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Hey Everyone! I had to write and tell you I have used this phone for about 6 yrs! I love it! I now have people wanting one like it! when they see mine. Food for thought is MY sister at Christmas sent me a 4s verizon said it was better and wanted me to have a better phone! Not so for me! I have hated the 4s since I have been using it! That's been way to long for me. I can't wait to get this in the mail. Really it will seem like Christmas to me, back doing and using my phone the way I have done for years, it's like to me coming home! If you are looking for a Great PHONE I give this phone a 9 out of 10. So what if you can't make pictures big or smaller or send them faster! I can live with that! the person that get the picture can do so on there phone! Anyway I fell Blessed to have found my PHONE today! Go ahead and give this PHONE A GO! you just might love it too! Peaceful_things For each Day is A Gift from God!!Read full review...


Can't beat the price. Great basic phone w/keyboard. Touch screen is so-so.

This phone has, overall, been a great choice! It's perfect if you just talk and text. The price was fantastic for this phone, and it was in great condition, with the exception of missing the cover to my microSD slot. My only other complaint is that the touch screen is finicky. I can push a button, and it will either do nothing, or think I pressed an entirely different button, though sometimes it works just fine. Most of the time, I just dial with the physical keyboard. But given the fact that this is an older, non-smart phone, I understand it's going to have its quirks. Oh, and the full qwerty keyboard is fantastic. I am a clumsy texter, and it has proven to be perfect for someone like me! The bluetooth capability is also fantastic. I had to downgrade from a smartphone, and this phone has been a great choice overall. I definitely recommend it!Read full review...


Don't buy NEW if you want to download applications

I loved the features of this phone, especially the size of the QWERTY keyboard and the fact that it paired up easily to the bluetooth in my 2007 Prius. I also liked the large screen on the outside of the phone for picture viewing. I wanted a phone that I could text easily from and not have to pay extra for a data plan I wouldn't use. This phone provided all that.

However, because the phone is such an old model (was not a used phone, but a new one), I could not download the application I needed to use Backup Assistant. I couldn't download ANY application because the LG software was not compatible with the Verizon application (or so I was told by Verizon). I was told that if I had purchased the same model as a used phone that already had the applications preloaded, I would've been able to use them. I just couldn't download them to a NEW older model phone at this late date (October 2012).

So, in the end I regrettably traded this phone in for the LG Octane which is basically the same (the front screen is smaller, but it does everything else I wanted it to). The LG Octane has the QWERTY keyboard, does not require a data plan, pairs with the 2007 Prius, and has software compatible with the current Verizon application downloads.
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Overall a good value. A solid, usable, basic phone for a reasonable price.

Replacement phone for my wife. The big, easy to use qwerty keyboard, flip-up style was the big seller for this phone. The entry level touch screen can be a bit clumsy at times, but overall works. So, it's nice to have hardware buttons for your important tasks such as clear, menu, send, and receive. Compared to her last phone, the Samsung Alias, this phone is a step up having a bigger, easier to navigate keyboard and a bigger screen with touch technology. Also, another plus was that Verizon allowed us to add this to our plan without adding a data plan. We simply 'pay as you go' and then I just blocked all data services.Read full review...


Great touch screen phone that does not require DATA PLAN.

It's a great phone! Has all what you need like internet, an easy qwerty keyboard to txt, MP3 Player, Camera.... The best part of this phone it looks super nice and it doesn't need a DAT PLAN!!!! THank God fo that one. The only thing that I don't like about it much is that the touchscreen is'n that accurate as a smartphone.Read full review...


Has a few quirks but overall great phone so far

Overall it has been great for the money I spent; however the touch screen has been giving me a bit of trouble, sometimes on the internet the ease of use is not good. I finally flip the phone open sometimes to use the arrow and key to select items on the screen during internet use.

The Voyager does not have the same "quick text" feature key that the LG envy which I loved loved loved....sending texts takes a few more steps than I am used to, that is inconvenient. Also sending texts from the main touch screen is cumbersome also when you have to scroll down the contact list, even using the "go to" shortcut.

However, after getting this phone for such a deal on ebay I can't complain overall, and I love the large size of the keypad, it is great for texting just takes a little getting used to pressing down on the keys a little harder than I am used to.
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I am not a smart phone person & have been purchasing older phones from E-Bay, as I lose or break my current phone. I am lucky enough that the last one I got was even better than the one I misplaced. Sorry I didn't leave feedback sooner, but I had no reason to activate the phone until I needed it.Read full review...


did not work at all

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: imagineinkandto...


Awesome product at a good price!

I had gotten this phone because my cell phone was currently broken. I had this phone in the past and really liked it. I found this exact phone in the color I wanted for cheap through ebay. The only thing wrong with it, since it is an old phone, is that there is a 3332 error. Which means you cannot upload things through a memory card or download things directly to the phone, but a lot of old phones are hard to find without this error. Other than that everything about this phone works fine. It is actually one of the first phones that can access internet without having a data plan such as the ipone or a blackberry. Which the internet and navigation still works perfectly fine on the one I had purchased. It also can broadcast mobile live television, which I dont use, but find really cool.Read full review...


This is a great media touch screen phone with no data package required

I bought this phone because my camera wouldn't work on my current phone, and this phone not only had a large screen, but the ability to record video also. As a recent newbie to the text world, this phone also had the biggest full keyboard to accommodate my clumsy fingers. With an 8 gig card, I have copied and pasted all my mp3/mp4/jpg audio/video/pics directly to the card from my laptop, and there's no data package required! Also, there's no more 2 year commitment to Verizon. The downside is Verizon's non support for backup assistant and other apps, but they will copy your address book from your old phone free of charge. BitPim will allow you to subsequently get your info to a laptop or PC through your USB connection. You can still do this with your unactivated old phone through USB or Bluetooth connections. This phone can use a wired or Bluetooth stereo headset/mic with a button to go from phone to music, and is Bluetooth compatible with GPS devices for hands-free vehicle use. As a Verizon discontinued item, it came brand new in an OEM sealed Verizon retail box with all the usual wires, chargers and battery. It activated flawlessly, and I'm now a happy camper. This is my first move away from "New Every Two" from Verizon and a step up from a regular cellphone to something better with the advantage of not getting locked in to Corporate America's stranglehold on my wallet.Read full review...

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