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Cool way to incorporate the 8

I loved this season, except for finding out that they were "maybe" splitting... I loved the renewing their vows and the scenery! I had hoped that they would be together forever, but I do understand how things could go so wrong. The biggest difference between their splitting and eventually divorcing is that they are on TV and everything they do and say is scrutinized over and over and under a powerful microscope! That kind of strain cannot be easy to deal with the normal things that come up in any marriage and then you multiply that by the number of children and tey ages and all the paparazzi and TV "news" shows having something to say about ther every move and so on. It is sad that this family has , but I hope they are able to work things out for their children. I hope the show continues with or without Jon, I really think they have gotten accustomed to the way of life the money has helped them to have. the cost of fame is greater than they could have imagined and now they are paying for that... Gosselins I Love you all and wish you happiness!!!Read full review...


Take Kate out of this show and it would prob be perfect...she needs therapy

That woman is NUTS!!!! Her attitude gets worse and worse thru this season... amazing at all the different personalities of the 6 kids, and the older twin girls are so much alike.. the kids are smarter than the mother!! With the exception of the arguing between jon and kate and kates NASTY attitude, it was very entertaining to see how such a big family with 6 kids the same age and the other 2 close to the same age as the others, deal with daily situations and family issues...Read full review...


Good product. My granddaughter was very pleased.

Really? I need a hundred characters to say that the disk were in good shape and my granddaughter was pleased? I don't mind giving a recommendation, but never again if I need to write 100 characters! What does ebay want? An essay?Read full review...


Jon and Kate season 3

Good family show, my 2 year old daughter loves it, she knows all the characters. I wish this season had a PLAY ALL feature on each of the disks, drives me nuts that is isn't there.


Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht - Season 3

I was okay. I has started to become redundant; very similar to the other seasons. Also with Jon and Kate starting to really dislike each other it is very prophetic when we wall know what is going on in their lives now. I think I would have liked it better if I would have watched it before they broke up and had all of the scandal. I bought it because I watched the first two seasons and was fascinated by how one gets through the day with 8 small children and just couldn't get enough,but I find it sad that as usual a marriage can't hold up to that kind of pressure.Read full review...


Great DVD and Fast shipping.

I wanted to buy this DVD because I love the Jon and Kate Plus 8 TV show and I wanted the collection so I could watch it all the time. I had no dislikes about this DVD. The Dvd is Awesome and everything was good.Read full review...


Cute Show

This is such a cute show. I like to see this family and how they deal with everyday life having eight children. Makes me feel great about my 3 kids.


Great season.

I love the show Jon and Kate plus 8. I bought this because it was sold at a cheap price, and I love watching the show.

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