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One of the best shows ever created

This is an outstanding t.v. show. It really pushed the limit for sketch comedy, even more than any SNL season and paved the way for similar shows like Mr.Show with Bob and Dave, Tenacious D and many others. A brilliant cast coupled with some of the best comedy writing (then and now), I'll never understand how it only lasted 5 seasons. This is must see t.v.!Read full review...

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Season 1

In Living Color is so funny. Really nice to see this show and the young comics. Highly recommend this show for a good laugh,so enjoyable.

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One of the best comedies- I wished that I was one of the casts.JJ Johnson

I love this comedy show and it is one of my all time comedy series.JJJohnson, I should have been in the show 👺👺👺👺

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Great items


In living color

Exactly what I was looking for, a blast from the past


Great Purchase!!

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I've only gotten around to watching the Season 1 so I'm not sure how the other cds will be. If they're anything like the season 1 dvds then I'll be in "In Living Color Heaven"Read full review...

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The BEST Comedy Show of the Early 90's!

In living Color is one of the BEST comedy shows from the early 90's! I purchased this Season 1 set thinking it would only be next to new, and it was BRAND NEW, not a SINGLE scratch! If you love people like David Allen Grier, Tommy Davidson, The Wayans Bros, etc...this Comedy show is where they ALL got their start! Even Jim Carey! I rate this as 5 star ***** Its very much like Mad TV &/OR Saterday Night live.Read full review...


Great show, great characters, DVD received was used but in excellent condit

I've loved In Living Color since its 1st Season.. I purchased it because my kids were starting to watch Homie The Clown so I thought I'd get them into the rest of the cast as well. Hasn't been another show like this one.. Great show.Read full review...


See how Fox started cutting-edge TV comedy!

This is the first of several seasons of a ground-breaking comedy-variety series from the mind of Keenan Ivory Wayans. Some of the sketches spawned lines that are still part of our vernacular today, like "Homie don't play dat!" amd more! The ensemble was a terrific blend of talents, from the Yale-educated to the silly, the skits were a riot with an inner-city edge, mixed in with the slick-dancin' "Fly Girls" (led by pre-"White Men Can't Jump" Rosie Perez). The main draw to this for many would be the new, fresh, rubbery face of an unknown, James Carrey, who's gone on to a bit of fame since then I believe... :-) Assisted by the Wayans brothers, K-I of course, but introducing little brother Damon and even little Marlon (in the DJ booth!).

Give this a watch, and you'll want to get the rest too!
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Funny Show Great Skits

The First season of In Living Color is really good. It has many great skits such as Homey the Clown, Men on films, and Vera Demilo. It is a great comedy show from the early 90's that I wish was still around. The only bad thing I can say about it is that some of the jokes are a little dated and not as funny as when they firsted aired. In the end is still a great show that everyone should watch at least once.Read full review...

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