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Great machine but getting out of date

I bought this machine to replace my broken sewing machine and knew nothing about embroidery. The sewing machine is great and I've taken the dive to embroidery now. The down side is the machine is out of date now, with the manual and memory cards really only available on e-bay. That is limited as opposed to the new machines, which allow you to download designs and transfer them directly to your machine. I bought a blank card and a box that allows me to download designs and transfer it to the blank card. THAT allows me to make this machine to meet my ever expanding need to do something NEW! I'm glad I bought it on ebay! The retail prices are ridiculous!Read full review...


Dianna WOW review

I bought this machine last year and love it. It is easy to use..simple to learn and does so much. It can be used with the knee "pedal" so you do not have to keep your foot in one place. It has so many built in stitches it makes it easy to fancy up what you are making. The button holes are so easy to make with this machine.. just put the button in and it figures the size and sews it perfect every time. Doing embroidery is addictive! The hoops are easy to use and the cards I have gotten all do wonderful design.This is my first embroidery machine and even my five year old grand daughter feels like a big girl that she can "program" words in to sew, then just push the start button and it embroiders then stops when finished. She loves sewing with Granny. If there is a down side I would say the free arm is a little larger than my old Pfaff that I used for thirty years, but I can still do the sleeves of the girls shirts so that is OK. Has built in over lock stitch so i don't use my serger when making purses. Have sewn everything from tulle to quilted fabric and had no problems with any. (You can sew the embroidery design on tulle then give to a friend to put on thier own project I've down this and sent to my grand daughter so she can decorate her own sweaters!) Highly recommend as a sewing machine and as an embroidery machine. (Cards for this machine are easy to find on ebay) Recommend using good needles and thread.Read full review...


Fantastic product! Best Value for my money!

I bought this machine because I was unhappy with my other machines which I will not name. I love this sewing machine. It is so easy to use and works like a champ. I would recommend this to anyone and would say that the Janome would be the last sewing machine that you buy. The Janome stops with the needle up and the thread rarely breaks. It sews all types of material and even jeans and jean quilts.Read full review...


The MC 9000 is a sewer's dream of the perfect machine come true!

I'm a professional sewer (I've been sewing for over 45 years) and had purchased the Memory Craft 8000 machine. It was an instant love affair with the machine as it does everything that a person could want. Then I met the MC 9000!

The 9000 is great for regular sewing, I love the fact that you can select whether you want the machine to stop with the needle up or down. Of course the "open arm" is a necessity for anyone who does any kind of clothing. It makes sewing sleeves, cuffs, hems etc. a piece of cake! I absolutely love the automatic button hole attachment. You can select whether to make the button hole from "memory" (the machine has that capacity) or just keep resetting the machine to fit each button (that's handy if you are using different buttons for each button hole.). It handles delicate fabric, velvet, and so many other fabrics, including silk like a dream. The only thing I don't recommend the MC machines for is heavy duty sewing on heavy fabrics like heavy weight denim, canvas, leathers and upholstery fabrics.

This machine is super for not only embroidery but any sewing you would want to do. It does wonderful heirloom sewing, wedding dresses, and even day-to-day clothing. I have done a lot of embellishments on clothes I purchased on sale at the local department stores. (I hate looking like everyone else!) I receive tons of compliments on my clothing.

The MC 8000 & 9000 are great for quilters, beginning sewers, professional sewers, and everyone in between. With the scan and sew you will never lack for new designs to embroider.

I can't say enough about this machine, I kept the 8000 but use the 9000 almost daily! You can't go wrong buying the MC 9000!
Read full review...


Janome sewing machine

not sure how they turned it on when i asked if it was working. the button to turn it on was missing. turned it on with a wooded stick. but had to have maintenance and cleaned. not a complete disappointment.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: saca2013


Excellent basic sewing machine with limited embroidery.

A hardworking basic sewing machine. I've had mine and have loved using it continually for many years. Embroidery function is easy and does a nice job. However, you are limited to 4 x4" designs and extra cards are expensive.Read full review...


Janome Memory Craft 9000 Computerized Machine

For a beginner person sewing this would be a good machine. But unfortunatley I was exposed to the Janome 11000 and was disappointed with the limitations of this machine and I plan to purchase a 10001 in place of the 9000. Its still not the 11000 but funds won't allow me one at this time. I did not know enough about this machine before I bought it and didn't get the information until the auction was over and I had won it. This machine is not computer friendly, above Microsoft 95 without purchasing a ditigizer program for anywhere from 200.00 and up, then it still has limitations. For someone wanting to do simple onetime embroidery designs this machine will work.Read full review...


JANOME MEMORY CRAFT 9000 Computerized Sewing Machine

Very Nice Sewing Machine and Embroidery Machine. VERY USER FRIENDLY~Easy to MONOGRAM with and Embroidery. It has a Memory Card Slot to use for PURCHASED memory cards. There are lots of Beautiful Decorative stiitches as well as useful stitches to choose from.Read full review...



I love the ease of this machine. It was in excellant condition with only one exception. The piece that allows for the machine to thread the needle is broken. I found the little piece. I thread the needle manually, but would have loved to be able to thread either way. Since I won't be sending it back(I do love the machine), I will have it fixed at my local store when I have it serviced later in the year. I hadn't sewn in 30 years and got a machine that was easy to re-learn with. Would recommend to a friend...Read full review...


Janome 9000

I love this machine!!! I have a Janome 6000, Janome 10000 upgraded to 10001, and now the Janome 9000 and each one is a work horse! Each one has their own particular expertise for sewing such as quilting, or embroidery, or general sewing and each one are equally fabulous to use. New or used...it's a great performing machine. Purchase and enjoy your Janome machine with confidence. You'll love it!!Read full review...

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