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LG Dare VX9700 review

The LG VX9700 is an old, reliable cellphone with most basic features prominent with current with the new cell phones. The ability to subscribe without constant inclusion of data contracts is a plus for those with only occasional use. The QWERTY touch screen feature is handy as well as a good camera.Read full review...

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the qwerty keybored is very hard to use.
its to small and it dosent really nwork proparlly.
but all other things are still very good!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cellularoid


LG VX9700 Dare phone

For being an old style it really accomplished the tasks I needed. I've since upgraded to a smart phone with a larger screen and more capabilities, but this one was cool and easy to carry.

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Fine Fone

Satisfies my needs of a durable and easy to handle phone. Good audio and battery life for my usage.

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Great phone for first time android users!

I bought this for my husband who has never owned a touchscreen or an android phone. His customers kept telling him he needed to upgrade from his basic phone. He doesn't use any of the features. He only text and calls. However, he caught on immediately. It's a great first timer's phone overall. The battery life though is below average. He doesn't use it much so it's normally on like a stand by mode, and it's still almost dead after about 6 hours. It's a 3G, which I was aware of and for him it was fine, but the main thing is that it doesn't have any storage. He added the Weather Channel app, and after that, he has enough room for maybe 1 very small app and that's it. So he basically can't download anything else. It is a simple phone to use, gets good service, compact compared to others, which he likes, and easy to find accessories for. Overall, I give it about a 3-4.Read full review...



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Great phone for not needing a data plan to use

I've had this phone for years now, just had to replace it because it fell in the water with me. I really do love this phone but the one thing I must say I don't like about it is the sound quality on the other end. I've sent back two phones so far because of faulty problems, but one I've had (four total) has had a problem giving the person on the other line a feedback problem where they hear themselves repeat. The only way I could get away from others hearing themselves talk is by turning down the volume. I don't have a Bluetooth but the speaker phone button is easily accessible and can be turned up quite loud which makes it easy to talk hands free while driving, just keep in mind when doing this the person on the other line WILL hear themselves talk.

This phone is great, I highly recommend getting the rubberized case for it as it is under $4 on eBay, this will prevent butt dialing which has happened with this phone in my side pocket (guess it isn't really butt dialing then). One of the other complaints I've had with this phone is not all the time it will ring or state the name of who is texting me, luckily I have a 2 minute reminder set so even when it doesn't ring for the messages I will get the reminder 2 minutes later, this has been a common problem with these phones.

So other than the feedback and text ring problems this is a great phone and will continue to use it for years as it is NOT considered a smart phone and you don't need a data plan to use it.
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Great basic phone that LOOKS like a smart phone and has No Data Plan.

Great phone if you want something that your basic phone does but LOOKS like a smart phone and has a nice sized screen for pictures, video and touch keyboard.

You can change the settings to have the icons have a more "organized" look than what you see in most pictures if you want a more sophisticated look.

Fits in the pocket nicely too!

Best of all... No Data Plan!!!
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Save on data package and get kids or mom a decent phone.

This is one of the best touch screen phones with Verizon that doesn't need a data package. Perfect for the kids. And that's why I buy this model. Kids don't need a 30.0p data package at my expense. The stock battery is OK. But you can buy extended batteries for this phone. It may not be perfect but its what I used before Android came out. This phone you can save a .gif picture and save it as a background picture . Pretty cool for a non smart phone. My Droid bionic can't do that w/o hacks or downloading more apps and more battery lifeRead full review...


Really pleased!

Love this phone. It's in great shape and functions perfectly. The keyboard is a bit on the small size but would be ideal for smaller fingers. The speakerphone function is pretty good and the the audio is also decent. It would be nice if Verizon allowed for voice recordings to be used as custom ring tomes. Also, as a MAC user, the phone does not sync quite all that well as the software is more conducive to a PC. I really like the size of the phone as it fits into virtually any pocket and is comfortable in my hand when talking. Additionally, I like how I can transfer pictures to my computer or vice versa through the bluetooth function. It's not quite an iPhone but the LGVX-9700 does lend itself to being a well rounded smart-phone-esque tool. The internal ring-tones are pretty good and not too cheesy.

Dare's impressive 3.2-megapixel camera. Although the camera is not point-and-shoot quality, both users and reviewers alike contend that the camera, which includes face detection, is the phone's best feature. Users consistently complain that the Dare's 3-inch touch screen can be difficult to use, although many say they have gotten used to it. The LG Dare has a smaller body than its competitors, the iPhone and the Samsung Instinct, measuring just 4.1 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 0.5 inch thick -- a little larger than a deck of cards. Reviewers say the smallish 3-inch screen does detract from using the full HTML browser, and a lot of scrolling is necessary. (The iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen.) The Dare doesn't have autocorrect, which some find bothersome, but it does let you copy and paste by simply highlighting text. (Apple recently added cut/copy/paste functionality to the iPhone.)
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