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I Love Lucy always good

A Lucy show is always good. Always funny and you have to laugh at the shows. Good to watch.

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The complete and last season is finally here!!

I Love Lucy Season 7-9" will be released on March,13,2007 and is now available for pre order at various web sites including Ebay and Amazon and Ebay. You may know this set as "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" but they are calling this set "I Love Lucy Season 7-9", as the only difference with this set then with the rest of Seasons 1-6 of I Love Lucy is that these shows are an hour long and took place where Season 6 left off in there country home in Connecticut.

"I Love Lucy Season 7-9" will come with many bonuses including the never before seen I Love Lucy Movie. This is three shows in one with a continuing story line that was suppose to be released during around the same time as "The Long Long Trailer" starring Lucy and Desi but they felt that since this movie was being aired that it would bring down the ratings for "The Long Long Trailer" and it has been lost and forgotten for over 50 years, and now we will all be able to own and watch this wonderful movie.

UPDATE: The "I Love Lucy" Movie is not going to be included with this set, which is disappointing but there are rumors that one may be released soon in the near future!

Also included in this set will be the un-cut version of the "Havana" episode, this episode is a flashback of How Lucy met Desi on her cruise to Havana. This un-cut version will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long, something that was unheard of back than, and we can all own this un-cut version not seen since it's original broadcast. The cheapest price that I have been able to find this set is 27.99 with free shipping at Amazon and will ship on or before March 13 (prices subject to change). There are also some great prices on Ebay and you should check here to see if you can get a better price. Here is a complete list of all 13 hour long episodes that you will receive with this set.

Rare Home Movie Footage Of The Set In Color
13 digitally remastered episodes
Full Length Havana Episodes (hasn't been seen since original broadcast)
Deleted Scenes
3 Original Ford Motor Co. Commercials


1.) Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana
2.) The Celebrity Next Door
3.) Lucy Hunts Uranium
4.) Lucy Wins A RaceHorse
5.) Lucy Goes To Sun Valley
6.) Lucy Goes To Mexico
7.) Lucy Makes Room For Danny
8.) Lucy Goes To Alaska
9.) Lucy Wants A Career
10.) Lucy's Summer Vacation
11.) Milton Berle Hides Out At The Ricardos
12.) The Ricardos Go To Japan
13.) Lucy Meets The Moustache
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I Love Lucy and Desi!

I ordered this because I remembered the original episodes. This collection is great, and it is funny, unlike many comedies today. Good family entertainment without all the profanity and the sexual content of today.Read full review...


I Love Lucy DVDs are a must for those who like real comedy. Worth the cost

I bought these DVDs because I wanted to complete my collection of the I Love Lucy series. I enjoyed watching the program when it was current and seeing the series on DVDs brings the same enjoyment. Compared to some of the current stupid sitcoms that are on TV, I Love Lucy was a well written series with a superior cast. There is nothing today to compare with it.Read full review...


Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Lucy Ricardo is always good for a laugh. I feel very lucky to have grown up with the Ricardos and Mertzes just a click away, and I'm always afraid that someday I will turn on the tv and not be able to find them. I just had to have the whole I Love Lucy collection and now it is complete. What a great way to handle today's stress! It makes me feel good just to know I'll always have them almost next door.Read full review...


many many stars very very funny

i love Lucy is the best show i have ever seen. hilarious. although the last three years where not as much fun as the previous 6 years although still very funny and many quest stars like Milton burrell, Tallulah Bankhead and many others. a shame there where not as many shows the last few years.Read full review...


I Love Lucy DVDs

The item was brand new, still in the package. I am a huge I Love Lucy fan, and I am trying to collect all of the seasons of the show. This collection included all of the final three seasons hour long shows. It is great to have all thirteen of the one hour shows all together instead of spread out over several DVDs.Read full review...


Loved it! Funny, funny and funny!

It is sooooo funny. After a hard days work, Lucy will help you relax with her crazy style of life. Everyone needs to watch all the I Love Lucy DVDs.


I Love Lucy season 7,8&9

I have always loved anything with Lucille Ball. I Love Lucy was, in my opinion, one of the funniest shows ever. I was so happy to see it on DVD especially as these episodes have not been aired for years. Now I can share this with my own daughters and granddaughter.Read full review...


I Love Lucy seasonss 7,8,&9

I now have the a complete set of I Love Lucy. Thanks so much to deepdiscount. I have purchased from them in the past. They are one of the best I highly recommend them. I love the last series I got from them. It's great. A wonderful place to do business with.Read full review...

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