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very beautiful, but too much sticky

I wanted to try the MAC gloss since I loved their creme amplified lipstick and eye shadows, which are the best in their kind, so I expected a lot also from the gloss, but I must say I am not 100% happy. It's really beautiful on the lips, glossy and shiny (my color is date night with great bluish/purplish glitters, not too much and not too big),so the aesthetic part is perfect BUT to me it feels a bit too much sticky. Even after the color is gone after long time wearing the sticky sensation remains until I use make-up remover. Using a dry tissue won't help to get rid of it, neither will water, only an oily creme or liquid make -up remover. I don't think I'll go for a Mac gloss again even tho I am a devoted fan of their unbeatable lipsticks and eye shadows.Read full review...


Not the real thing

This was not MAC Dazzleglass lip gloss. The bottle was refilled with something else which is not the same consistency, smell or taste. I would not purchase this again and am disappointed.

Verified purchase: No


Date Night Dazzles with the best of 'em!!

My third tube of this sensational M.A.C. Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Date Night. Looking at the tube you would think it would go on bubble gum purple. Not so, with all the little shiny glitters it contains and simply the nature of gloss it simply adds a subtle layer of light purpley violet color and sparkle that for this auburn haired lass is a perfect finish.

Date Night is perfect color for my light medium slightly freckled complexion (and my naked lips are a mauve color too). Down side, is simply true for most lip gloss it doesn't stay on as long as I would like, and if the wind is blowing when I am wearing it my hair sticks to my mouth. Despite that though, it's not over-gooey on the lips ~ so I enjoy wearing it around the house just as a nice conditioning layer and it adds color when my face is mostly naked.

Compared to other brands I have purchased either at discount department stores or at higher end cosmetic counters I highly recommend any and all the M.A.C. glosses. They are all reasonably priced with a wide array of colors to chose from that complements their amazing selection of lipsticks and coverage selections that are at or below their competitors prices.

I recommend M.A.C. Dazzleglass absolutely! It's worth every penny and with M.A.C.'s recycling program, remember every 6 product containers you return to them you get a free lipstick! Thanks M.A.C.!!
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love the shine

Love this product! The shine is great and if you are wearing a shade under it the shade can be seen. I tend to wear very lite colors with the gloss over them. I buy from ebay because its the best pricing I can find. Mac is a little pricey compared to others but the look of these glosses is great making it worth it. These glosses do have staying power and when used with primer even longer.Read full review...


Great product overall.

Authentic MAC Product. One of the best lip glosses I have ever tried. The color blends in with your lips and make them look natural but yet glossy like it's meant to. Also, it is at a reasonable size for lip gloss.Read full review...


Lovely product,beautiful colors!!

Love the suttlr color and flattering shine, also like the pretty sparkly effect baby sparks has. The lip pencil is so pretty, I just love anything pink, and these were all gorgeous pinks!!!!


Last much longer than pharmacy lip glosses and is a better buy also.

Very good lip quality lip gloss. I wore this during a 4 hour surgery and when I woke up, it was still on lol. Instead of buying ten cheap lip glosses, spend the extra money and buy this! Much better use of your money!Read full review...


My experience with this product has been great.

I've had trouble in the past trying to find a lip gloss suitable for me. M.A.C. has the perfect lip gloss for me. Since finding M.A.C. I have not purchased or used any other lip gloss product. It is excellent.Read full review...


mac is a excellent product

I love mac. It is a good product. there lipgloss is great quality. Can't say enought about mac makeup. I highly suggest the product.


The REAL DAZZLEGLASS are awesome and the fakes are not so BEWARE!

Dazzleglass are super sparkling! A bit sticky but I love them! Please be advised if you are buying them with names such as Dark Crimson, Deep Pink, Pale Violet Red, Salmon, Dark Orange, Pink or the ones with just numbers on the label..YOU ARE NOT GETTING REAL DAZZLEGLASS BY MAC. These are FAKES SO BUYERS BEWARE!Read full review...

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