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Not at all dissapointed

I bought this video as a set of 5 - all the same 'Biggest Winner' series. All 5 videos are intense... taking you from weights to cardio & back again quickly. I am sweating and breathing hard within the first 5 minutes and don't stop until the end. I consider myself fairly fit, but this workout has been a challenge. Jillian is tough, but fun - it's sort of a the beginning of her TV persona, so she giggles a lot more than she probably would now - it is fun to work out with her. The exercises are easy to follow, and in short bursts, so you don't get bored.Read full review...


Jillian DVD

fast delivery and the dvd was is excellent condition! i would recommend anyone purchasing a dvd from this individual. i could not be any happier with the speedy delivery! i was able to start my workout on schedule!Read full review...


Exercise DVD

This DVD is average. The workout is only about 20 min. long. If your looking for a quick workout, this is a good one. Jillian needs to be quite at times and just instruct. She can be annoying.


Push it!

Jillian pushes you to the end. After 30 min you are exhausted, in a good way. I'm not welltrained, so if I can, anyone can. Buy it!

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