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A ver merry Christmas

I am very happy with the price and quality of the DVD

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If you like Jeff Dunham this is a must view.

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You want laughs for Christmas, this is it!

The dvd starts out with Jeff talking about his daughter who recently got her drivers license. She was making her first attempt at putting gas in the family car. If teenage girls & cars don't scream FUNNY, I dont know what does! Ha Ha

Shortly after that, the 'guys' show up.

The first half the show was hysterical. I haven't laughed so hard in years! I nearly had pop come out my nose. Especially the part where Achmed (the dead unibomber)gets ready to sing some christmas songs. I won't ruin it for you, but if you've never seen it I promise you'll laugh so hard you'll cry or pee your pants. yes I said "pee"! LOL

Another good thing is that it's not just a christmas dvd. You can watch it again and again throughout the year and still have some great laughs.

Unfortunately the last 25% of the show wasn't as funny as the first, but still had some good humor here and there. (This is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5)

Overall it's a good flick and if you can get it for 10 bucks or less, buy it!
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show review

I laughed my butt off.

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Great show, would be nicer without the cusswords and the bleeps

Could leave out the cusswords. I enjoyed the dvd. I am someone who doesn't laugh much. I really did laugh out loud. The only thing I feel is Jeff could do without the cusswords, it might be funnier to use real words that families can watch together without explaining to the children "why we shouldn't use "those" words". Sorry, but that's how I feel about the cusswords, the bleeping just makes it worse.Read full review...


Came in a day later, good show

Good show

Was great

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Jeff Dunham is a surprisingly funny comedian and an incredibly talented ventriloquist!!! Before the marionettes even came out I was in stitches. I laughed till I had watery eyes. About the time I thought he was losing his spark, I rolled on the floor once again. Crazy Crazy funny. It is politically incorrect and adult themed comedy that could be considered PG-15 in my opinion. To anyone who thinks puppets are for kids these: jokes include sex, sexuality, breasts, male genitals, drugs and race. And although this is not for kids it is also not perverted foul or dirty like some stand up. I am not generally a huge fan of Stand up comedians. Occasionally, sure I'll watch a comedian but I have never seen Jeff Dunham before this show. I have queued the rest of his collection. This is one very talented and VERY funny man! I must admit (of his characters) Walter is my favorite of his alter ego's and by the time he got to Bubba J white-trash redneck I didn't find it AS funny but still worth the watching. The manic Peanut character had me back to rolling on the floor in laughter. Then Jose the Jalapeno joins them and they make fun of Achmed. Don't forget guitar guy. Great stuff. The Show does not start off extremely Christmassy but quickly does get into the seasonally themed humor jokes and songs. For ANYONE who really likes to laugh your BUTT off, consider this a Must See! Warning; your stomach may be sore after viewing this. But the rest of life pains will be dulled at least for the time. ENJOY! Hope this is Helpful!Read full review...


A very funny and entertaining video for family viewing

This video is so hilariously funny that the entire family can enjoy it. The puppet characters, Walter, Achmed, Peanut, and Jose' Jalapeno on a stick, are all used by Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquism is absolutely excellent. He has a guest on this one, the guitar man, and he can't keep from laughing when trying so hard to be serious. This is the third of Jeff's videos I have and it is my favorite.

Jeff is very versatile when it comes to the subject matter of his videos. He does not really put anyone down, but makes light of anyone, regardless of race or religion.

This one has a part that most parents of teenage first-time-drivers can relate to and it keeps the whole audience in stitches.

Overall this is a fantastic video and there are a lot of great laughs here. Sit back and enjoy this one, you will love it, too.
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same routine


great funny

great dvd very funny great for a laugh when u need one always easy to watch easy to use every thing as was said it was

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