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Easy to use100% agree

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Great little camera

I use this camera to video church sermon every week. Works perfect and you can put on your church's website or create a you tube channel and put the sermons there. I use a cable and a external mic. You can do this for your church for a very cheap price.Read full review...

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Excellent camcorder

This product is lightweight and very easy to learn how to use. Takes high quality videos, and has excellent battery life.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 3380


Great value for an HD video camera with an external microphone jack

I purchased this camera to mount in a small aircraft for flight instruction. It has an external microphone jack (rare in this price point) that can be connected to the planes audio system. It works great. The picture quality is fine too. The only shortcomings are: the battery life is only about an hour, it did not come with a separate battery charger (must plug in the camera to charge) so I bought a separate charger for this, and the video does not have the dynamic range to capture both the view out the window (bright) and the instrument panel (darker) at the same time. Overall it is working well for my needs, and my customers are delighted to have the videos of their training flights.Read full review...


buy it if you want to edit w/ Windows Movie Maker w/ and have Windows 7

got this cam for my 12 yr old son who is into making movies. His friend has the same camera and recommended it. The biggest issue I have may not be the fault of Kodak but w/ Microsoft. The camera saves all movies as a .MOV file (Quicktime format I believe) and Windows Movie Maker editing software is not compatible w/ .MOV files unless you are using Windows 7 operating system. They want to use Windows Movie Maker to edit and I have Windows Vista (home premium) so the files must be converted by 3rd party software from .MOV to another fomat (.WMF or several other types that are compatible). The software I've found converts it easily but degrades the picture a lot. I bought the camera for the 1080 high def capibility and now it's nowhere near that after converting. Don't really want to purchase Windows 7 at well over $120 so I'm screwed.
Other than that, this camera is great... simple and easy to use, great picture and sound quality and great price!
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Great bang for your buck!

I did not expect much from this little unit as I am a photographer and expect top quality, but my wife needed a compact little unit that would allow external mic system to record some of her speeches. It worked and in HD! I'll be damned! Kodack has come a long way and I would love to see it get into the digital SLR market at a high end. Nothing like competition. SONY did it, but still has not cracked the SLR market very well with lack of promotion about how good their cameras really are. Kodak take heed. This is a great little unit with only one drawback so far. In bright light you have a very difficult time seeing the monitor image, but when you see what you shot it's great and the regular sound capture is great! Allan de la Plante www.allandelaplante.webs.comRead full review...


Great item that'd work great for casual youtube videos or home video making

I got this to shoot quick videos when I was too lazy to set-up my dslr. It has a mic input so I just plugged in my atr6250 shotgun mic when using it. Therefore I cannot give any input on the sound quality. however I can vouch for the picture quality. for the $80 that I payed for the little camera it is well worth the money. the 720p 60fps mode puts out very good quality video. I was very impressed. A+ for Kodak.Read full review...


awesome product! great value!

I have 3 of these now, love them, so easy to use and carry around, great video but the internal mic is a little weak but not bad. This can be fixed by using an external mic. Overall Super camera!


Good stuff, good price!

I needed a camcorder. Several people recomended me this article. Had some problems setting it up, but once I did, it worked fine. The sound is OK, but it has an input to use an external microphone. The video is HQ.
It does not include the memory card. The best one is the 32GB SDHC Class 6.
It is a great buy.
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Love it

I bought this prodruct to make you tube videos. It works great. better than I imagined. It is easy to use.


Must buy!

Great product! Much better than the flip.
Despite the face that the product was actually sold to me with a blown out speaker, the quality and build of it is amazing. Though sound is not magnificent, it's quality will not ruin the experience with the product.
It's a small product that's fun to take along everywhere.
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