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Truly entertaining

Based on a true story, "Invincible" is a great football story.

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The story of the misfit outsider who rises through the ranks of a professional sport to enjoy inexplicable success has been stamped into celluloid more times than most folks can remember. INVINCIBLE tells the tale of bartender Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg), a down-on-his-luck former teacher who decides to answer an open tryout for the Philadelphia Eagles. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happens next, but the twist here is that Vince Papale is a real person, and the story is based on his eyebrow-raising memoir of the same name.

Papale's call-up to the Eagles occurred in 1976, so the flowery fashions and long flowing locks worn by both men and women of the era are all immaculately replicated by director Ericson Core's carefully styled cast. When Eagles coach Dick Vermeil (Greg Kinnear) throws his last, desperate roll of the dice and recruits Papale, he faces open hostility from his team of professionals. Papale also has to catch a few jibes at his expense, especially as he's a little old to be a professional football player. As the ill-fitting future star jostles with his teammates and strives to prove himself in the team, a host of '70s hits rip through the soundtrack, and subplots about a jealous friend (Dov Davidoff) and a lover (Elizabeth Banks) are utilized to lure in non-sports fans. Wahlberg is well cast, drawing on his experience in the similarly themed ROCK STAR, and once again proving his chops as a leading man. INVINCIBLE is a Disney film and follows firmly in the footsteps the company has imprinted upon the movie industry, with its wholesome tale closely resembling two other flicks the company has produced--REMEMBER THE TITANS and THE ROOKIE.
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I first watched Invincible when I was distracted and didn't get the emotion like I did last night watching Invincible.

In my town last year talk radio was filled with the question about a certain quarter back who was indicted on several felony counts, on whether the NFL was entitled to ban him for life. For me here is the deal and this film illustrates it very well, when you put on a uniform, you represent something, in this case an NFL team, and more to the point a City. If you act in a way that disrespects the people you represent, you forfeit the right to represent those people.

In Invincible, Philadelphia in the mid -seventies is a city beset by hard times, and the Eagles were faring no better. Vince Papale's life was so symbolic of his home town, you couldn't have made it more so through fiction. As this true story "Rocky" kind of tale goes on, Vince's father takes him to the side and tells him "When I told you not to get your hopes up, I never told you that I wouldn't get mine up.... Those stories I used to tell you about... [Eagles Football] that touch-down got me through 30 years [of factory work]. That to me is the center of this story, people who live humble lives may not have much to hold to (God and Country being excepted for my point) you might not have a college to hold to as your team etc., but cities with Pro teams can give the average Joe an identity and loyalty.

So again, here's the deal, I don't want to hear from Pro Athlete's about they aren't paid to be role models, because if they aren't what are they paid for?
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Awesome Football Film with a great Cast!!

Invincible is an Awesome Football Film with a great Cast!!

What a movie...

Invincible is great, it's well acted and is an incredible true-story. Mark Wahlberg is great as Vince Papali and Greg Kinnear is superb as Coach Dick Vermeil.

The movie itself is awesome. The movie not only features great football action, but also a look inside the life of an average Philadelphian circa 1976. I not only enjoyed every aspect of this movie. The fact that it's based on a true story makes it that much better.

Walt Disney makes the best sports movies, and this film is no exception.

Final Verdict:


Rent or Buy?: Sports or Football fan? This film is a must own. Just another great football movie to add to the collection.

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A Inspiring Underdog Sports Story With a Bit of Romance

Invincible is the powerful and charming story of an ordinary fan turned profession athlete with the Philidelphia Eagles. Mark Whahlberg can do no wrong, especially in this role cast as Vince Papale. This is a movie of hard work, sarcifice, and struggle, but it doesn't dwell on those things. This movie is about how increadible things can happen to anyone with a dream and a little luck. You don't have to be a football fan to appriciate this movie, it's great for any audience. There's even enough romance to watch this on your next date.Read full review...


Invincible (2006, Blu-ray Disc)

Invincible, released in 2006, is another good sports movie to add to your evergrowing "Tough Guy" DVD collection. Mark Wahlberg is quite likeable as true life professional football player Vince Papale, Greg Kinnear delivers another strong performance as Philadelphia Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil and Elizabeth Banks is lovely and believable.

An inspiring storyline, a little romance and a great soundtrack mean an enjoyable evening of family entertainment awaits. It's definitely not in the class of `Rudy' or `Rocky', but then what is?
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Invincible movie review

This movie is local to Philadelphia and is based on a true story about a walk-on NFL player. Markey Mark shines in this one as well as he does in the movie Shooter. If you enjoy movies like: The Blind Side, We are Marshall and Miracle, then this movie will surely entertain you as well. Unlike a lot of movies today, this does not go over the top with sex, drugs, language, nudity and the like. It is a solid family movie and has a little bit of something special for everyone.Read full review...


Invincible - Blu-ray Disc

First off, I graded it good, and not excellent, b/c by my standards its not, but it's not just good either; its somewhere in between. I love the storyline, and the fact that it's based on a true story is always a's like "Rudy" on higher level. Everyone loved that movie. If you liked "Rudy", you'll like this. It's a bit slow at times, but still a grade-A movie. Just not an A+. A good sports movie all around though. Mark Wahlberg does a great job in this movie, and he really beefed up for it.Read full review...


Great Seller

Amazing movie, so glad to have this to add to our library. Some movies are easy to find, but this was one we were having trouble finding. Thank you so much.


Great Movie!! must see

I know this is an older movie but it is great!. We wore out our other dvd so we had to buy another..

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