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Don't know what a form factor is.

I bought this phone for my sister because she is tech challenged. Since she doesn't write texts she didn't need QWERTY. Simple for her to use.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tech4wireless


Great for a flip phone!!!!!

If your looking for a good basic flip phone which isn't too bulky in your pocket this is the one! Has a built in FL transmitter and you can read texts and play music while the phone is still closed from the front screen. Not the best battery life, but still much better battery life than your average smartphone.
Basically if your looking for a basic phone, this is a great one. Another con though is that it dosent have conversation mode in texting and doesn't have a keyboard. So if you need that then this phone isn't for you
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tech4wireless


Chocolate Touch

A little smaller than I was expecting. Bought for my mom and it seems to be doing ok. Happy with purchase.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: excessbuy


LG VX8560

I purchased this item to replace my original VX8560 bought in 2007. All of its features are useful features. It's a great phone! Thank you.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tech4wireless


Great phone for the ebay price, with great battery life. Just what I wanted

Just as I hoped it would be because I had one before. Stores music, and all my contacts. Numbers and text are large meaning I can still use them when not wearing my reading glasses. The down size is that the phone is a little large for my hand. Still happy with it, though, and the ebay price made it a great deal.Read full review...


an attractive, useful and inexpensive phone for them not on a data plan.

Bought a used blue/silver vx8560 more than a year ago for my daughter & it performed very well. Now I use it (got her a Samsung Brightside at AmazonWireless for $0.01 hehe) and have been pleased with the features. The mp3 player is nifty, I like the 'phone-closed' operability, the Bluetooth connectivity, the SDHC card memory, and the look. Also have fun with animated gifs on BOTH screens. The camera is low-res but color is true and you can adjust exposure with a side-button, and zoom with the dial-wheel quite easily. I found a deal on the extended battery and back cover for that too & while it's a bit bulkier, the battery life is GREAT! All in all an attractive, useful and inexpensive phone for them not on a data plan.Read full review...



fast shipper

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: plannerduck


Perfect phone!

AWESOME phone. I won a cell phone store that has been in business for 15 years and I still highly reccoment this phone! If your looking for a top-of-the-line smart phone with a million apps that costs a million bucks, this is not the phone for you ;P This is a little bit older but still perfect, balance of all phones. It has the trusted LG name along with media player with outside controls, sleek shiny body/keypad, pocket friendly shape, great camera (2.0mp I believe, possible 3, just Google it haha) and memory card slot! Over all a great phone I highly reccomend!Read full review...



I had previously owned the LG VX8550 as I had been hooked on the Chocolate series for a long time. I had gotten a BlackBerry and that was the only reason I left this. I was amazed awhile how I could use the front scroller for most of the main menu options. Could take pictures, and everything from the front. Chocolate 1/2 would always say SLIDE OPEN TO USE! so that was good- and the speakers were definitely better then the original sliders and 8600 I owned. I consider this much of a great update for speakers.

For ringtones- this was fabulous. I did NOT have an SD card at the point of owning this phone, and WOWW, I held about 200 ringtones in the sounds, and never once did the phone remind me of my memory being low, it also held an abnormal (200 some) amount of messages when I had all of my ringtones and music, so memory and ringtones are definitely great!

I know ALSO that the camera was a 1.3, BUT WOOWWWWWWW was it clear for a 1.3 MP camera. I'd sent people shots of stuff that I took, and they'd often ask me what camera I used for that, and when I told them my cell phone they were like wow!

I really loved the phone.
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Great phone!

Love this phone! It's a perfect flip phone for those that want to keep it simple. The display is large enough to see and the dial pad is big and easy to use. I can text and take pictures along with calling and receiving calls and that's all I want in a phone. I have had my current Chocolate 3 for over 4 years and it has held up through most everything. I just purchased this second one for a back up. My husband also has one and he loves his as well. A great all around, easy to use basic phone.Read full review...

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