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Good graphics100% agree

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Sonic generations

Great game, my son loves it!

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child likes it plays all the time.



Shipping was really fast and item is in great condition

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Amazing Game!

Madden NFL 09 is a game that every lover of Football should have in their collection!

It is fun, challenging, engaging, and the multi-player experience makes it just like game day.

Comparing Madden 09 to previous versions, not much has changed... The overall graphics are pretty good, but there are some times that players react and/or act like they are dead. I thing EA Sports could have put a bit more into the Graphics Portion.

Comparing Madden 09 to newer versions like Madden 10 and 11, it definitely seems "Out of Date" as far as game play and control is concerned.

Good Graphics
Awesome Multiplayer
Great control

Limited in Plays
Not like Madden 11 :)
Takes a wile to load.
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PS3 Madden 2009: Good but not great.

Let me start by saying I am a fan of the Madden series but I hadn't played any new ones since Madden 07. I had started to get tired of the series because it just wasn't as good as year's past. Let me also add that I hate the fact that they have the exclusive NFL license.

Okay. This is a decent game. It is Madden, so people who have played before knows that this means the players will do some crazy things at the worst times to mess you up. The good thing is that this seems to happen a lot less often than in years past. It does seem to be a little more challenging than before. The controls are different and can really mess you up if you're used to playing other Maddens. The running style really just looks awkward at times. Plus, I don't like the new play-calling style. When two people are playing, you have to choose to hide your play every time, otherwise, your opponent can see your play you pick and vice versa. This seems completely pointless and a step back to me because even on Tecmo Bowl or Tecmo Super Bowl from 15+ years back, you didn't have to do this. You just picked a letter by a play (which is what happens when you hold down L2 to choose to "bluff"/hide your play. the Madden IQ and tutorial is ok to help you out or make you feel good (or bad) about yourself. I've only played "Franchise" and "Online" modes. Both are decent and what you would expect.

Overall, I recommend this as a football game for those who like Madden or the NFL. It is a good game that is different in some ways from earlier Maddens but it is still Madden. It's fun and it's your only choice for the NFL SINCE THERE ISN'T ANY OTHER NFL LICENSED GAMES OUT THERE THANKS TO THAT EXCLUSIVE LICENSE!!! If you're unsure about getting it, just get it for a discount somewhere. That's what I did.
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An overall fun PS3 title

This version of the Madden series has decent graphics and good gameplay. Overall, you have excellent control on both the offense and defense. You can let the AI do the work depending on your Madden IQ settings or you can get more involved with run blocking or adjusting various defensive positioning/assignments prior to the snap. There is always the danger of switching (intentionally or otherwise) to a DB during the play and blowing the coverage/tackle, but this is nothing new. There are so many options that it is definitely a challenge to master these gameplay nuances.

Tackling seems solid along with the ability to anticipate and shake n' bake weaker one on one tackling. Sideline catches are a bit inconsistent--sometimes you will see tightrope catches by average TE's but touted posession recievers will run out of bounds trying to make a catch with plenty of room. Also, the droning on of Collingsworth will at times make you wish you could bullet pass him upside the head. Sorry Chris, I don't think you intend to come across as an arrogant, pedantic, blowhard, but if the mike fits...

I was waiting for this year's version because I read in multiple reviews that there were framerate and glitch issues with the PS3 version of 08. It seems like most of these have been ironed out, although I have never actually played 08. There is some outline gap aliasing/artifacts around character models when looking at full formation (I have a 61" DLP display so I don't know if this exacerbates the effect). For those who are detail oriented, there are some things that can be annoying, such as, running animations looking robotic, QB throw releases looking like shotputs that spiral slowly the wrong way. These definitely show up more when viewing a play as a highlight, which is actually one of the very cool features--being able to pick a viewing angle and save up to 10 highlighted plays per game during franchise mode.

It seems that the shortcomings of each Madden version can be chalked up to EA having a corner on the market and also to the fact that they are simultaneously releasing this title on 4-5 different platforms. If you have 08 and are happy with the gameplay, I wouldn't say 09 does the next generation proud strictly from a graphics standpoint. It seems like most people that say they think the older versions are better, simply don't have a large HD display. I admit that I still like to play older versions of the Tiger Woods series, but the SD graphics just don't hold up to a large display. If you've been waiting for a football game that displays well in HD and has fairly smooth gameplay, then you may want to consider purchasing Madden 09.
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Good game, but still needs the finishing touches!!

I recently have been playing Madden 09 and found that it is the best installment of the current gen. That being said, it is the only franchise that has the NFL license, so you have to take what you can get. The regulars are back in the gameplay aspect, i.e. franchise, exhibition modes. They added try at makeing the game a level playing field by having you try out different drills, is a change but as far as I can see it has no real effect to my play. I am more of a seasoned player though. First timers this may benefit, but as long as you do 60-70% of the drills right you get nearly maxed out and you are playing the game at normal level. If someone else has had different results please let me know. Graphics of course are top notch and look good in HD. Would I recommend this, of course, but don't expect a whole lot of new with this franchise, until there is more competition there wont be anything grand about buying a new Madden each year unless you just want the updated stats and rosters.Read full review...


Madden NFL 2009

This is a good game, but this is supposed to be Madden on the next gen system. They have a lot of great new features, but they removed a lot of little things that start to add up.
-There is no QB vision, but you can still highlight receivers...why?
-There is no way to customize music during practice or in the main menu except when you go into the music section.
-Can only use preset hot routes. Cannot choose which hot routes you want available in the game...I really miss the post route audible and the out and up route.
-Cannot "shade" defenders anymore.
-Cannot customize the buttons and their actions to your liking.
-Chris Collinsworths' breakdown of plays is one of the best features EVER. You haven't experienced Madden until you watched this presentation. It's like watching Ron Jaworski break down a play on NFL Match-Up!
-Madden IQ is great as far as seeing where you are potentially weaker...as long as you don't cheat to make your stats better.
-The "Rewind" feature...a must for anytime you get "Maddened". Too bad this can't be used if the computer is in hurry-up mode. This feature also saves you from resetting out of frustration (just don't run the same play twice...cpu will adjusts when you rewind).
-Stats for each player are now useful. It's nice to now know which player should try and "truck" people, versus using a stiff arm, versus trying to juke. It all depends on the stats and who's good at what. Owens is only good on important downs and plays...just like in real life. He drops quite a bit of passes otherwise.

In all, Madden is a good game but I wish they hadn't removed some of the features. The level of detail that you could go into in past Madden games is now gone...I am willing to bet everything that this is because they no longer have competition from other football game companies. It's really sad that on a next gen system, you have less features than the previous system. I don't understand why they couldn't leave the detailed level of customization from previous games AND add all of these great new features (I WANT to audible into a post route, and I WANT to shade my defenders to guard against the slant route. I WANT to protect the ball with the triangle button, not R1). Oh well, if you buy this game, it's still a good game. These things can be overlooked, but for $59.99, they should pay more attention to the little detail. Worth buying once it becomes cheaper.
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Lack of change from '08, but great game none the less

The only thing holding Madden '09 from an excellent rating in my opinion is that it has little improvements over '08 but none the less they are imrpovements and no shortcomings. The Gameplay is still enjoyable as well as the look of the game itself is much smoother and quite beautiful. The hits in the game continue to look better and better every Madden and '09 is no exception. The animations of the players are getting better and better (to me they never really looked as though they were sprinting when you hit the sprint button, but that's not the case anymore). The new commentary is great and doesn't make you feel so damn lonely with the radio announcer. Even just the camera flashes in the crowd in my mind really helps to capture a little more realism in the game. If you haven't purchased Madden '08 this is a MUST own. If you do own Madden '08 (like I do) there are really no new game features for you, but I still don't think you'll be disappointed.Read full review...

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