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Buy if you are Chow Yun Fat and John Woo Fan!!

A lot of people seem to not like the game. I agree that multiplayer is a little bad, but come on, Tequilla time and Gun shooting showdown? That is totally original to me. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

What impress me the most is when you go berserk mode with a shotgun. You literally tear down mobs and the environment. Watch it go!

For all you max Payne, john woo, chow Yun fat fans, this is a must buy.

My only regret with this game is that they should have made Chow Yun Fat Speak in Cantonese! Why do they have to make him speak English!!
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strangle hold

the fastest and funnest games so far on xbox 360 tons of shooting, quick action required from player, what a blast

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