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I love the series.

This replaced one I loaned to a friend who loaned it to a friend ...
It made my collection complete again. Everyone knows this is TV fiction. Real life hospitals are about making money. not saving lives. Successful non-profit hospitals are quickly snapped up by for profit hospital chains who have taken weeding out the poor to a science. I love House for the possibility that saving lives might be important.Read full review...

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The best show on tv, period

From seson one to season two and now onto season 3 HOUSE M.D. has been my favorite show on television. I remember the first day that it aired, November 16th 2004(it was my daughter's third birthday) and we were unsure what to expect but knew that it was going to be a hit and it was/is. Gregory House played by Hugh Laurie plays this guy who you love to hate and hate to love, he is an arrigant jerk but he does it so well(not to mention, he's a hell of a doctor)! The show is like a mystery that takes place in the hospital, most episodes start out with someone getting injured or sick and you don't know what to expect from it. House and his team of 3 doctors work around the clock to find out what or why the patient has the problem. Most if the time the patient is hiding something which is where the "mystery" comes in, they need to rush to find out what the answer is that they are looking for(or make the patient confess what they need to know, sometimes it takes a little manipulation!). Gregory House is great, he just reads people by looking at them and noticing something is a bit off or out of place and every now and then he runs into someone that does the same thing back to him(this doesn't go over with him very well). It is really a great show...did I say that already?!?!?

You have to give this show a try, I recommend buying Season 1 and starting there rather than watching the newest episodes that are on now and not knowing the background of the show. Enjoy!
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Great show

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Very happy with my purchase! Everything is as stated and i received it by the date posted.

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House is very entertaining

Great show! Excellent value! Wish it was still on the air! Hugh Laurie is witty and funny. One of my favorites!

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very interesting i love this movie

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House is the "Sherlock Holmes" of the medical field.

Many people sill not enjoy watching the abrasive personality of House, MD at work. My sense of humor actually thrives on watching this brilliant diagnostician solving perplexing medical problems, thereby saving lives. House is kind of like a medical "Sherlock Holmes", solving difficult and otherwise impossible mysteries threatening the lives of patients. Personally, I enjoy the fact that each episode is unique. The fact that House has an abrasive personality adds to the humor and enjoyment of each episode.Read full review...



You have to give the "House" production team credit. Your show has the "American Idol" lead-in and is often the highest-rated scripted drama on TV. However, instead of playing it safe with disease-of-the week plots, "House" swung for the fences several times: putting its main character in jail and threatening him with prison; ramping up the conflicts between all six of the main characters; and ending the year with a big cliffhanger that threatened to cut the main cast in half. Even when a given episode wasn't advancing the progressive storyline, the writers attempted to push the envelope with several politically themed episodes.

Early in Season 3, the big storyline revolved around recurring guest star David Morse, a detective out to get House and his questionable supply of Vicodin. In previous years, lengthy story arcs were given to Chi McBride and Sela Ward: would House lose his job? would House get married? This year, the theme was: would House go to prison? Morse dominated his episodes by playing the rare character that wouldn't back down to House. Although some media critics grew tired of the plot, which perhaps went on 2-3 episodes too long, the resolution was clever and allowed House to keep his dignity (and his job) without having to sacrifice... anything.

Several subplots emerged throughout the season, such as the romance between Drs. Chase and Cameron (first shown in season 2), and Dr. Foreman's growing dissatisfaction with having House as his mentor. House's fascination (or, some might say, obsession) with his boss, Dr. Cuddy, reached new levels. By the end of the season, House faced near mutiny from his underlings... and still didn't seem all that bothered. Perhaps House was too busy counseling a patient to end his life, or faking cancer in order to get a supply of pain medications. Perhaps he was dodging the romantic advances of a teenager, or trading in his case for a wheelchair in order to recover his handicapped parking spot. The more outrageous the behavior, the better Hugh Laurie was in the role. He even upgraded his cane to a model decorated with stars.

Standout guest stars this season included John Larroquette as a man waking up from a decade-long coma, Joel Grey as an ailing doctor, Dave Matthews as a stunted piano prodigy, and the return of Charles S. Dutton as Foreman's dad.

While the "House" season DVDs are never what you'd call packed with extras, the tightly knotted plots and the rapid-fire dialogue makes this a great show to watch more than once. Also try and track down plot-lines that never quite went anywhere, like Cuddy's rumored pregnancy or her not-quite romance with Wilson.

"House" season 3 drew top ratings while continuing with the show's unflinching dialogue and medical situations. This may not have been a great year for "Grey's Anatomy" or "E.R.", so cruise on over to Princeton Plainsborough for a few hours of intense hospital drama.
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Great Purchase!!

Arrived on time. Great quality

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Genius, nothing better

Whoever is responsible for the writing of this show is a true genius. Hugh Laurie gives an astounding performance from start to finish with his comedic gags, and unparalleled understanding of medicine, House is a sure winner for the whole family. Dr. Gregory House works in the field of diagnosing medicine and is trouble by his own personal life struggle that seem to affect his job performance. While battling drug addiction, police and several other things, he still delivers an outstanding performance. I know this phrase has been used too many times and it still seems like the perfect one "Two thumbs up!!!". Thanks for taking the time to read my review.Read full review...

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