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Kodak EasyShare C190

Very nice camera, great picture quality!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: waylaf


kodak c190 12.2 megapixel digital camera

This camera is light and compact, it fits in my shirt pocket so it is at hand when I am ready to use it. The pictures are clear and crisp, the zoom is easy to use,and the digital zoom really is nice for a really close look. As you can tell I have never written a review before, but for a point and shoot camera this is easy to use and I think is almost fool,(idiot proof). the only thing that I do not like is the camera case does not have a closure or clasp of any kind nor does it have a belt loop for carrying the camera around hands free. But for ease of use and Quality of the photographs I like it. At this point in time I have not tried the video optionRead full review...


Kodak C190 Digital Camera

For it's very reasonable purchase price, the Kodak C190 digital camera offers a really strong picture taking package. The camera is light weight and simple to shoot. It's very good for the beginner or experienced photographer. Pictures are easy to frame with a 5X zoom lens. And with 12.2 megapixel resolution this camera is easily a success.
The only problem that I find with the camera is the delay time before the camera can automatically adjust focus. If the camera isn't given enough time to focus the lense, the picture will, almost always, be out of focus. But with a little patience and practice, wonderful photographs are just a click away.
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Nice little camera

This is a nice little camera for everyday use but the zoom tends to blur if used for close up shots; however, if you are zooming in to something far away the pictures come out fantastic! The shape of the camera makes it a little awkward to take pictures because of the position of the button on top and the width on the side but you can get used to it pretty fast. You must have a memory card in this camera or you can only take about 4 pics before the memory is full. I am using rechargeable batteries in it and they seem to last a long when the camera is stored. Before going on a trip i would make sure i have extra charged batteries. Kodak makes a nice camera, easy to transfer photos and I am happy with the quality of the camera.Read full review...


Very Good Camera (Not Great)

I've owned Five digital cameras. This one is simpler to use than most and it gets along happily with my Kodak printer.

Most cameras have a `Fragile` feeling to them. This one feels a little more solid (Maybe because of the compact size). I am still leery of the door to the battery/memory compartment. It always seems to be a weak point regardless of make, and this is no different.

I do fault it for not having an optical viewfinder. The sun washes out the image in the display so I wind up taking a photo, looking at it and then adjusting my aim and trying again. This is very annoying and I have lost some good shots.

12.2 mp is a great size. If you are used to lesser levels, I strongly suggest you get some s.d. cards. You will fill them up faster that you expect.

All things considered, a good value and a nice camera to experiment with. But if you have a choice, go for one with an optical viewfinder.
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Good choice of purchase.

This camera is a good option, easy to use, many options and lots of fun.
Signatures video at 30 frames per second that are great when you transfer to the computer, the only detail that does not favor is that the videos you can see on camera but you can not hear but you have a computer nearby.
To be a team that Kodak no longer sells directly, but gives full support and updated your website and I recommend it and bought several and given to friends and family, and all have given me good references of the team.
I recommend purchase.
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Handy Camera with fun functions

I like this camera, it is handy, easy to take out of the box and start up, point and shoot capabilities took experimenting, but not having a newer camera for 4 years maybe it was me just learning. When focused properly-depending also on the setting-pictures came out great with excellent definition.I bought this one for all picturing needs, so far it is doing the job well.Read full review...


Good utility camera

It is another winner in the Kodak Easy Share genre of cameras. It will take those photos of friends and family and has enough settings in the scenic mode to take sports photos and those special night settings. The auto mode is excellent, but the camera allows the personal touch with manual settings. Great camera for teens and people who like outdoors. It's easy of operation and light weight make it a good companion on outings and all around active lifestyles.Read full review...


Upgrading my camera

My daughter, who happens to be a photography buff because her father is a photographer was not real impressed with my last camera. It had only 2 megapixels and she said it just was not acceptable. She called it my 1920 camera. So I hit ebay, that's where I got my last camera. The easy share camera is so easy to use and the uploads aren't that difficult either. I love the compact size and the quality of the pictures. I took my first picture of my piano. When I posted it to my album not only was the quality great you could actually see the photos I had displayed on my piano. They were clear and you could make out what they were. You do have to have a memory card because the internal memory is not very good. Her wedding is coming up in July and to say she won't be embarrassed about my camera is the understatement of the year. It's an excellent camera for those who aren't looking to become a proffesional photographer. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants a good camera without all the hassles and expense of some of the larger ones.Read full review...


kodak easy share 190

this camera is fine for the price. it should come with a better memory card
it only takes 11 pictures to fill the one it comes downloads pics
quick and easy. the size is right and its control buttons and switches are easy to reach and not complicated.the on and off switch however is sunken so it doesn't turn itself on when put in your pocket or takes pretty good pics but some come out a little blurry.setting the lens button helps but i wouldnt call this point and shoot. altogether im satisfied, its a good camera for the
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