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Adventuring with acrobatics

The Story is well done, and the characters look great. The game play is easy to do, but navigating the levels is another task entirely. Every level I play even on easy has me stumbling around like an idiot trying to find a way out of the area and on to the next task. I always have to watch walk throughs in order to advance. I would not recommend this game to beginner gamers, or the hardcore tomb raider fans. If you want to look like an idiot, than be my guest.Read full review...

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The books were in perfect condition as promised. Took a little longer than expected to arrive but very happy with purchase.

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Lara Has never looked better but...

I have always been a fan of the original Tomb Raiders and this game is a worthy addition even if it has a few things that could be improved. First of all the graphics are great, the character model of lara is spot on, the environments and lighting are stunning and the water is amazing. But there are some problems like the shadows on Lara are not done very well, they flicker and don't look all that real also the enemies, other than the bosses, are repetitive. I hate seeing enemies that look like clones, even down to the clothes being the same. Game developers need to stop this. Also the game is pretty short. You can beat it in about 8 hours. The difficulty is toned down alot from the originals too and leads to the easy completion of the game. It is alot of fun during that time with clever physics based puzzles, climbing and jumping and some shooting with lara's trade mark dual pistols. There are also grenades, machine guns and even a new magnetic rope that is used to swing and pull objects, its a good addition. Whats not so good is the motorcycle you get to ride, the motorcycle segments reminded me of the James Bond driving levels, there just so-so compared to the adventuring. Hopefully the next version will focus more on the Tombs and puzzles and ditch the driving. Overall this game is very good and anyone looking for a good adventure should get it. There are plenty of unlockables to find after you beat the game witch adds to the replay but i really wish the game was more challenging and alot longer with larger areas to explore. I give Crystal Dynamics a Big thumbs up for creating the best looking and playing Tomb Raider to date now if they just focus on the good parts for the next version they will have the total package. Like the awesome Lara Croft.Read full review...


Game was fun but there are some downsides........

I don't have too many 360 games so i picked this one up on eBay for 35 bucks.
The game does a good job of puzzle solving and gameplay is fun and dosn't get to repetitive. The only problem is you can beat the game in 6-7 hours. Other downsides like collision detection sometimes ain't that great, for instance you jump from the ledge to grab the rope, lara jumps right in front of it but dosn't grab the rope then you fall and die ;(

Burned me up alot on tht note. Another downside is that if you enemy isn't close enough you gun will fire in totally retarded directions. I know your probably thinking, well a gun can't be that accurate. Trust me, at 20 feet away the bullets shouldn't stray 5 feet away from the target.

One of the coolest element of the game to me was it's interactive cutscenes. You have your normal cutscene but when lara is escaping something your prompted to push certain buttens in sequence to dodge, jump or roll. Although the randomness of these cutscenes may catch you off guard and you may fall to your doom.

There are some cool unlockables but some were too hard to get that they may not be worth your while. You find rewards in levels to unlock them. There's the croft mansion like previous tomb raider games where you can run around your house and discover secrets. The game shows some intresting levels and the story is kinda confusing. Theres sort of a hint of da vinci code in the "King Arthur's Tomb?" level. Don't attempt the time trials the're impossible. I'll say this, Tomb Raider: Legend IS a fun game, but also a quick one. I suggest you buy it for 35 to 45 bucks on eBay rather then settling for the 50 to 60 dollar price tag.
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One of the Best Tomb Raider Games Ever!

I love this game. It's one of my favorite Tomb Raider games second to Tomb Raider: Underworld. I really enjoyed the story line & the overall flow of the game. It was a bit challenging but not over the top, I really look forward to all future Tomb Raider releases as it's an excellent series, I highly recommend this game.Read full review...


Almost perfect

This game is almost perfect. It deserves to be ranked up there with God of War and Prince of Persia. It's not quite as good as those two, but it's close. The game looks gorgeous on the Xbox 360. The lighting and textures are all great. Since almost everything about this game was excellent, I'll mention a few of the things that bugged me.

1) Too short. It's only about 7-8 hours long. And when it tells you you're 33% of the way though the game, you're really more like 70%. It jumped from being 88% of the way though to being 100% over almost immediately.

2) The combat sucked. The bad guys all look and act identical. The weapons are boring. There's only 4 different guns and they all act pretty much the same. The lock-on feature doesn't work very well. You kill, like, 3 panthers. I'm not sure why Lara would kill panthers instead of just leaving them alone. They didn't appear often enough to even bother including them.

3) The camera's not very good. Especially during fighting. This is your basic fighting strategy (it works in all cases): Hold left triger to pull out your guns, hold right trigger to fire them constantly (don't worry, unlimited ammo), move the left analog stick in random directions while repeated pressing A to jump around like a crazy woman. Woo. Now that's fun.

Aside from those minor complaints, everything else is terrific. The story is interesting, the puzzles are mostly doable without help and I, for one, really enjoyed the wander-around-the-manor portion.
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The Legend returns

Lara welcome back. I been a fan of Tomb Raider since it came out in 97. It been down a bad road but it has return to it glory. I do feel there were places they improved and others they did not. The shooting parts of the game could of been better. After playing other games where one can hide behide things , it feel funny when you can't do it in this game. I hope they improve that part in the next one. But the puzzle solving is good. Some are easy to figure out. Others take a little thought. But if you been a fan of Lara, grab this game and enjoy the reason you fell in love with Lara in the first placeRead full review...


Fun Game

I really miss old school adventure games with all the puzzles to figure out, but I really like action games as well. Tomb Raider is a great combination of both. T.R. Legend is showing its age a little bit, but I still had a great time playing it. I gave it 4 out of 5 because a few of the parts of the game were simply frustrating and not all together fun, but all in all I recommend it to any one who likes to think a little. Given the low price of the game these days, I'd say its one of the best values out there.Read full review...


She's baaack!

Very impressed with the new game. Everything's here. It's definitely fun. The platforming is great, gunplay is pretty easy but still solid. And the levels look beautiful.

This is exactly the game we all started playing with the original and its sequel. That is to say, this current episode completely returned to its roots, which is where all its fame came from in the first place. Level designs, movement, weapons, and interactive landscaping all help in building this as the best Tomb Raider ever. Unlike the previous installment, I'm sure I'll be holding on to this one, putting it into my permanent collection...

I look forward to the next Tomb Raider game for once.
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Almost, but not quite

This Tomb Raider was awesome! great graphics, great sound, and a good story. The only downside I can really find about this game is the length. I finished the story in about 5 hours. Now I don't sit down and play games for hours upon hours so usually games seem like they are a good length, but this one seemed short even though I only play the 360 for a couple hours a day.

The Graphics are great. Awesome blur effects and it has a good environment. The sound is well done too. Story was a well put together one unlike the last Tomb Raider.

Bottom line is if you are even a small tomb raider fan this one is a MUST to own or rent.
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