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I enjoyed the movie, however, there was a small skip on my disk. Nothing major enough to ruin the entire movie, but I also noticed that there were no previews leading up to the DVD menu as there usually are with Disney movies. Instead, my television went dark and two green bars flashed across the top of the screen before loading the menu. I'm not totally convinced this is a legitimate copy. Can anyone answer whether or not it is? I'm considering buying another copy from F.Y.E just in case...Read full review...

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Great movie and sequel

One of the best disney sequels

Best release of
lady and the tramp 2 scamps adventure 2006 release.

Great cover artwork and a very good movie.

I love the first one and love the sequel

I can not be more thankful (:

One of the best disney movies.

Love it love it love it always and forever
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Great movie

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A life lesson learned through Scamp's Adventure.

For a disney sequel it was good , but also a little cheesey. Its cool to see a little more of Lady and the Tramp. It's funny because we learn more about Tramp through his son Scamp. Scamp who wants to be just like his father w/o even knowning it . He wants to be "a wild dog " and live life w/o house rules. Which leads him to run away and have a life adventure . If you have kids show them this movie and you can say this is what happens when you don't listen to Mom and Dad. Lol . It is a very cute disney movie and great for the family and watch it July 4th because thats the holiday where the movie starts out and we see the town .Read full review...


defending this movie

the movie is good. i disagree with the fact that it teaches kids bad things. all kids go through a stage where they do not listen and have an attitude problem. what the movie does is show that in the end its better to listen to your parents and doing the bad things gets you in touble. parents who feel the movie is offensive should check out reality and the world today. you can't always shelter your kid from those things. and you can't stop them from going through the stage. the movie is teaching kids its not right. not that its ok. and when they take scamps girlfriend in it was out of compassion. it shows kids that strays need a home to. and deserve it as well. they have a hard knock life and they deserve to find love and compassion and some one to care for them. i personally think the movie was great and it teaches lessons not just to kids but also to adults that arent so small minded to pay attention.Read full review...


Contains some themes I don't like as a parent

Okay, from reading other reviews I can see that a lot of folks out there liked this one, so I am probably in the minority, but to me this wasn't great. My husband and I may also be in the minority in that we like to teach our preschool age children conservative values and to be respectful- we like anything they view on TV to reflect that. Therefore, we have some issues with this one...

Like other more recent Disney films this contained some themes we didn't like. First and foremost, is the fact that this movie revolves around the idea that Scamp, depicted as a YOUNG puppy, does not want to obey or listen do what his mother and father (Lady and Tramp) say, but wants to do his own thing. This includes talking back to them, outrightly defying them, running away, joining a "gang" and even doing mean things to them and his human family after he is gone to "prove himself" loyal to the "gang"(like stealing Jim Dear and Darling's picnic food and ruining thier outing). Next, whereas the "puppy love" that developed between Lady and Tramp in the original movie was passive and mild, the parallel in this one between Scamp and his young "girlfriend" is in my opinion, blatant and distasteful. To begin with, Scamp and the "girlfriend" dog are depicted as MUCH younger, they purposefully kiss one another by licking each others' faces (when Lady and Tramp "kissed" it was by accident when they were eating spaghetti) and so forth. Then, at the end of the movie the "girlfriend" dog moves in with the family! LOOK I KNOW WE'RE ONLY TALKING ABOUT DOGS, but this still sends some messages that I DON'T LIKE.

YES! All of the things mentioned above may reflect the "typical" lifestyle in this age and time. HOWEVER, while my children are young I want to teach them the IDEALS... how things SHOULD BE... then they can make up thier own minds about things as they grow older... Unfortunately, I guess Disney movies no longer reflect the "ideal."
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Scamp's Hall of up and downs

The story is too short to be effective. I am always getting lost watching it.

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Scramps adventure

Kids love


The Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (2006,DVD)

I am looking forward to reviewing this movie, The Lady and the Tramp II by Disney. I now have 3 small grandchildren 6 wks. old, 21 months old, and 6 months old which is the reason I am buying the Disney movies. I plan for us to see them together as they reach the age for concentrating on them. I wanted to get certain Disney movies before they were placed back in the vault for 10 years. I watched Disney movies as I grew up and really enjoyed them. I am not interested in using the television as a babysitter since my children want them to get plenty of exercise and enjoy playing outside and learning sports as they age.Read full review...


Scamp's Adventure

The tale of Lady and the Tramp continues when Scamp decides that he is better off as a stray. The movie is great for any Disney fan or anyone who is watching it for the first time. However, like the second Little Mermaid, the story mimics the first one though the roles are reversed. Scamp the pampered puppy falls in love with streetwise Angel. The DVD is great for cleaning out the old VHSes or for watching it for the first time.Read full review...

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