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Great Dooms Day Movie

Will Smith does an excellent job of showing the trials and tribulations of someone who survives a tragedy with no one else for company. I really like the positive references to God through prayer and guidance from God.Read full review...

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Finally got to see the alternate version!! Great movie!

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Will smith can act. And he carries this movie well... Lets face it, there isn't too much to say if there is only one character in the entire movie.

Well there isn't. The dog, the Religious Girl and the kid (never speaks in the movie.)

And the vampire people that growl and unhinge their jaws to show acres of sharklike teeth.

The CGI of the animals in NYC and the ruins of NYC are pretty good even in Blu-Ray where a lot of Hollywood CGI Effects just tend to look flat and / or uninspired.

I have read the story. This wasn't the same. It wasn't exactly the same as the Charleton Heston version either... not the (was it Vincent Price?) black and white version from the mid 1960's.

I have been trying to write the review without spoilers. This is more difficult than I imagined.

On its own... I feel the movie needs a bit more storytelling. There are a great deal of shots around NYC and actions by Dr. Bob (Dr. Robert Neville played by Will Smith) hunting... talking to mannekins in the DVD store... We hear voiceovers of the radio brodcast Dr. Bob set up...

But it is empty somehow.

My wife usually doesn't like these types of movies, but she watched the whole thing. I had to explain to her what had happened and why, that explanation was too ephemeral in the film for anyone but a film student to ascertain!

Still... a decent story (if you know the premise) and wel shot. Almost calustrophobic at times.
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Gut-wrenching movie full of adventure and heart.

The way that they created the look of Manhattan in this movie was just wonderful and Will Smith pulls off one of his best acting turns as Robert Neville. The way he has his days planned out and still attempting the research to find a cure for the virus is a key part to the development of both character and plot.

Samantha (Sam) plays a strong part in the movie and is a great companion, friend and protector figure for Smith. The way he holds conversations with Sam is very touching indeed and makes you really feel that Sam is integral part of his survival and sanity.

Just a great movie, and I will not offer any of the things that will give the ending away. I can watch this movie many more times as it is that interesting and each time, it seems to reveal something that I missed in the original viewing.
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I am legend

By far the best movie ever and will never get tired of watching it

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Could be better

I do have to hand it to Will Smith, he is a great actor. With that said, I think this movie could have been a lot better. First of, Why so much CGI (computer generated image)? It would have been 100 times better if they would have used real people like 28 days or 28 weeks later for the infected people. But other than that, this movie is a pretty good one. Has its scary moments as well as funny ones. But another big beef I had was with the alternate ending. PLEASE do not even bother watching. One of the worst alternates I have EVER seen.

Thanks for your time,
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Apocolyptically Awesome !!

To the modern eye, the Plot for the 1954 Richard Matheson novel "I Am Legend" might sound something like "Cast Away" with Zombies. Truth be told, that's not a terrible premise, and 'Constantine' Director Francis Lawrence runs with that. Where he takes it works hard, and you are ensured to enjoy this ride.
Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a Virologist investigating a genetically engineered cure for Cancer that has gone very, very wrong. With most of the World's Population wiped out and a small remnant turned into ravenous, infected carriers, Neville ekes out a lonely existence with only a dog for company in the remains of New York City. He hunts, forages, and explores by day and shuts himself in at night. The infected, as it turns out, are vulnerable to ultraviolet light.
Through flashbacks, we see how Neville came to be in this predicament, and how he dedicated himself to finding a cure. Part of that involves capturing infected humans for testing. In doing so, he incurs the wrath of one of the local CHUDs and Neville soon finds out that these creatures are not as mindless as they look.
At first, the film wrings a nightmarish plethora of scares out of Neville's encounters and does an amazingly great job of revealing the monsters bit by bit, until finally unleashing them in their CGI hardcore. By the time they're in full-on assault mode, they are resembling Zombified/Vampirish CHUD's., right down to their wall-scaling and coordinated visceral attacks. This makes for incredibly exciting action sequences., without ever dialing down the horror quotient.
Smith, for his part, does a superb job of communicating the pathos and desperation of the last man on Earth. His slow disintegration into Madness is subtly evoked, and in one particularly emotional scene, he handles one of the most tired clichés of the Zombie Genre with genuine depth.
The script gives him plenty of help. Screenwriters Mark Protosevich and Akiva Goldsman show plenty of restraint, teasing out the details of the Virus and its Outbreak over the course of the film while elegantly laying out how Neville interacts with this Post-Apocalyptic World in episodic vignettes.
Ultimately, the film seems to be on the verge of asking intriguing questions about faith and humanity. While doing so, "I Am Legend" maintains the power to awe. The Production Design by David Lazan and Naomi Shohan is nothing short of amazing, rendering a Big Apple reclaimed by nature with stark realism.
This film is simple breathtaking....and absolutely cannot fail you !!
This was a Long-Time Coming !!
5-Star !!
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Great, Thanks !!!

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I Am Legend, a legendary movie.

I think this wonderful remake really did a good job. Will Smith does has a great performance in a hard roll. The dog is just amazing. It's not rated R so it doesn't show much gore or too much violence so all ages can enjoy it. It makes my mother jump every time she watches it and my only complain is some of the CGI seems a little cheesy on the deer animals and zombie/vampire infected people "Dark Seekers" Kinda sticks to the book.Read full review...


Beyond The Omega Man

Years ago, THE OMEGA MAN scared the bejeezus out of me, then again, I was young and even seeing somewhat dated visions of an empty world and rather badly done shots of people collapsing from a viral attack, still scared me. I AM LEGEND, which is the third movie based on the Matheson book, I Am Legend, really is scary for the here and now and thanks to some inventive photography and CG effects, we see a grim but fascinating vision of a completely abandoned New York City from the get-go. A well intentioned virologist Dr Krippen(played uncredited by Emma Thompson) in a news clip as the film's opening production tags play, shows a quick "human interest" story as a TV host talks innocently(and somewhat disbelievingly) with her, about her success with "curing cancer with a genetically engineered 'friendly' Measles virus" and that this was administered to over 10,000 cancer patients who are now "Cancer free". Cut to three years later and a dead, overgrown NYC with Will Smith speeding around it in a new Mustang(In THE OMEGA MAN, Chuck Heston sped around LA in a new 1972 Mustang, one of the film's many homages to it's predecessor) we see the extent of Krippen's horrible mistake to mess with and trust the nature of viruses-which can do mutate without prediction. Will Smith is Robert Neville, military virologist who witnessed the end of mankind-he's watching a tape of news as the illness begins to mutate and media is becoming alarmed. Krippen's Virus had a bizarre side effect-it mutated and became a contagious, airborne rabies-like illness that either kills outright or drives it's victims to become rage-filled, blood/fluid drinking mutants who hide in the shadows and only come out at night. (In THE OMEGA MAN it turned them into psychotic hippies called "The Family" styled after Charles Manson who was still hot news at the time-films are products of their own time) The virus spread very fast as we see in quick flashbacks(Omega Man was told in several flashbacks as effective). Mannequins play a role in THE OMEGA MAN, and they do in I AM LEGEND.

It is Smith's amazing acting talent that holds one riveted. It did me. The "mutants" are styled after the running infected in 28 DAYS LATER the only difference-and the film's drawback-is that too much CGI is used here and we're now so used to seeing CG in movies, that it appears that is what it is. In 28 DAYS LATER and it's sequel 28 WEEKS LATER, dancers were used as the running, screaming rage infected victims to much better effect. The CG FX shine in the visions of a ruined NYC, with grass and weeds everywhere, wildlife roaming, and destroyed bridges thanks to the military quarantine of the city. Obviously, it did little good as we overhear in a flashback, the President saying that "every major world city has taken the same action". Smith reminds us later, in dialog, "nothing was supposed to happen the way it did" It's a frightening vision, and I think the point being made was if, in reality, the Bird Flu hit and became easy to transmit, such scenes of sheer pandemonium, in larger cities would not be so much fiction. It's a terrific film.
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