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2008 Robert Downey, Jr. Brings Iron Man to Life

While Tony Stark's (Robert Downey, Jr.) visiting a convoy of soldiers in the Middle East, they're attacked. All soldiers are killed. Stark flees when a Stark Industries bomb explodes & severely wounds his chest. Stark's caught by terrorists, 'The 10 Rings'. In captivity, he makes an armored suit.

Flashbacks detail Stark's life as a gifted child; then, as an adult taking charge of his family's business. Col. James Rhodes (Terrence Howard) presents Stark with an award; but, Stark doesn't attend. Instead, Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) accepts Stark's award. Afterwards, Col. Rhodes spots Stark in a casino. As Stark leaves, reporter Christine (Leslie Bibb) asks Stark pointed questions about his weapons industry's ethics. Stark side-steps her probe & seduces her into his bed. The following morning, Jarvis, an artificial intelligence program that runs Stark's home, wakes Christine. She's then told by Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) to leave.

Potts assists Stark with business before boarding his own jet. Mid-flight with Col. Rhodes, Stark has to persuade his chum that he's got the business under control. After arriving at a Middle East military base to demonstrate a new missile system, Stark's phoned by Obadiah to see how the presentation went. Stark travels with the convoy that's killed by 'The 10 Rings'.

Once Stark's conscious he's aware he's in a cave & connected to a device at his chest. Yinsen (Shaun Tomb), also captive, performed surgery on Stark to remove bomb shrapnel. Since surgery didn't remove it all, Yinsen created a magnet to keep shrapnel from entering Stark's heart. When terrorists enter, Yinsen translates. They want Stark to make a Jericho missile for them. After Stark refuses, their torture begins. Hours afterwards, 'The 10 Rings' display a stockpile of Stark Industry weapons. Stark acts like he's making a Jericho but isn't. With Yinsen assisting, Stark makes an Ark Reactor, a streamline generator with enough output to run Stark's heart for 50 lifetimes. Stark then invents an armored suit to destroy 'The 10 Rings' & escape. During construction, the group leader, Raza (Faran Tahir), appears & tries to torture Yinsen since Stark isn't making the Jericho. Raza gives them 1 day.

Yinsen straps Stark into his armored suit & points a way out of the cave. Setting off a bomb as a distraction, Stark empowers his suit. When Yinsen realizes there isn't enough time, he flees creating another distraction. Once empowered, Stark exits the cave. Guards can't stop a suit that deflects weaponry. On his way out, Stark finds Yinsen mortally wounded. As he dies, Yinsen urges Stark to leave. Stark's suit ignites flame-throwers at 'The 10 Rings', destroys their weapon stockpile & deploys a jet-pack to escape. His armor is destroyed, but Stark is alive. As Stark treks over a dune, US helicopters fly above. US soldiers led by Col. Rhodes find Stark alive & celebrate.

After 3 mos., Stark returns to the US in captivity. Pepper wants Stark to get medical treatment, but Stark wants 2 other things: a cheeseburger & a company press conference. Stark holds a conference announcing he's shutting down Stark Industry's weapons division. Pepper's approached by Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), of a strategic homeland agency, who wants to talk to Stark about his capture. Pepper schedules an appointment. Stark makes a new suit. Middle Eastern terrorists capture & kill civilians. Iron Man arrives in a red & gold suit & destroys them~
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