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Good graphics100% agree

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Not that bad

Look for the time there is no excuse Atari didn't poney up the cash for mortal combat to be on jaguar it's 1 of the big 3 that killed jaguar other 2 no EA LICENSE..And 3 should had pro controller at launch date of jaguar not jaguar CD launch day. Back too game kasumi is a clone but funny of beating path clone it is playable and fun but it does have some slow moments with controls sound is funny and back grounds very nice should have been tested more before release so could have been fixed up a problem with a few jaguar games but I still say it's best system of it's time to this day 2017 it has at least 20 new games a yr each and every yr Atari age and songbird produce big league carts and CDs with full boxes and Manuel's you'd swear yr buying from Atari itself..injoy yr jaguar and HAVE U PLAYED YR ATARI TODAYRead full review...

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Beverly Hills Ninja

Kasumi Ninja was released in 1994 on Atari Jaguar. In the early 90s when arcades and consoles had Mortal Kombat , many other fighting games tried the same formula. This game is alike with its visual style of blood, gore and death moves/fatalities depicted.

There are 8 playable characters ranging from a kickboxer, Amazon Queen, ninja twins, a DA thug and even a bizarre Scottish brawler who has a special move "Great Balls of Fire" where he shoots a fireball from his kilt. The game could have been ok but it's only good with beer for laughs.

Pros: Decent graphics and backgrounds, Humorous character Angus

Cons: Poor controls (like Primal Rage you hold a button), No individual character endings, Only 2 playable characters when starting 1 player.
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kasumi ninja

In 1 word - BOOO !

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The accident that you can't take your eyes off of

Basically this is a Mortal Kombat rip off for the Atari Jaguar. The thing is, it's so bad it's hilarious. I am a collector and just got a Jaguar off eBay for my store. Surprisingly it worked, so I looked online to see some reviews. In the review I saw a Scotsman wearing a kilt which he lifted up to reveal a fireball. I am not joking. After seeing that, I had to experience this for myself. The controls are terrible and it's just Mortal Kombat for the Jaguar.Read full review...

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