For one thing, there are no monthly fees...ever. Second, the price of these units are very affordable. The ones I have purchased have all cost between $14 to $25 (thanks Ebay) and come with one free update. This GPS also has the one touch gas and restaurant locator and "points of interest" feature that tourists and road warriors would enjoy. With the plethora of GPS units to choose from, it's hard to know which one is the best. But take it from this seasoned driver, you won't find a better GPS for the price. Even if you pay the top price at around $85, it will still be a sound investment.Read full review...


Very happy with this gps--fast processor helps me as a delivery driver

Fast processor so it allows you to tap in addresses faster than other gps. Doesn't have the current speed limits--only the speed you are currently traveling. The bracket used to attach the gps to the windshield is the best I've seen. Runs on rechargable battery for a shorter time than most. The screen promps are better than TomTom at directing you where to go and when to turn--very intelligent. What is not so intelligent is how often the gps takes the most time consuming way to get to your destination. The TomToms do this occasionally but not to the same extreme. This gps is good at telling you to "turn around" when there is no other direction possible but will take me a mile out of the right direction just to essentially get me back to where I was. This gps is frequently taking me around an entire block rather than tell me to turn down a street where my destination is 3 houses down--boggles my mind. If you don't use it frequently to get to alot of different destinations in a short amount of time then the Magellan's shortcomings can easily be overlooked and may not be noticed.Read full review...


Great quality and fast shipping

Works great, better than expected.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: hannahshouse


easier to use than other units, great price for a great unit!!

I just got this thing and I am very impressed. We have a different GPS in our other vehicle, I got use to that one so I was hesitant on getting a Magellan because I was unsure whether it would have the same accuracy and features. As it turns out, it does, and more. The system is extremely easy to navigate through, and has a nice display that is easy to see while driving. the sound is great and is adjustable. It even has a micro sd port so you won't run out of room for map updates. It came with a free map upgrade, but is already on the latest software and map so I get to wait to use it (I like that) I got mine factory refurbished, and it performs like new (so far) over all, the size is good, the functionality is good, easy to use, has good upgrade and extra software options and good product support. That makes this a good unit as far as I am concerned!Read full review...


Wonderful product. Exceptional value for the money.

This unit is extremely easy to use. The display is bright & crisp. You won't get lost using this. It has all types of places preloaded in it like the yellowpages. Now if it had the prices, too, such as pump prices at the gas stations, coffee houses, restaurant ratings (cleanliness, etc.) that would be great. You do have to type in your destination, so if you change that or want to go somewhere else while your out, you have to pull over and stop and type it in. It's a great unit. Now if it had voice recognition to program your route and a phone in it to call 911 or a place to find out how long they are open, or any rooms available, etc. that would be heaven in a flat screen box. It's a better price than tomtom and garmin. You get one map upgrade as with the other 2. Would like it to have temps/humidty. It gives you elevation, speed, ETA, direction, lat & long. It'll be good for many years. I really like this unit. It's lightweight, thin, and nice looking with options for 2d & 3d. A rap edition of voice directions would be cool. This is an exceptional value for the money, and who'd think this is still possible in 2012. It's rare to get so much product for so little money. It found me right away when I turned it on for the 1st time. It has phone numbers for the programmed places.Read full review...


lightweight with great features

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: nickels-worth


better safe with support than off-brand junk.

never had one until year ago now have 1 in each car. this replaces a defective one that was purchased on e-bay buy a company that wouldn't respond to my inquiries re warrenty, etc. (only had couple months when unit crashed) in fact, they "blackballed" me and i wasn't able to buy another through them. This time, put square trade on so is covered. nice unit, easy to see, good features. we have a camper we tow, and likethe rest area, lane info, etc, options. even shows campgrounds in P.O.I. (points of interest). magellan is a popular brand name, as opposed to one i replaced. does not come with lifetime maps, (map updates can be more expensive than units.) getting the power cord to work with the mount is tricky, put after while, figured out. cord has to be mounted first into slots on mount. have not used open-roading or towing camper yet, but seems like will do job.

i have worked tech-support with a gps company, so know basics.
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