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Awesome, plain and simple!

This original XBOX game is so slick; taken straight from the great series of arcade game play, it is like you're playing in your very own classic 80's arcade...whenever you want and just think of all those quarters we used to spend...awesome!

And if you're over 21, you can throw in the excitement of gambling by finding and playing "The House of the Dead EX" slot machine in your favorite casino...like me!
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Great light shooter game

What could be better that shooting zombies with a shotgun?

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: fleert


Fans of the Arcade Classic will love this game!

I bought this game because I remember so fondly dropping quarters into the arcade machine and playing this with my best friends. Thankfully, this version is every bit as true to the Arcade original as it could be...and it's compatible with Xbox 360! It is a First Person Shooter but your characters are on a rail system much like Time Crisis or Area 51. This means that the game will point you in the direction you're supposed to go and move you along. All you have to do is aim and shoot. The graphics aren't realistic...but neither were the graphics in the Arcade version. Rather they're more colorful and cartoonish. There are two game modes: Survivor and Time Attack and after playing through the entire game, you'll unlock House of The Dead 2. After that, there isn't much replay value. Light Guns don't work with the Xbox 360, so expect to use the thumb sticks to move your crosshairs around on the screen. Also, there are no weapon upgrades. Your only weapon is a shotgun with an endless supply of shells (no need to hunt for ammo). On the hardest and most challenging setting, the game is still quite easy to finish and will only take a few hours at most. The best time to pull out this game is with a room full of friends. Time Attack Zombie Killing Parties are always the most fun.

If you're nostalgic for the Arcade Classic, go ahead and try this game. You won't be disappointed with it. Just don't expect too much from it and you won't be disappointed. At best, it's a good break from Gears of War 2 until you're ready to return to your rank in the COG Army.

On average, you can find this game for about $12-15.
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Good old arcade fun

Great game. You unlock House of the Dead 2 when you beat the game

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tenter76


A classic that still packs one hell of a punch!

I remember spending much of my youth in arcades, and this was one of my favorites. I suppose I dumped a few hundred dollars in quarters into this particular game at the local arcades over the years. You would think that it would become dull over time, but in my humble opinion, it has only gained value through the nastalgia it invokes. The game comes with a few added bonuses over it's arcade counter-part, adding to the replay value of this title. Obviously, the remake for the wii and the sequel are even better, as they have the light gun action and even more bonuses included to increase replay value, but for those without a wii this is the next best thing to having the old arcade cabinet in your living room. The game works well with the madkatz light gun, and actually feels more comfortable and fluid than the original arcade game. Having a buddy join in adds to the fun, and increases your survival chances.

For those who have never played, House of the Dead is a simulation shooter where you are walked through various stages and must use a light gun to shoot all zombies and other creatures to venture further. Each stage has a boss battle, which invokes both fear and excitement the whole way through, making you feel that you really are walking through a zombie filled factory, seeking out it's source. The story is loose, but entertaining. The voice overs are cheesy, as is the case with most cult classics, but to a point that it actually adds to the appeal rather than taking from it. This is one of the best co-op shooters ever made, and a must for anyone who loves shooters, zombies, or both. Your palms will sweat, your muscles will twitch, and you will stay on edge craving more as you move through each scene, blasting your opponents into bloody decayed bits.

Lord Sypherdias
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not what i expected but ok

this shooting game is pretty good , the zombies and creatures are scarey, but the problem i had with this game is the save spots or lack of , you cant save when you want to there were barely any times that the game saved for you so it kinda reminded me of the game systems back in the days where you play for hours and if you died a certain amount of times you were out of luck and had to start over from the begining , if it was not for that issue i would love everything else the graphics are awsome the sound effects are awsome , its just the save issue that is a problem , there are special guns you can buy so you can really have the feel of a shooting game , if you done mind the saving issue then you will probably like this game.Read full review...


Keeps the little ones at bay for a while

I purchased this so my nephew could play it along with the gun, he plays entirely too much gta for my taste and this seemed a little more toned down. Happy with it's performance but he only played it a little while then it was right outside to play with his squirt gun, kids! Game play seems plain enough, ranks upon ranks of nasties come at you and you want to keep them away, occasional bosses show up.Read full review...



Bang Bang! Blowing shells into a group of zombies in this game is fun, not being able to move isnt. I believe everyone wants the ability to move during the game as well do I, and more weapons. But for now we'll just have to live with an average game. The co=op is usually the way to go because by yourself its boring, trust me on that one. I guess if you beat the game you "can" play HOTD 2 as an extra for fun, but still both are just little assets. This game couldve had soo much more, but it lacks soo many special features. I hope the 4th game will be better, because this one is just an okay.Read full review...


Great light gun zombie shooting action

first of all, this is TWO games in one. If you beat House of the Dead III, you unlock House of the Dead II. Both games are awesome in the arcades and nothing is lost in the translation to home console.

The xbox expertly handles the graphics. Of course, like most shooting games, the dialogue and voiceovers aren't spectacular. But if you want a great story, play an rpg, this is for blasting zombie faces with shotguns.

For the price of two MadCatz Xbox blasters or other multi-platform guns you can find online, and the price of this game, you can have tons of fun, especially with a friend. Difficulty levels can be toggled higher and lower so you can actually beat it the first time through and then go back again later with higher difficulties for added challenge after you know the boss patterns and whatnot.

Hours of fun and entirely worth it. Only downside is I don't know of any other xbox games that use the guns other than Silent Scope Complete, which is also awesome and has all three silent scope games in one disc. If you get the guns and games cheap, its a worthy investment for the fun you'll get out of it.
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The house of the dead 3 5 stars *****

I have an X BOX and it is always hard to find X Box games anywhere. Well, here and Crigelist... OHH I know bad bad! I played this game at a friends house on their X box 360... and liked the shooting action.. and whole game play ... the story line kinda of chessy but WHO ... I ask you who does not like ZOMBIES.. and Killer Frogs and dead people coming at you with chain saws..I ask you who? But All in all... I like it.. and it's fun. I will enjoy this game and so will my grand kids.. ONE DAY...I think that's I bought I love playing games and I'll pass it down to my kids. So on, and so on. LOVE THIS GAME. 5 Stars *****

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