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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree

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Iron soldier Atari Jaguar

The game brings back memories as a kid. I loved it back in the day! To this day I still play it on my Atari jaguar!


Atari Jaguar Games

If you want a nice game that has a nice mechwarrior set back to it this is it just think a mech warrior lose in the city sweet .A nice game for a nice experience.

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I've played worse but it looked a lot better!

Iron Soldier is a mech simulation game released in 1994 on Atari Jaguar. I felt compelled to purchase this game due to all the praise the game receives on sites like the biased Atari Age. A new sealed copy for the cheap price of $12 did not deter me either.
After playing the game for several hours I conclude it's very overrated.

Pros: Destructive environments, Decent mission objectives,1 of the "somewhat" playable Jaguar games

Cons: 3D polygon graphics are awful looking, No replay value, Only 1 playable mech, Slow awkward controls from the clunky Jaguar controller

1 1/2 out 5 stars
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Iron Soldier Jaguar rocks!

What can I say ? This is one of the one time classics for the Atari Jaguar! Awesome game, I love it!!! It is worth to get a Jaguar just to play this!

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