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A True cinematic game...

Indigo Prophecy is a third person action adventure game by Quantic Dream. It is a game that actually gives cinematic gameplay some context, as well as some real heartfelt meaning. More movie with an interactive progression than video game pretending to be a movie, Indigo Prophecy eschews practically any modern gameplay convention in favor of a significantly more subtle mechanical interface.

Game play consists of using the analog sticks and the R1 and L1 buttons for various challenges. In scenes, you'll have to push the analog stick correctly in the directions displayed on the screen, which will result in dodging the aforementioned flees, to learning what a cop is thinking about as they talk to you. The other button challenges follow this basic suit, so getting used to, bluntly put, "rhythm challenges" is an essential technique.

What's more, unlike in most games, you will be using the right analog stick to do everything except sprint outside of the scene challenges. In fact, I don't recall ever using the triangle, circle, or square buttons at all. The X button is used to sprint, and that's all. This game play style will take a minute or two to get used to, but when you are done, it will come almost naturally to you.

Script and voice acting wise, this is an incredibly impressive game. Every once and a while, the voice acting will feel weak, but otherwise, it will sound quite high in quality. The story is even better. It does have its holes, but it will actually have you thinking about it outside of playing the game. Last but not least, the characters are well thought out, and will actually grow on you. You won't notice it, but when something bad happens to the character, you will actually feel bad for them.

All in all, this game proves an impressive feat, and will provide a fun experience for anybody who enjoys great stories. Players also interested in the upcoming title Heavy Rain will receive a taste of the developer's first project which was an underrated classic.

Final Score: 8.8
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Playing Indigo Prophecy is like playing a movie

Pros: The story in the game is very interesting at the beginning, however it does fumble somewhat towards the end. The game offers several different endings that depend on your actions and the choices that you make. The graphics for this title are solid but not the best seen on the PS2. The voice acting and some of the music in the game are excellent. There are cool action sequences in this title. During these action sequences you have to tilt the two analogue sticks in the right direction, as instructed on screen. When this is done correctly the main protagonist will be able to attack or dodge attacks successfully. Playing this title really makes you feel like you are controlling the events in a movie.

Cons: Only the actions at the very end of the game have a direct effect on the ending. This hurts the title's replay value. There are points in the game where you can decide which character you want to control next. But overall, the game is extremely linear. The story of the game fumbles by a good bit near the end. It fumbles so much so that I had to put this in the 'cons' section.

Bottom Line: This is an original title. You won't be able to find many games like Indigo Prophecy on any system. If you think that you'll enjoy an original, thought provoking title with a mature theme then by all means get this game. However, be aware that this game does have its flaws.
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In my gaming experience, I've seen some pretty good games. Some are bad, but mostly good, however, in Indigo Prophecy's case, this stands to be one of the best games I have played in years!
It was weird how I came upon this game, actually. It was in a discount box at a GameStop. The cover alone made me want to buy it, but I didn't have enough money, so I passed. Later on, I purchased it on eBay after reading some of it's good reviews, and was shocked on how fun it really was! In the first level, you play as man called Lucas Kane inside of the bathroom of a diner in New York. Your player is somehow possessed into killing the man in the restroom with him, and proceeds. After killing the guy, Lucas realizes what he did, and loses half of his sanity, and thats where the game starts.
The story alone made it really hard for me to quit playing, but almost everything about this game has been polished to the max. The graphics are pretty good for a Playstation 2 game, and it has some of the most unique gameplay ever! Walking and running around isn't any different from most games, but it's the cutscenes that really does it in. You actually get to control what your character says! When I say that, I don't mean you choose from a selection once or twice every two or so hours, you literally have to choose what they say. During a conversation, you use the right analog stick to hit the key word you want to bring up during the conversation, (and theres quite a big list of words. So many, in fact, that even after playing though it several times, you won't have seen every scene in the game).
And what I just said is only the tip of the iceberg! There is four people you play as through out the game, (five if you include the robot in the tutorial). Lucas was already mentioned, but you also play as two police officers trying to apprehend Lucas as a murder. You also get to play as a priest in one level, but only depending on how you've played through the game. Each person's path changes depending on how you talk with other main characters and what you do during levels. The controls for moving around are pretty basic, but mix that up with unique gameplay and more then six endings, and you've got one of the best games you'll play in quite a while!

Over all, you almost can't go wrong with this game,(unless you're buying this for a younger person as a gift. This game is pretty heavy on cults and rituals, and contains a certain ADULT scene near the end). If you're bored and need a new game, I highly recomend this game above most any other one on the market!
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Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit A movie or a game?

Probably one of the best games ever done.
It makes you realize that videogames are much more than shotting monsters to obtain munnition, or winning a football match.
Fahrenheit(called in europe) is one of the first combinations between two worlds: videogames and movies. And a great combination!
Fahrenheit is exactly that: A movie with a great script, but the thing is that that script is not written completely until YOU make the decisions on how to write it.
The first half is absolutely marvellous, outstanding. Some people have said that the second half is bad, but I believe I know what has hapened to them. The first half is so awesome that it´s extremely difficult to follow in the same line, I would say impossible. So that´s why maybe, the last part has deceptioned them(also to me). Specially the destruction of my favorite character: Carla Valenti, who changes completely and suddenly from an intelligent, hard-working, sporty, beautiful, strong, interesting police detective, to a sort of "girl" who gets in love with a guy (the heroe), has sex with him(unnecesary for the script, just my oppinion), and now she is in a second place only to decorate. Then she does not take any other action in the rest of the movie. She becomes in two minutes the opposite of what I liked about her at the begining.
Well, a great movie(and game), and I can see all the work that´s put on it. Congratulations to the creators. Very grateful.
Indispensable ps2 game.
(Sorry for my english, I´ve tried to do my best)

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You Have To Play This Game!

You can experience each of the characters stories.This game is mainly about keeping a cool head while your playing.It's intense,& grabs your attention.You'll also need to be good at eye hand cordination for this game.The first time I played this game it was a little difficult for me because i've never seen, or played a game like this one.I do wish it was longer though.I also think you should be able to watch the movie you created, the way you just played it, after your done with the game.It has excellent graphics for a ps2 game.I have had this game for more than a couple of years I constantly play it,& it's still not boring to me.Every time you play this game you can make it different,& unfold new things.David Cage,& the rest of the crew did an excellent job on creating this game.Over all I give it 150% on excellent, two thumbs up,& a round of applause every time I play it.It's at the top of my favorite games.It can be hard.If it's to hard for you go to the options,& put your game on the easy option for your game play,& you should be just fine.It also has a good choice of music my favorite song in the game is Sand Paper Kisses by Martina Topley-Bird.If you like Theory Of A Dead Man they have some good songs for them too.This game has a very unique story line,& it's some what difficult to pay attention to the game while your watchig the story, the story grabs your attention.I hope they get inspired,& make another game like this one.You'll also have to play the game in order to unlock every thing from music to art in your bonuses.I would not recomend this game if you are a younger age.One more thing it also has excellent sound, you can adjust the sounds to what ever you feel it needs.Read full review...


great cinematic experience

The term "cinematic gameplay" gets tossed around an awful lot these days. And it's often tossed around by game makers who simply throw in a few letterboxed cutscenes and minimalist heads-up displays and then just call it a day. Developer Quantic Dream's Indigo Prophecy is a game that actually gives cinematic gameplay some context, as well as some real heartfelt meaning. More movie with an interactive progression than video game pretending to be a movie, Indigo Prophecy eschews practically any modern gameplay convention in favor of a significantly more subtle mechanical interface. You take part in every action in Indigo Prophecy--from the biggest fight sequence, to the most minor of day-to-day tasks--and you do it all with simple movements of the analog sticks on your controller, or with some quick button presses that are more akin to a rhythm game than a typical third-person adventure. But where Indigo Prophecy truly shines is in its story, which is a deep, captivating, and sometimes disturbing tale of one average man's journey to solve a murder that he himself committed. (Gamespot.com)Read full review...


WOW..........Just..................... WOW!!!!

WOW!!! This game has to be the most underrated game EVER! I love this game so much, in my review I will let you know what you need to know, and why I love this game so much. It took me forever to find this game, because where I live they only released a couple of copies of this game. Some places are different than others. Anyways WOW this game is Awesome. There is nothing else like it thats why I love it so much! Let me start my review off with:

Story: WOW! You play as many characters in this game, but your main character name is Lucas Kane. he is just you everyday guy. The story starts off with you in a diner, and all of sudden something goes terribly wrong. The game starts you off with a wow, I can't believe what's happening feel to it. I do not want to spoil the story at all, Let me just tell you this is one of the best stories ever in any game I have ever played. The story will continue to suck you in and keep you on the edge until the credits roll. 10/10

Gameplay: WOW! This game is like none other. For your fights and other things you will be using your analog sticks a lot. Like for example when you are in a battle two little "simon says" sort of circles will pop up in the middle of the screen and you will have to move the analog sticks where the color lights up. Simple? No you go on another difficulty it will be very fast and you will have to keep up. To interact with objects, they will give you a option of the direction you want to move the analog in order to do a certain thing. This game also allow you to say what you want to say to people you interact with, and everything you say will effect what happens to you. You will see once you buy this game, which I know you will this game is AWESOME! The only problem I had was the camera angels. It doesn't take away to much from gameplay once you get use to it. I give the gameplay a Strong 10/10

Graphics: WOW! The graphics in this game remind me of the Silent Hill series. It is grainy and scary look like it should be for games of it's genres. Everything is noticeable, and the characters faces and mouth movements are perfect everything is perfect. Visuals are very good in this game I love them. I give them a 10/10

Sound: WOW! The voice acting are very good. The people who played the voices of the characters did a really good job. The band they choose for this game Theory of a Deadman. Perfect choice. No other band could have pulled it off for a game like this. Since I've played and beat this game. I own all their Cd's. The cutscene sounds all go very well with the game everything is how it should be. 10/10

Replay Value: WOW! Of course this game will make you come back for me, because you can change your actions and see how it effects you the next time around. I plan to go back and beat it again using all the different choices it allows you to do. So this game replay value is pretty high. I love this game. 10/10

Closing Thoughts: WOW! I bought this game wanting to try something new. I heard mixed reviews, so I decided to try it myself. I am so glad I did. This game zooms right into my favorite games list. 10/10 easily LOVE THIS GAME!
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Suspense, style and a story that sadly falls apart.

Indigo Prophecy is a tale of the occult that holds you firmly in your seat... until it falls apart.
This game is a modern supernatural story told from two opposing perspectives. While the forces of law find themselves pulled deeper and deeper into a bizzare crime, a man finds himself pulled deeper and deeper into insanity as he loses control over his mind and body.
From the very beginning, this game catches your attention and holds it. The story is so rich and intriguing that so can't help but play on. It became so engrossing that I forgot about the actual gameplay mechanics, which is a testament to how simply effective they are. I was on the edge of my seat for hours on end.

...Until the story fell apart about 3/4 of the way in. The whole premise of the game veers away from everything it had built up to to that point. It devolves from a creepy, stylish thriller to a cliched, meandering disaster. My proverbial balloon had burst.
I played on to the end, which was entirely unsatisfying. Unfortunately, this total butchering is what I recall most about this game. Which is a shame considering the excellence it started out with.
Indigo Prophecy is most definately worth experiencing, but only up until the story-altering 'twist' that ruins it's solid foundation.
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A MUST Have Game. Excellent Game In Everyway. A Classic

When I first played Indigo Prophecy for PS2 I what like OK.. But the more I played it the more I loved it. This game is 100% AWESOME. If you have never played this game I would HIGHLY Recommened this one of a kind game to anyone. There is no games out there like it. You play as Lucas Kane as he "somehow"
{not going to spoil it} killed a man. He has no idea what made him do it or why. You must figure out why you murdered a man for no reason at all. You control what you do and you can choose different convesations. And the music is GREAT I love it. If you like Therory Of A Deadman You'll enjoy the music.
I LOVE the song's "No Surprise" & Sana Monaca. But the ONLY bad thing about Indigo Prophecy is the game is not all that hard I beat it on Easy,Normal, & Hard Mode. But like I said if you have never played Indigo Prophecy TRUST ME play it. I don't care if you rent or buy it. Once you play it you'll want to play it over and over again. I did....
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Tricky Tricky - ish :)

I owned Indigo Prophecy a long time ago and somehow it disappeared. :) So now I rebought it because I think the game is great. There are a an equal amount of easy segments and hard segments. Sometimes you think too hard when it comes to the easy ones and sometimes you under-estimate the hard ones. :) But that's where the fun is...trying to figure it out. WOO HOO!!!Read full review...

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