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A finely engineered product and a pleasure to use

This an exquisite little camera. I purchased mine in 2012 and was immediately impressed with the quality of the pictures. The resolution provided by the lens is sharp and pictures have a classic Leica look to them, especially when shooting in black & white mode. I have had good results with some low- megapixel cameras, even when expanding the prints to 11"x13" size. One should not be deterred by the number of megapixels once you go above five. I usually shoot at ISO 100 as above ISO 200 there is a problem with noise. These compact Leicas are marvelous little gems. They are getting hard to find and you see fewer and fewer on e-bay these days. They seem to be a well-kept secret and I guess owners are reluctant to part with them. If you want an easy-to-use pocket camera that produces excellent results, this may be one of the best you can buy.Read full review...


Very small in size easy to carry in pocket.

Photography is my hobby,I found this camera very user friendly,it delivers great results.It has many settings which is kind of confussing but once you get hand on it every pic will leave a smile on your face.Read full review...


Great quality with exceptional results

I have been very impressed about the optical, as well as the casing material and digital features. This camera truly tends to professional taste while its simplicity to operate can be also be a fun hobby for the casual users. Oneof the few downside for me is the lack of integrated lens cover. This camera takes excellent natural light pictures and equally impressive shots in low light or at speed. For the price, I truly don't believe you expect any other camera in the market!Read full review...


Great but QUIRKY Camera...Not for Everyone Though.

I recently bought this camera used because of the magical Leica name even though this 4 MP Model is almost five years old. I’m thinking that 10 MP with one of the small sensors that comes with these new automatic cameras is a cruel marketing joke.

Used within it’s quirky constraints, the Leica Digilux 1 is capable of superb images.

- Great Pictures in Natural Light.
- Awesome Macros.
- Built of die cast magnesium and like a 'tank.'
- Really Terrific 2.5 inch, 205,000 Pixel LCD Screen.
- Fast and Accurate Focusing most of the time.
- Very Cool Looking Camera. Nothing else looks like this baby.

- Pictures in artificial light are not so great or maybe it's the software I'm using, which is an old version of Adobe Photoshop Elements that came with the camera. Pictures taken under fluorescent light have a yellow cast, which I just can't seem to get rid of.
- Doesn't have as many modes as more modern digital cameras, but maybe that's not so bad.
- I take all my pictures at ISO 100 and use a tripod if necessary. At higher ISO’s, the pictures are just too noisy.
- No RAW output.
- Won’t handle strange lighting situations (like backlighting) as well as more modern digital cameras with more sophisticated software.
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Leica Digilux 1

I like the fantastic natural picture quality it is clearly better than my other 8 Mpix compaktcamera!
I also like the design and the way the camera handles.
Cant think of anything I dislike, spec. for that price!
Bottom line is: Dont judge a digital camera by how many pixels it have...........
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great camera, easy to use and top quality piece of equi

ease of use very friendly....wanted a top quality piece of photo equipment thats portable and has great picture quality....thanks...


Leica Diglux 1 a future classic

Leica Digilux 1 will be a classic in time to come. Pictures taken were superbly reproduced thanks to the Summicron lense.It retains the classic looks of the Leica without pretense.

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