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My Kodak EasyShare C183 14MP digital camera

I am really thrilled with my camera. It works perfectly and I love it. I had one before and I used it for a long time. I gave that camera to a young relative and was happy to replace it. This camera has autofocus and you control the flash (on and off) and it virtually gives you a perfect picture every time. Thank you KodakRead full review...

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reliable, good quality picture taking item!

Takes really nice pictures! I've owned several easyshare cameras and haven't used the easyshare feature, but so far these Kodak cameras have been reliable and of excellent quality. This particular one is slim, portable, and reasonably user-friendly in terms of buttons and screen tips. Very nice.Read full review...


For me...it fits "like a glove" thus far :-) Great product.

Bought this Camera as an unpgrade from my previous point & shoot which only had a 5 megapixel capability, whereas the C183 has 14 megapixels. It also has good autofocus and a variety of other everyday functions which make it relatively easy to use without the over complexity many far higher priced Cameras involve if you aren't a Professional Photographer.

On interesting feature for those who use Social Networking Sites such as Facebook ( and others ) is the Easyshare function. Download and install the Easyshare software to your computer, take some pictures with the Camera, push the Easyshare button on your Camera, and when you plug it into your computer it will automatically upload your new pictures to whichever of the supported Social Sites you may have chosen ! :-)

The Camera is lightweight overall, uses standard sized easily obtained AA batteries, can be upgraded to the current 32 gigabyte capacity SDHC memory cards, has a nice LCD screen size, well placed control buttons, a relatively easy and intuitive on screen set up and control interface, and includes several modes of operation as well a few relatively standard picture optimization capabilities.

Overall, for the price, I would have to say this Camera is a very wise choice compared to many others in it's general class depending on the brand and capabilities you might be looking for. For me...it fits "like a glove" thus far :-)
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Good product for that money, Quality of pictures are pretty awsome.

I needed very simple camera, with good picture quality, kind of small size and nice design, for minimum money of course :) This Kodak was perfect for my requirements as picturing monuments, museums, parties, NYC...

First of all, I like picture quality, thats for sure. If you stand still when taking picture, it will be with awsome details. Zoom is working good, but try to put camera on some table or something, to avoid blur because of shaking (hands). Flash can be for one-two yards "longer" but its satisfactory. Video quality is good but don't use zoom. You will not hear sound on camera, but on PC sound is pretty good. Display size is very good and clear, big + for that. All buttons are kind of cheap, and "on/of" button after just 2 weeks has changed its normal position and now is little "more in camera". I hope it will stay in that position, and other buttons will continue working good. But also, I'm afraid if I don't pay attention "right" button will be damaged too... Next, one big minus for all diferent modes you can choose. At the end, there is no diference between "auto" mode and all other like night, speed, portrait etc. so you can't experiment at all. Card reader used to work perfect in the begining, but after 2-3 weeks it just stoped to work without any reason (like throwing it on wall or whatever) but USB cable is doing good job. Big + for little tripod, cleaning kit... Bag is little big but ok, its working :) I'm not fan of those faceb. and other quick transfering but who likes it then it is good detail. But I like feauture of taging people and separating favorite pictures.

Again, at the end, for that money I couldn't find anything better, and I AM SATISFIED!

Sorry for my bad English....
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Why I like my new Kodak Camera

I was looking for an inexpensive camera that would be user friendly, do a good job and be small in size. This camera is all of the above. It's a great little camera that is very easy to use. The batterys are AA which makes them easy to find at multiple locations. I am very happy with the camera as it produces professional quality photos. I would recommend this Kodak product to my friends in a heartbeat.Read full review...


The value and quality I found in this product makes a great gift for anyone

I bought this camera to give to my son as a gift for his 19th birthday. I have owned Kodak Easyshare cameras in the past so I was confident this one would be a great choice for my son. He's in college and has many reasons to take photos.
He has told me that he is very pleased with his Kodak Easyshare C183. The photos have great clarity and are so easy to share with friends and family.
Given the next opportunity I have to be in need of such a great gift, I would definitely purchase another one or a camera of similar quality and value.
Thank You,
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One damn good digital camera

This is one damn good point and shoot digital camera. After three weeks with this camera, I have taken more sharper photos. Now in all fairness, I can't compare this camera to my old (and still working) Olympus Camedia I had since I was in the Middle East in 2003...but my photos of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial would not have came out as good with my battle-worn Olympus. I'm definitely planning on getting another one of theses Kodaks for my wife for our anniversary.Read full review...


Not Really "Easy Share"

Okay camera. I had it for about 3-4 months and the zoom button broke. Pretty disappionting for a camera that cost this much. Features are great, but picture quality is ok. I thought when it said easy share that you would be able to send a picture to someone through the camera, but instead you have to hook it up to a computer or laptop. Overall im glad i could have a pretty nice camera.Read full review...


My wife liked it so much we are buying another for her!

I bought this as a Christmas present for my 15 yr old daughter and she loves it! It takes excellent pictures and she can crop or adjust them as needed right on the camera.Her favorite feature by far is the share button in which she can hook it up to the computer and press a button to share pics on facebook.It is an awesome camera for a teen or adult and even has double the megapixels my 2 yr old camera has.To top it off it takes AA batteries which can be found anywhere.Great camera for a great price!Read full review...


Great affordable camera!

My husband got this camera a few months ago and I am very surprised with the quality of the photos. I bought one for my Dad because it was such a great little camera. I recommend getting rechargeable batteries and wish the SD card had a separate slot, instead of being in the same slot with the batteries. Other than that, it's a nice, easy to use point and shoot camera take takes quality photos.Read full review...

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