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review of kickboxer 2

boring movie. No way as good as the original

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Good entertainment !

Low budget sequel of the first one with Jean Claude Van Damme.
For the story it's always the same but the fight scenes are good and Sasha Mitchell add something different to the movie.Mitchel haves good potential,he really haves the look of a action movie star, to bad he never had the chance to show it.I did enjoy the movie and I,m shure you will if you like the early 90'.Fan of Mitchel watch Kickboxer 3 and 4 also Class of 1999-II.Read full review...


Good Movie

This is a good movie. I did like it a little better than the original although both have good qualities


Sasha Mitchell/ Kickboxer 2

Hey mate,
I saw Kickboxer 2, and I like it a lot. Sasha Mitchell played his part well. Something about it kind of reminds me of Rocky; it's across from Rocky 3 to Rocky 4. I thought it was sad that his friend had to go out like that. Plus what happen to the kid in the middle of the movie. On a scale of 1-10 I'll give it a 9.

Steve Mims, Jr
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I love this movie

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Kickboxer 2 (DVD, 2003)

Excellent film well worth the money ..............................​​​............................​.​.​........


Better than the first Kick Boxer!!!

More action, emotion,and love action with blood bursting fights and conflicts that make any action movie watcher want to see this thriller.


nice movie

nice movie! i decided to buy coz i watched before thats why i bought it well i dont dislike anything about it

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