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A good and small android phone

If you don't want 4g and want a small android phone, this one is nice. We got it used at less than 50% of what our phone provider was going to charge us for it. The phone has been out there for 2 years but is still a good phone.

Pros - the voice recognition for text input is great. works very well.

- battery life, but a problem with a lot of smart phones,
- water: my daughter had it in her pocket when she was very hot and sweaty and found later that the touch screen digitizer wasn't working for about 50% of the screen, all around the edges. on a bright screen I could see a slight color difference on the parts of the screen where the digitizer didn't work. After searching on the web I found out it was a moisture issue. I took out the battery and micro SD card and put it in a 170 degree oven for a few hours and problem solved!

If you don't want to pay for 4G because you don't have a need and want a small android phone, this is a very nice one.
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I love the LG Optimus S. When you buy it, you will not regret it.

The LG Optimus S is (in my opinion) one of the best 3g Android Phones built on Sprint. Any part of the this branch of the Optimus family is worth way more than you could expect. The phone works fantastically, the touchscreen is responsive and the firmware (Android 2.2.2 (froyo) upgrading to 2.3 later) is smooth and the 3g is amazingly fast. The phone fits nice in your pocket, and is easy to type on. Do not be in doubt of the touchscreen keyboard. I bought this product because I saw great reviews and they were all true. This phone is usually compared to the Kyrocera Zio or the Samsung Transform, which suck. The LG Optimus S blows these phones away in speed. The unique thing about the LG Optimus S is it's own gaming chip, allowing higher end games such as 3d racing to be played. The only game I have ever seen lag on this phone is the Angry Birds Series but it still plays them just fine. They are my 3 favorite games. I absolutely loved the Live Wallpapers. If you have a charger nearby, use them. They are beautiful. The display of the Optimus S has a resolution of 480x360 pixels, but it looks so much higher than that. The Camera also takes wonderful pictures that are amazingly clear, but in low lights, they might get a little blurry. The internet browsing does not support Flash player, even in Opera mobile. Beware though, buy a car charger, an extra battery, and get Juice Defender off the app store, (off Ebay, costs around $10 for both accessories, not a big deal, and juice defender is free at the moment and will probably stay free.) Yes, the battery is fine unless using a high end app (such as angry birds, drains in about 2 hours. Or use 3g data, drains in about 4) When one battery dies, I just switch it out. I love my LG Optimus S and it is just a beautiful, fast, amazing, affordable phone that could/should be priced much higher than it is right now. LG has really outdone themselves here, and you will absolutely adore your LG Optimus S, I guarantee it.Read full review...


Great product! Awesome value for what I spent on it!!

I brought this product because I was wanting to see what all the fuss was about (having an android). So I found this one at a reasonable price and I brought it! I love the look of it and not as many cuts as I thought. I dislike the fact it doesn't have a flash but I love the quality of the pictures and size of the phone. My fiance has a HTC Evo and that phone is huge (very manly)! This products compares to others is not that fantastic but I would give it a high score!Read full review...


Great Android Phone!

I bought this phone as a replacement for a Blackberry Curve that was on it's last legs and I should have done it a lot sooner. Easy to use Google Play app store (formerly Android Market), speak to text built in to texting system so no need to download Vlingo or other apps for that luxury,and plenty of Siri clone apps that do the same thing Siri does for free in app store. I was amazed. Incredible battery life if you make sure you close apps out and exit when you are done and if you use wi-fi. Voice quality on calls is great too. The only thing I don't love about the phone is that the texting buttons are small and it is easy to make mistakes while texting and hit the wrong button. The talk to text part helps with this though and texting using the pad of your index finger or the side of the index finger instead of using your thumbs helps. Over all a great smartphone for basic needs and then some. I'm buying a second one for my fiance so we can both have a decent phone for a change. Highly recommended!Read full review...


The bottom line is this is a great phone for the money and an amazing tool.

The phone is no IPhone but its a great tool and is definitely an upgrade form any blackberry. The pros is the easy navigation of android software, decent camera, nice display size. Cons the battery doesn't last that long. If you don't have a car charger you may see yourself stranded without communication.Read full review...


Best Mid-range android phone Sprint has!

Don't believe other reviews about no memory....it has more than enough. If you download useful apps that you will actually USE and not bloat it down with useless apps, then this phone works great! I do my banking from this phone, I surf the web, I check my various emails, stream Pandora, text and call from it. It hasn't skipped a beat. Sure the battery life isn't the greatest, but c'mon...if you are actually using it the way it is suppose to then you will run down the battery. Charge it every night, and power it down when you don't need it(when you are at work). Haven't had any drop calls and the quality of sound is light years ahead of my flip and txt phones that I came from. Also, you can drop in a bigger microSD card for more memory!! What?! If I had to put a con down is the keyboard isn't the best for people with bigger fingers...it takes some getting used to. If you are looking for a first smartphone, you cannot go wrong with this Optimus S. Be sure to get a cover for it and you will be set!Read full review...


Cute Phone

It's a decent phone, easy to use and cute! The only thing I don't like about this phone
is that the mega bite is so small, every time I download an app I always have to
make sure that I move it to my SD card or else I would keep getting this pop up
bar message "low memory" or "message is expired". Thats mean that someone
sent you a msm and you can't get it because you don't have enough memory to
restore it. But, Other than that I like this phone. It's easy to use & it's small, so I always
find it soo cute!! =)
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Great phone!

I purchased this product because I needed a phone to hold me over until the iPhone 5 came out. My BB was really beat up, and broken. I was ready to settle for a simple phone. In turn this phone exceeded my expectations. Its big enough to read things on, small enough to fit in my pocket and perfect all the way around for my 32 month old son to play Angry Birds on and take pictures and record whatever he wants. He has accessed more features on it than I did.Read full review...


Small Spectacular Smartphone!!

I bought this item because it came in my fav color, purple and because it's a small smart phone. I love everything about this phone, the only thing I dislike is that I can't assign a different ringtone to every contact and that the battery dies quickly IF you are using an app for a long time. BUT, going from the LG Rumor Touch to the LG Optimus S was a great upgrade because it's VERY easy to use and the touch screen is great..you don't have to press hard on the keys for it to actually work.Read full review...



i LOVED this phone. i just purchased the tmobile version of it because i switched carriers. I was very happy with the stability of the phone. i drop phones like its no tomorrow and this phone held up awesome. i got it used and had it for five months before i sold it and it was fantastic. fast, no slowing down, had android 2.2 which was a plus because you can get all the latest apps. awesome awesome phone. the only thing that i didnt like was that it had no flash. but besides that it was awesome. Ive been through my share of phones, and this was my second favorite behind the htc evo shift.Read full review...

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